They must be crazy

Of absurd proportions!

A smattering of Democrats like former Madison WI mayor Dave Cieslewicz has/have been trying to pull its/their/his party back from the precipice with blogs likeDems keep missing the point.”

As much as the Head Groundskeeper at the Werkes is an “out” Republican, he wants America to succeed. It cannot if it keeps playing identity politics with the lives of our most vulnerable young people — the true victims of modern progressivism. Madison’s politics — once bizarre — is now mainstream in the national Democrat(ic) party’s bad acid guilt trip.

Dems must be crazyPolice cause crime. Borders and citizenship are arbitrary constructs. Boys can decide to become quasi-women after Drag Queen story hour. Take the needle — or else! An ever-expanding universe of victims is/are encouraged to blame straight white men who in 1619 founded AmeriKKKa. In other words, your typical John Nichols advertorial for Bernie and A.O.C. and whatever grievance action that over-educated baristas are waging against the neighborhood coffee house today.

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Bubble, bubble, toil & trouble

Twenty years ago a deep thinker captured the received wisdom that Democrats were poised to ride demography to permanent majorities. If Ruy Teixeira were to write a sequel to The Emerging Democratic Majority, it might very well be titled, “The Submerging Democrat(ic) Minority.” Biden is underwater 54.8% to 40.8% in the RealClear average approval poll. Republicans are up 4.1 points in the generic congressional vote. Polls in Georgia show Democrat Rafael Warnock losing; Gov. Kemp beats Stacey Abrams. Again.

Boiled down, Democrats played identity politics — the Us v Them version of demographics — to their doom. In a New York Times interview, Teixeira mea culpas:

Go back to the 2020 Democratic primaries. It was remarkable the extent to which things that were alienating to the average voter, particularly your average working-class voter, were gaily promulgated, with no apparent second thoughts about how it might appear to people outside the bubble. Things like open borders; basically, let’s decriminalize the border. …

You had a lot of stuff about mass incarceration, but almost nothing about crime. … It became completely routine for people in and around the party to talk about white supremacy, systemic racism, how America has always been a benighted country and still is, we haven’t made any progress. …

Do they really believe that the black voters who formed the base of the Democratic Party think like Ibram X. Kendi, or the leaders of BLM? Are they crazy? 

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Just like you don’t know it when you’re dead …

When will Democrats un-crazy?

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8 Responses to They must be crazy

  1. Attila says:

    No, they won’t.

    Simple answer.


  2. Jon Burack says:

    Judis began to back away from the Judis/Teixeira thesis awhile back. Now Teixeira has also. Two men of the left who still use their brains to reassess as reality impinges. How long will it be before Twitter, YouTube and Google start blocking any message with their two names in it?


  3. David asked, “When will Democrats un-crazy?”

    Here are some givens as I see them…

    1. All “progressives” are currently Democrats but not all Democrats are “progressives”.

    2. Modern day 21st century “progressives” are fascists, socialists, communists and Marxists; “progressives” are totalitarians.

    3. The Democratic Party accepts progressives into their fold with open arms.

    4. Progressives are in near total control of the Democratic Party.

    5. Progressives are in near total control of the direction of the Democratic Party.

    6. Progressives are in near total control of the Democratic Party’s lapdog propaganda media machine.

    7. Progressives are the ones in the Democratic Party that are “crazy” not your run-of-the-mill classic liberals.

    8. It is in the very nature of a “progressive” to constantly push well beyond what is socially considered to be the status quo. Progressives cannot accept what is, they must change it; in other words, they are in favor of change for the sake of change and that’s what makes them “crazy”.

    9. Progressives will NEVER uncrazy.

    We must remember that the 21st century “progressive” dominated political left, there are four tenants of “truth”…

    1. The left is right.
    2. The right is wrong.
    3. Wrong is evil.
    4. Evil must to be destroyed.

    …that’s the dead end of the 21st century political left’s critical thinking, that’s what their leadership across the USA is projecting to the public and that’s what the Democrats expect the public to unquestionably believe.

    Yes this is all kinda “crazy”.

    All things considered; until the Democratic Party actually rejects and ejects “progressives” from their fold, they will never “uncrazy”.

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    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      I would add that progressives will never uncrazy because another (more accurate) term for progressives is fanatical leftist ideologues. It is not in the nature of fanatical ideologues to reassess their allegiance to their ideology, no matter what circumstances might warrant. Why do you think the Nazis fought till the bitter end even though they knew they were losing and would lose and even though their decision to keep fighting would bring down the entire nation? The Democratic Party is no longer in the hands of loyal Americans who happen to have a set of values and beliefs that differ from those of the Republican Party; it is in the hands of fanatics who value their toxic ideology above their country and will do anything–literally anything–to promote that ideology. Every day Biden and his progressive puppeteers supply more evidence of their determination to remake (or “reimagine”) the country; before long it will be reimagined into something no rational person can imagine.

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  4. Montgomery Scott says:

    The Regressives (TM) are currently the “tail wagging the dog” with the dog being mainstream Dems. Regressives (TM) such as AOC and faux Native American Lizzie Warren are loudly proclaiming that they will recruit a Regressive (TM) in future primaries against Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) and Joe Manchin (D-WV) because these two senators still have some common sense when it comes to spending like there is no tomorrow and the filibuster (being the one tool between slowing down or stopping idiotic legislation that the House of Reps passed willy-nilly). Unfortunately, the Regressives (TM) are becoming “the dog” by forcing out moderate Dems. It doesn’t help our country that Regressives (TM) have virtually seized control of public education and most colleges / universities while no one was looking and are now indoctrinating the students to be good drones in the Regressive (TM) takeover of the U.S. I know someone who is doing his best to deprogram his child who is a student at UW-Madison when that student comes home on breaks. God save us from these Marxists, their allies in the mainstream propaganda media, and social media that acts as protective watchdogs for these Regressives (TM).

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  5. richard lesiak says:

    Until the gop “rejects and ejects” trumpism from their fold they will never “uncrazy.” The DOJ just subpoenaed Hitt and Ruh. I guess they frown on signing fake electoral papers. It’s the usual “look over there” play. Look at the goofy dem while Vos and company are breaking the law. But; now that they can all hire outside lawyers for themselves at our expense I’m sure they can dodge and weave till retirement. Just like this concealed carry at 18. It’s all BS. Here’s an outside the box idea. Put it to a referendum. Put it on the ballot and let the people decide. With all their yapping about voting in Wis hand it over to us. The people who stand in line and vote.


  6. Mordecai The Red says:

    In my experience, Democrats in general and progressives in particular are horrifically poor judges of what average Americans care about. It’s why they continue to pound the January 6th drum when most of us have moved on, scream for defunding police and reimagining safety while citizens arm themselves against rising crime, and tout legislation with multitrillion dollar price tags while the economy sputters and inflation grinds us down. And it’s why people like me who once voted for them more often than not are now rejecting them.


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      Exactly! And the reason they’re “horrifically poor judges of what average Americans care about” is that they have nothing but contempt for average Americans (what progressives would call Trump-loving racists). They cling to their identity politics tighter than any “average American” clings to his guns and religion. Obama’s formulation expresses perfectly what they feel about anyone with less education or sophistication than themselves. Hillary’s excoriation of “deplorables” is another. Their patronizing treatment of minorities (what they would call their “compassion”) is yet another symptom of their unbridled narcissism. Luckily, the utter cynicism and ineptitude of the Biden administration daily reveals how unfit they are to govern.


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