Dane County Republicans repudiate stolen election nonsense

Don’t want to re-litigate his 2020 defeat

Your irascible bloggeur is an “out” Republican. (We’ve told the family. They’re very understanding.) Freed from the strictures of objectivity during our years as an ink-stained wretch at The Capital Times, Blaska paid his dues 30 years ago and recited the secret blood oath amid sputtering candles and hooded wraiths in an underground cavern deep below the city.

We like to say there are more Republican voters here in Dane County than any county outside Waukesha and Milwaukee. We’re even hosting this year’s state convention!

Cindy Werner for Lt. Governor

One of Wisconsin’s Republican candidates this year, Cindy Werner

Our annual caucus Saturday 02-26-22 at the Marriott Hotel in Middleton was crawling with Republicans. Old Republicans and young. Black, white and Asian. Big and tall, fat and small. For richer and for poorer. They looked very much like America but better mannered.

The hotel was crawling with candidates! At one point, your intrepid bloggeur asked for a show of hands: Who is NOT running for lieutenant governor? The crush of candidates — for governor, treasurer, secretary of state, attorney general, Congress, and the legislature — is a robust sign of health. Contrast that to the Madison school board, where only four candidates will appear on the ballot for three open seats. (Which is why Blaska entered as a write-in for Seat #4. Blaska is DIVERSITY!)

The Republican candidates Saturday spoke energetically about personal responsibility, opportunity, growth, liberty, and rule of law. They were focused on November 2022 and the future.

Not Trump’s bitter enders. They made their stand with two resolutions more absurd than a Monty Python sketch. One demanded that Robin Vos resign as Speaker of the Assembly because — (Get this!) he “hog-tied” Mike Gableman’s investigation into the 2020 presidential election! Vos is learning there’s no placating the RITOs (Republicans in Trump Only). They’re not satisfied with a little bit of crazy, they want full-on Jerry Lewis in the Fun House.

The RITOs (also spells R.I.O.T.) were doing what they do best: re-litigating the past. Resolution #7 sought to overturn the 2020 election! “Decertify” it two years in! Back up the moving van to the White House! Accomplish what 61 adverse state and federal court decisions could not. Vindicate the January 6 (2021) Capitol insurrection! The resolution also sought “to amend the constitution to develop a way to prevent constitutional crisis’ [crises] like this.”

Further resolved, … request the U.S. Congress and President amend the U.S. Constitution with a way to prevent persons elected to the presidency and vice presidency through fraud or illegitimate means from serving out their term and damaging our great nation.

Amend the Constitution of the United States to ban fraudulent elections! Why didn’t James Madison think of “a way”? Maybe he was sick that day. We’re not done piling on to this RITO numskullery: READ the damn Constitution you purport to defend! Find the President’s role in amending the Constitution. You can’t because he doesn’t.

→ “Can we stop with the idiots?” — Erick-Woods Erickson

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Seeing his agitation, the caucus chairman walked the microphone over to Blaska, who waved him off. In a loud voice this proud Republican exclaimed, “Nah, this is too stupid to even debate!” Heartened that a majority of my fellow Dane County Deplorables agreed; saddened that other counties are putting up this nonsense.

Has the ‘stolen election’ boil finally been burst?

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22 Responses to Dane County Republicans repudiate stolen election nonsense

  1. Head shakingly stupid. And now that Trump has declared he’s running again, these bitter enders have been thrown a life line, that they can ride all the way to electing another Democrat to the White House. And don’t be surprised if they manage to find somebody even more stupid and senile than Joe Biden. They have a deep bench with Kamala Harris, Bernie or Pelosi, hell they might even rehabilitate the Hildebeast to reclaim the seat that Obama and Trump stole from her. Whoever they choose is a winner if Trump is the Republican nominee.


  2. common sense says:

    Glad to see the Dane County Republicans, so out of touch with the rest of the out-state grass root Republicans… Makes me so happy all of the State’s party functions, legislative staffers, and Party consultants are run by those happy with the status quo in Dane County.. It must be the center of the Republican Party Universe… But be sure and snuggle up to them, they probably can still get you a decent Tee-Time…..


