American conspiracists excuse Putin’s invasion

They’re the loudest ones at every party!

Hey kids! Spring is in the air! Daylight savings time has started; temps expected to brush 50 degrees F. College basketball tournament about to begin. You know what that means!

Seems a little crazy

Time to royally piss off somebody! Who will be today’s lucky victim(s)!

How about our conspiracy addict … acquaintances? You know them. They walk among us, they vote, they use up precious oxygen. Probably breeding furiously as we write. (Pause here for image to subside.)

These people subscribe to any conspiracy theory if it is stupid and crazy enough. Nefarious goings-on (often involving pedophiles) are being kept from the American public but somehow, they know about it. Must be the tin foil in their hats.

Having found no bamboo in election ballots, they’re now on to justifying Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Vlad the invader is smashing maternity hospitals for good reason, they aver. He’s after America’s clandestine change of function bio-weapon laboratories aimed at Russia.The same one that Dr. Fauci used to hatch the coronavirus in Wuhan. QAnon is reading verbatim from Kremlin propaganda that Russia had to invade to shut down Ukraine’s American-financed bio-labs.

Putin thanks you!

Anyone seen Fauci lately? We rest our case! That’s the great thing about conspiracy theories! Every fact one raises to dispel them only proves the conspiracy is even wider than we thought! A conspiracy so vast, the CIA, FBI, the Illuminati, Ford Foundation, news media, Hollywood, the Democrat(ic) Party, and the Kiwanis — hell, the American people are in on the cover-up! 

Reality check: The Pentagon’s biological threat reduction program has been working with the Ukrainian government to lock down the pathogens and toxins that had been stored in the laboratories since in the days of Soviet domination, Reuters reports. (We know, we know. Reuters is in on it, too!) This would be funny if Putin didn’t have a history of accusing others of that which he is about to do.

Erick-Woods Erickson gets the Bottom Line: “The more concerning aspect here is the number of Americans whose contempt for the United States is so strong they would rather believe Russian lies than the truth.”

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29 Responses to American conspiracists excuse Putin’s invasion

  1. One eye says:

    I don’t trust anything reported about Ukraine, just hope the war stops soon.

    Favorte so far is Hillary tweeting that anyone who bombs hospitals is a war criminal. And then reminded of the hospital bombings that occurred on her watch.

    There is truth that Putin ended Covid (and Fauci).


  2. Jon Burack says:

    Dave, these people you are referring to here are idiots, absolutely. However, I hope that does not mean that those of us who share the skepticism of people like George Kennan or John Mearsheimer are not entitled to express our doubts about the wisdom of getting deeply involved in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. My heart is with the Ukrainians, but I am not impressed by all the war hawk bravado I see now, both on the left and the right, by armchair warriors gung-ho about fighting to the last Ukrainian. My own view is that unless we want to push Russia completely into the hands of the Chinese, we should strive for a negotiated settlement in which neither Putin nor Zelensky fully triumphs.

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  3. AdamC says:

    Is it a”conspiracy” to quote picnic comments from Biden’s State Department officials, like this one? Is this a “conspiracy theory” too???

    “Ukraine has biological research facilities, which, in fact, we are now quite concerned that Russian troops, Russian forces may be seeking to gain control of. We are working with the Ukrainians on how they can prevent any of those research materials from falling into the hands of Russian forces should they approach.”
    — Victoria Nuland, U.S. State Department


  4. One eye says:

    Geez now the press is speculating that Putin might have dementia:

    Uh, wrong world leader guys! Straight out of the Trump resistance playbook.


  5. RMX says:

    “Anyone who questions the government is a conspiracy addict” screams the Boomer!

    It is obvious the most spoiled generation in US history will leave nothing but ashes for their posterity, just like Generation V left for them. Wait, that’s not right! Boomers inherited the most free country with the best economy.

    Thanks for nothing, Boomers! Listen to Dave Blaska and blindly trust this VERY LEGITIMATE government. If you don’t a Boomer might not get that new, shiny toy they want. Boomers not getting what they want is far, far worse than the loss of liberty and opportunity for their posterity. A disappointed Boomer is the saddest thing I can imagine.


    • David Blaska says:

      Blaska does not need lectures about “loss of liberty” from people who defend the forcible overthrow of an elected government, whether in Washington D.C. or Kyiv.

      I have corrected your spelling of my name. Don’t make that mistake again.


      • One eye says:

        Pushing the “Insurrection” narrative is going to end all chance of dialogue, especially when mentioned in the same breath as a WAR.


    • A Voice in the Wilderness says:

      RMX: Your ad hominem rant hurled at Mr. Blaska is childish and uncalled for. Stick to the issue under discussion.


    • georgessson says:

      Pal o’ mine, Boomers never get sad. They continue their many successes in Oh, SO many ways, and each and every one is grateful for gettin’ EXACTLY what they want.

      Further, May I/we suggest the accomplishments of this generation? Too many and too large to list appreciatively here but just check history over the many decades since WW2.

      What exactly makes you the maddest? Yer generation’s propensity for lack of responsibility whilst bitchin’ about an insolvable “Green”, the absence of individual success -or just the fact the real moms do NOT allow 40 year old kids to live downstairs anymore…


  6. Michael Leger says:

    I expected a bit more perspective in your commentary David, but maybe that wasn’t your intention.

    My last word: The more concerning aspect here is the number of Americans whose contempt for the United States is so strong they would rather believe Russian lies than the our lies.


  7. Mark+Lemberger says:

    O’Keefe of Veritas records NYT reporter admitting that he and a colleague way overdramatized the bozos of January 6th. As did AOC, CNN, MSNBC et al. and Squire Blaska.
    So you’ve got that corroboration going for you.


    • David Blaska says:

      The videos, Hollywood! Right? Hang Mike Pence, only the Duke basketball chant? Right? The busted glass? Sound effects. Right? “Fight like hell.” Post-election sound bite. Right? The search for bamboo ballots? 61 court decisions, A.G. Bill Barr, Sidney Powell’s “never mind.” Ron Johnson admitting that Trump under-performed every single Republican in all eight WI congressional districts. Look over here! More proof that QAnon has truth in a bottle. Right?


  8. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    “What’s YOUR favorite conspiracy theory?” Gotta be the one expounded so eloquently by General Jack D. Ripper that flouridation of America’s water supply was the Russkies’ devious attempt to dilute our precious bodily fluids. Which sounds eminently reasonable by the standards of today’s conspiracy theories.

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    • richard lesiak says:

      There are too many crazy theories to count. What I love is watching these nuts turn them into lots of money. We gave Gableman 676,000 dollars to find Bigfoot and we haven’t even seen a grainy photo. The drink urine guy made over 200 grand. By these standards trump should be given enough money to buy a new fleet of planes for his entire family.


      • georgessson says:

        Gawd, Richard-may-I-calls-ya-Dick… $275K impresses ya? Hell, small spuds. Even the 676K fer Gableman was well-earned. He shared one o’ yer greasy stale-dog-nuts w/ Big-Cloot. Sigh… No more Bigfoot sightings….


        • Well earned? For what? Vos is so embarrassed he won’t even produce an accounting of how the money was spent. Gableman did get a free trip to Arizona, a nice hotel and great meals; came back with nothing but a tan. 275 grand IS a lot of money. It must be nice living in your bubble where that is “small spuds”.


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