You want ‘divisive’? I got yer divisive right here!

To each ‘their‘ own ‘talking points’!

Progressives must strategize at caffeine-fueled meetings for new ways to piss off the public. “I’ve got it!” exclaims county supervisor Heidi Wegleitner.

“We’ll ban the Pledge of Allegiance and the opening prayer at the start of meetings!”

Huzzah! cried fellow members of Progressive Dane — your one-stop shop for Defund the Cops, Derail the Jail, and Cops Out of Schools. “We’ll accuse prayer and pledge of being D I V I S I V E.

That’s how progressives shut down speech. They accuse that with which they disagree of being “divisive” — blithely clueless of their own divisiveness. Prayer and pledge is a tradition that goes back well before even Dave Ripp, who has served on county board since James Doty’s time.

The WI State Journal broke the story so Blaska will only add that the prayer is almost never offered; supervisors usually opt to recite some inspirational reading from someone like Satchel Paige. But will the Republic fall if a smidgeon of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John is read? That how the U.S. Congress starts its day.

“Avoid foolish controversies … because these are unprofitable and useless.” — Titus 3:9.

Little girl praying

  Is this Heidi Wegleitner? So divisive!

During his service to the people of Dane County, the Head Groundskeeper began placing miniature American flags at supervisors desks after 9/11. We know this tradition continued until meetings went virtual due to the coronavirus.

Tell the County Board that elections are coming up and you are praying for them.

Progressives never rest. Supv. Lawrence Palm is on Pronoun Patrol. “I would suggest a wholesale replacement of “he/she” to “them” or “they” based upon the language. I believe our laws and rules should be gender neutral.”

Heavily steeped (and brewed)!  

When you’re a write-in candidate, you’re thankful for the ink. We thank the WI State Journal for its coverage of Blaska’s attempt to bring sanity to Madison’s public schools. (Read it here.) But we were surprised to learn that candidate Blaska:

1) Uses “talking points,” which implies that your write-in candidate for Seat #4 is some wind-up soldier in a national cabal controlled by Ron Johnson.

Blaska’s campaign platform is heavily steeped in conservative talking points used by candidates nationwide that include instituting law and order in schools, questioning diversity and equity initiatives in curriculum and promoting charter schools. …

Those who know Blaska (sometimes including my own family) think he they is too damned independent for his their own good. The Werkes does wonder if Woke progressives have their own Talking Points. Words like “Equity,” “privilege,” “implicit bias,” “disparate impact,” and other Woke dog whistles don’t teach history — they teach critical race theory.

2) When you can’t debate the issues you go for the smear. In the Q & A. incumbent Ali Muldrow plays to the groundlings here in Madison by labeling Blaska a Trump supporter. Our platinum subscribers and fellow Republican dues payers know better.

Bewitched and bewildered, too

Jonathan Turley writes, “Many of us were both bemused and bothered by the editorial in the New York Times opposing cancel culture.

“In the course of their fight for tolerance, many progressives have become intolerant of those who disagree with them or express other opinions, and take on a kind of self-righteousness and censoriousness that the Right long displayed and the Left long abhorred.”

Blaska’s Bottom Line: The New York Times should talk! It fired its editorial page editor for green-lighting Sen. Tom Cotton’s scholarly examination of presidential powers in times of domestic unrest. Too divisive, doncha know!

Where do you get YOUR talking points?

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29 Responses to You want ‘divisive’? I got yer divisive right here!

  1. Almostarepublican says:

    This seems like a non-issue. Divisive? I doubt it. If they drop the pledge and prayer it’s probably not going to make much difference either.


  2. One eye says:

    I would’ve thought FFRF would have addressed these a long time ago. I’d prefer religion to be kept out of government meetings.


  3. dekerivers says:

    “Why it matters to bore down on this issue for a moment is because it demonstrates how Muldrow goes about her work on the taxpayer’s dime. Wild broad brush strokes at every issue–from rising violence at schools to dismissing cellphones, and assuming everyone within a political party must carry water for everyone else.

    Meanwhile, working on board policy requires attention to detail, not just mouthing words to play to the loudest elements in our city. We simply must have a school board tethered to the best interests of our students, but we simply do not have that today. And it is placing students in unsafe classrooms with a reduction in class time learning.”

    Write-In David Blaska For Madison School Board, Seat 4

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    • pANTIFArts says:


      Excellent analysis, the genuine concern for students held by David Blaska deserves recognition, and you have provided. The honest, “rough around the edges” Blaska, (he is a writer, not an orator), contrasts sharply with the polished, slightly condescending performances of Muldrow.

      I am not a human behaviorist, only an observer. In debate, Ali Muldrow will THANK moderators for questions that she has no intention of answering directly, feigning eagerness to “clarify her position”. Her smiling, near laughing, delivery is meant to blunt the seriousness of the topic at hand. She will cite her Progressive bona fides as the opportunity presents. Her answer then devolves into the predictable “woke word salad” that we have come to expect.