    • David Blaska says:

      If you’re so proud of stupid why don’t you use your real name?


      • common sense says:

        Got anymore Hagedorns for us to vote for? Has it gone from Miss Vickie… to missing Vickie? Yeah– we can both toss cheap shots..


        • David Blaska says:

          Now “Common Sense” is using multiple e-mail addresses in order to hide his identity. Brian Hagedorn is from Waukesha County, not Dane County. But if you’ve elected any supreme court justices since him, we didn’t get the word over here. That said, Brian promised to interpret the law as written, not as he might wish it to be written. For that, he has kept his word.

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      • richard lesiak says:

        hey….that’s my line.


  3. common sense says:

    So you have to lie now? I used the same e-mail address … but you won’t post..


  4. common sense says:

    Oh I forgot the adage to ” Not argue with people who buy ink by the barrel ‘, now updated to ” those who write a blog— Maybe Sykes can find you some air-time at MSNBC, but in the mean time I would refer you and your readers to Joy Pullman’s article today at The Federalists….


  5. common sense says:

    There you go folks– I always thought doxing was the preferred tool of the left.. Who is the coward now ??


  6. Pasco says:

    I will vote for any candidate not named Evers, Kaul, Barnes in 2022. Sorry probably misspelled one or two. I will vote for any Candidate that has an R behind their name in 2024 election not named Putin. Discussion is good, voting out the Democrats is better!

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  7. AdamC says:

    BREAKING – in other political news, the CDC (Coalition for a Democratic Congress) has announced in a stunning reversal that Year 3 of the pandemic response no longer requires masks or vaccine mandates. Dr. Fauci, also known as Flip-Flop the Fauscist, announced that from now in the decisions will be driven not by the mantra “Follow The Science” but rather, “Follow the Poll Results.”

    To preserve Democratic Party control of Congress, and in a preliminary effort to ensure Biden’s re-election, the 2+ year campaign of fear, hysteria, and crackdowns on individual freedom of choice has been immediately relegated to the black hole of non-history.

    Previously not wearing masks outside alone or not producing vaccine proof, ID, and evidence of a booster shot to any public health enforcer meant you were killing Grandma and threatening world survival.

    Now it’s Grandpa Joe who needs our protection and the precarious Democratic majority in Congress that needs to survive.

    So never mind.

    We know that for many citizens it will be extremely upsetting that everyone over the age of 2 will no longer be required by government decree to wear a mask and produce health records upon demand. ​Counselors will be widely available starting tomorrow to help everyone move past “cry harder” hysteria and fatal fear, to a place of uneasy acceptance and slight anxiety. This will remain in place until the first Tuesday November.

    Polling will be reviewed weekly and policies may change depending on Democratic fortunes.

    Remain Vigilant

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    • Rollie says:

      Continuing the battle to stop government from telling us what to wear, anti-maskers will now move on to being anti-pants, anti-shoes, and anti-shirts. It’s outright tyranny for these government know-nothings to tell us to cover our god-given bodies. The science behind pants-wearing is flimsy at best. Live free or die!


      • AdamC says:

        The Dane County chapter of the Face Diaper Brigade announced that they felt betrayed and deeply saddened by this sudden betrayal and urged all members of the community to keep wearing their useless Biden/Harris cloth face masks until at least November 2024.

        For Safety… of not only a Democratic Congress but also the 2024 presidential race. We can never be too safe, they pleaded. Many in our community are terrified, tearful, and deeply concerned by these concerning developments.



  8. Rollie says:

    I’m a broken record, but in this context I’d like to promote readers to consider how we could viably move towards more political party representation. Both D and R are hobbled by factions but those people have nowhere else to go. If there was a way to hit both D and R with viable competition we’d all win.

