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Would this stop the killing and destruction in Ukraine?

Is it time to throw long instead of bleeding money for more of the same? The only thing more presumptuous than an armchair quarterback is a desktop general blogging from the safety of the Emerald City in wintry Wisconsin USA. … Continue reading

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American conspiracists excuse Putin’s invasion

They’re the loudest ones at every party! Hey kids! Spring is in the air! Daylight savings time has started; temps expected to brush 50 degrees F. College basketball tournament about to begin. You know what that means! Time to royally … Continue reading

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President steps up support for Ukraine

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Heroes need not be martyrs

Damn Russia and pass the ammunition! Though nothing will drive them away We can beat them just for one day We can be heroes just for one day … And the shame was on the other side Oh, we can … Continue reading

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Ukraine locks and loads

Fill your hands, you Roosky S.O.B’s! Ukraine’s legislature gave its citizens the right to bear arms. No, not in 1776 or even 2014, when Russia seized Crimea. Ukrainians were given, granted, bequeathed the right to self defense just this week … Continue reading

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Good luck to the Ukrainians

Hell no, we won’t go! The notion occurred to the young head groundskeeper that he was missing the defining moment of his generation. He told his college dorm mates that he would give up his draft deferment and enlist in … Continue reading

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