      The link in your column for the “Q and A” was appreciated, and contains one example of how wokeness works. In response to a question about improving the way the board conducts business, she began by pointing out her work supporting “Menstrual Equity’. What does this even mean? I know the words, but the phrase makes no sense. It turns out that it has to do with feminine hygiene products being subject to sales tax, with the government eventually paying for them and providing them. This is a blatant “pander” to all female voters. Yet, it is a NON-ISSUE! No one minds if the tax on this feminine monthly necessity is removed, or the products supplied. The only question would be “what do we do about toothpaste, mouthwash, soap, shampoo, toilet paper, antacids, etc, that are used DAILY by ALL the people?” The bigger questions are what this has to do with school board qualifications?. Why does this warrant her time? Why is she mentoring already pandemic impaired students to pursue things like this?

      If a “stool softener lobby” were created would she participate? Would she then pander to the constipated?

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  4. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Here’s an “inspirational reading” that ought to hit home if recited before a Board of Supervisors meeting: “Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! You pay tithes of mint, dill and cumin, but you have disregarded the weightier matters of the law: justice, mercy and faithfulness.” (Matthew 23:13) The “mint, dill and cumin” in this case being equity, inclusion, diversity and all the other buzzwords of wokeness.

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  5. David Gerard says:

    You may want to reconsider. Joining the Blaska club puts you in the same room with his acolytes who have said over the years some despicable things, including:

    “On the subject of being a sodomite; why is it wrong or inappropriate to make fun of homos? Are they a protected category?”

    “Yer mixing up reality and yer time spent inna Greek army, (where ya separate the men from the boyz w/ a crowbar…”

    “Free birth control (long-acting reversible contraceptives). Easy access to abortions if necessary. Would remove a lot of the feral kids.”

    And the squire himself said this: “Which is why Russia insists on its own version of the Monroe Doctrine over a neighbor — poor and corrupt — with which it shares a land border of 1,226 miles.”

    “Putin is a snake but he’s not flying planes into the World Trade Center. Is Ukraine a distraction?”

    “Sanctions? Sure. Hardware? O.K., but make certain their check clears.”

    You are aligning yourself with homophobes, crypto-Nazis, and the pro-Putin wing of the Republican Party. It is all reminiscent of the 72 Nixon campaign. Instead of “four more years” we now have “four more cops.”


    • David Blaska says:

      Alright, Gerard, time to straighten out your crooked tongue. If they’re Blaska’s “acolytes” they have never said anything approaching your “sodomite” statement. If you are quoting someone, please have the common decency to name the quoted.

      You did correctly quote Blaska on “Putin is a snake but he’s not flying planes into the World Trade Center. Is Ukraine a distraction?” Etc. I did, indeed, write that and I have done a 180-degree pivot. I thought then that Ukraine was not a real country. They’ve proven otherwise and in their struggle have strengthened their identity and inspired the world. Not afraid to admit when I’m wrong. I’ve liked Volodymyr Zelensky to Winston Churchill since. I called out Putin’s apologists in this blog</a and in "Just ask the heroes of Ukraine.”

      But great job of deflecting, you dishonest bastard. If you disagree with my stance on Madison schools, tell us how rather than restoring to Joe McCarthy-ite ad hominems.

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      • David Gerard says:

        Batman says:
        October 18, 2021 at 4:41 pm
        Indeed, not about his gayness but more about the selfish little runts sense of entitlement.

        On the subject of being a sodomite; why is it wrong or inappropriate to make fun of homos?
        Are they a protected category?


        • Batman says:

          What a Tuesday surprise to have this blast from the past show up in my inbox while working online. Was diminutive Pete Buttigieg the topic?

          Sanctimonious prick Gerard; have you ever attended a comedy show or watched one on a screen? Of course you haven’t because that would make you unclean.
          Some comedians make fun of virtually every category of human being regardless of affliction or persuasion and people laugh including homos, lesbos, cripples, trans etc. in the audience. In fact, they paid to be there. That would offend you no doubt.
          This was before the fascist Left thought police took over. Are you one of them?

          Are homos a protected category meaning off limits from being made fun of? If homos are going to be truly mainstreamed then category of protected status falls away and they are treated like everyone else.

          Btw genius, homo is an abbreviation for homosexual and not derogatory (anymore) unless you want it to be. It does not confer homophobia except maybe in your overly prejudicial self-righteous mind. About the word sodomite, well I am quite certain that one I do not have to explain to you.

          PS. I find homos generally to be some of the nicest people you will ever meet.

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        • georgessson says:

          As Batman points out, and I emphasize here: Humor is something that has been muffled somewhat lately. Hmmnn… Why ? Even in the 40’s, 50’s and beyond, Uncle Miltie, Ernie K. and George C. made serious fun of all the citizens of the US of A. And now we have Dave C and others to continue our right to humor. It’s not against the law (yet?), to laff, is it Dave?