    I just don’t know how this could happen – I’d love to hear ideas for getting a wider range of viable parties. Instead of by-district winner take all, have proportional statewide by-party representation where you vote for party platform not candidate? That way if a party gets 5% of votes they’d have 5% of seats? Even if just 1 chamber that would alter the dynamics considerably. I’m not an expert, just a guy putting out ideas…. give me better ones please!


    • Madtownguy says:

      I think the result would be a coalition government as in many other countries, including our neighbour up north. I don’t see that as a solution here, because the Democratic Party has mostly figured out how to get its Congress members to vote in lockstep, while the Republicans rarely get 100% of their members on board. Go along to get along, don’t ya know. The end result would be one-party rule, in perpetuity, as it is in California.


      • Rollie says:

        Thanks for considering this. I don’t agree that your first sentence leads to the other statements. A coalition government is precisely what I’d expect, and I think that would be a benefit because even if the major parties are lockstep they would be forced to compromise with minority parties to form coalitions. With more parties there would rarely be one party rule because voters would far less often put in a single party majority unless they were truly representative of the majority’s desires.

        My general goal would be to better allow a wider range of viewpoints a voice in government and avoid single faction domination. In keeping with the blog topic, to give a place for people who’s views differ enough that it’s so hard to agree on fundamentals. If that’s not a goal that people share I’d be curious why. I should take time to learn about other governments, but there’s only so much time in the day…


  9. Like I’ve personally been saying since November 2020, the election wasn’t stolen it was rigged¹ and I’ll stand by that assessment until pigs sprout wings and fly. Anyone claiming the election was stolen is bastardizing² the English language in the same way as the political left has been bastardizing the English language over 10 years.

    There is no legal constitutional way to undo/reverse the 2020 election so those trying to accomplish that are ignorant of the law or intentionally trying to bastardize the law; however, there are other things that must be done. It’s time to legislatively prevent the kind of intentional bastardization and widespread abuse of our election laws that didn’t prevent election officials from encouraging and allowing extralegal ballots to infect the 2020 election and then we need to move on! I’m all for people voting but not in a manner that’s bastardizing and abusing our election laws.

    David wrote, “Our annual caucus Saturday 02-26-22 at the Marriott Hotel in Middleton was crawling with Republicans. Old Republicans and young. Black, white and Asian. Big and tall, fat and small. For richer and for poorer. They looked very much like America but better mannered.”

    Glad to hear it!

    David wrote, “The Republican candidates Saturday spoke energetically about personal responsibility, opportunity, growth, liberty, and rule of law. They were focused on November 2022 and the future.”

    I really wanted to swing by the caucus on Saturday so I could listen to what the candidates had to say but our immediate family was still dealing with COVID infections and the likelihood of direct exposures on my part. Luckily no COVID for my wife an I.

    ¹Rig: manage or conduct (something) fraudulently³ so as to produce a result or situation that is advantageous to a particular person or group.

    ²Bastardize: change (something) in such a way as to lower its quality or value, typically by adding new elements.

    ³Fraudulently: in a way that involves deception.


    • Rollie says:

      I haven’t seen any evidence of significant bastardization. How many “extralegal ballots infected the 2020 election”? We should find this out if we’re going to prevent it in the future.

      I see anything less than 1 adult citizen = 1 vote as a bastardization of democracy. But I’m willing to compromise (in the spirit of democracy) with people who have different viewpoints (ie. regarding felons’ right to vote).

      But you reference bastardizing election laws and not bastardizing democracy. We’ve had quite a history of election laws in this country, and that history has a lot of laws that aim to limit democracy – oh but always under a different pretext to be sure. For instance, we could make it a law that there shall be only one polling place and 12 poll workers per county and the hours should be 9am – 5pm. That’s a law that we could say people should respect and refrain from bastardizing. I bet it could even get a majority vote in the WI legislature 😉 But I would call such a law a bastardization of democracy.

      I have no respect for those that fear democracy, and there’s no reason to complicate or make voting difficult unless one fears democracy. We can ensure 1 person = 1 vote while still making the exercise of our fundamental right a reasonably uncomplicated process that encourages participation.


  10. mark lemberger says:

    November will be the Rino hunt.


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