          Was anything more hilarious than Petie B’s faux breast feedin’ ? Didn’t it make ya smile just a l’il bit?

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        • Gary L. Kriewald says:

          Would you have preferred the term “queer”? It seems to have undergone a remarkable transformation from a playground slur to being enshrined in academia, as in queer studies, queer theory, etc.

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    • One eye says:

      Thanks for the quote David Gerard. Just to clarify here’s the whole thing:

      “Free birth control (long acting reversible contraceptives). Easy access to abortions if necessary.
      Would remove a lot of the feral kids. Not now, but 15 years from now as Tom Hagen might say.

      Also once Kaleem Caire’s new school is up and running … just copy what they do.”

      Odd that you consider me an “acolyte” ; I’d guess that most of DB’s supporters are against abortion. Where exactly do you stand? LARCs ok with you or nah?

      And how about Caire’s school? Where do you stand? Still upset he’s using non-union teachers? Sorry it’s only the kids lives at stake.

      Did you at least get the Tom Hagen reference?


      • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

        You’s went to the mattresses with that one, OE…

        The Gotch


      • David Gerard says:

        You ask: “Did you at least get the Tom Hagen reference?” I did, even if you got it wrong. It’s 10 years, not 15.

        You ask: “I’d guess that most of DB’s supporters are against abortion. Where exactly do you stand? LARCs ok with you or nah?” As an Edmund Burke conservative, I am against abortion. I’m also opposed to eugenics as policy and practice.

        You ask: “And how about Caire’s school? Where do you stand? Still upset he’s using non-union teachers?” Caire runs a good school. It helps that he can raise funds for his school. But under your policies, he won’t have any (feral) students.


        • One eye says:

          I didn’t get it wrong … I said “as Tom Hagen might say” not “as Tom Hagen said”. 15 years seems to be about the age where these kids ramp up their wilding. Who knows maybe it WILL be 10 in the future.

          Against abortion? Hmmmm….seems that YOU are the Blaska acolyte. No one brought up eugenics but thanks for the clarification…a boost to your acolyte “bonafides”.

          “Your policies” ??? Do enlighten me on what those are!


    • Mordecai The Red says:

      Gerard, posting here (or anywhere) does not constitute a blanket endorsement of every last viewpoint of our host or others who comment. Some people are still capable of independent thought. You should try it sometime.

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  6. David Gerard says:

    Dear Batman:

    “Me thinks you doth protest too much.”

    You ask: “This was before the fascist Left thought police took over. Are you one of them?”

    No. I’m an Edmund Burke conservative. As you are a graduate of the Wisconsin school system, I don’t expect you to know what that means.


    • Batman says:

      Batman will take the time to set things straight when his name is wrongfully smeared especially by a punk.
      Unsatisfactory weak response btw but not unexpected.


    • Mark+Lemberger says:

      You lie David Gerard. If not in your previous post then certainly in this one.

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  7. Bill Cleary says:

    What if I said that I am a 63 year old white guy, which I am, who wants to be identified as a 20 year old transgender black female?

    Would that be racist or displaying gender phobia?

    This being Madison, I don’t know anymore how people would take it. Would the people in the black community be all excepting of me as a 20 year old transgender female? Would anyone else?

    Point is that where does this stop?

    If I want to refer to myself as a bald eagle does that make me one?

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    • One eye says:

      “Abraham Lincoln once posed the question: ‘If you call a dog’s tail a leg, how many legs does it have?’ and then answered his own query: ‘Four, because calling a tail a leg doesn’t make it one,’”

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  8. Bill Cleary says:


    Did anyone see this partial quote from the Babylon Bee.

    “…….4. California Lets Men into Women’s Prisons
    All the way back in 2017, the Bee wrote the headline “Inclusivity Win: State Of California To Make All Prisons Gender-Neutral.”

    “I promise you that felt outlandish in 2017,” the Bee’s Editor in Chief Kyle Mann said in a video last year.

    But sure enough, in September 2020, California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a law to let “transgender, non-binary and intersex” inmates pick which sex to identify with and be housed accordingly. In the first few months after the law went into effect, the state received hundreds of transfer requests, mostly from men hoping to be moved to women’s prisons.

    After fears and reports of rape, California’s solution was to pass out condoms to female inmates. Just in January, a leaked memo from Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services indicated the administration’s plans to follow suit in federal prisons as well…….”

    You can no longer make this stuff up.

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  9. georgessson says:

    FOX News addressed this WI dilemma today: fairly and loudly. They follow our scribe Blaska’s concerns from the hinterlands. A coupla good comments ensued after the article:

    1. “A pluralist society is one in which many different groups and political parties are allowed to exist. That flag stands for the right to be in those different groups and multiple political parties.”

    2. “Unfortunately, the “new definition “ of pluralism and inclusiveness is all about dividing and assigning people to specific categories!”

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