School board president is proud of school board

She’s proud … of herself?

The Capital Times is up with a puff piece on school board president Ali Muldrow a week before candidate filing deadline (she is unopposed for re-election). “She’s proud of how far they [meaning the school board!] and the district have come.”

Ali Muldrow

Ali Muldrow

Not even glossed over but totally unaddressed: the serial brawls at East high school, the district safety coordinator sandbagging the police investigating teens showing off their firearms in stolen cars (Read & weep), the exile of school resource police officers, the abrupt return to virtual classrooms with less than a week’s notice. There’s some evidence police are fighting back. Posted today on the cops South District website, presumably from Captain Mike Hanson but unsigned:

Last week Madison police officers did a phenomenal job responding to a stolen auto and locating three teenage suspects. [Synthetic marijuana and two key fobs for stolen vehicles were found on two of the teens.] (That incident report here.)

In diving into this call for service further with community members and police officers, there is a sense of frustration and hopelessness about these incidents repeating themselves. … Three teenagers [ages 15, 16, and 17] were arrested after stealing a car and are possibly linked to other stolen autos. We also know that a [stolen] gun was in the car … One of the suspects in this crime spree has 20 different court cases in which 18 appear open. … many teens are out there with so many open court cases, many of which are felonies. …

The criminal justice system does not have ideal solutions for our youth. I suggest community groups, churches, mentorship programs, schools and more investment in the environment from which these arrested youth hail from … It is always amazing to see our neighborhood police officers engaged with some of our toughest youth in positive events such as a sport or music. The youth are dazzled by the sincere play, interaction and attention they receive from an adult. …

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Odd, Ali Muldrow’s school board wants police nowhere near their students. She is unopposed for one seat, critical race theorist Nichelle Nichols for the second seat. In the third, a “a “trans, nonbinary teaching artist” is one of two candidates. (More here.)

Have our schools been part of the solution or part of the problem?

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14 Responses to School board president is proud of school board

  1. One eye says:

    “more investment in the environment from which these arrested youth hail from …”

    invest in contraceptives, abortions and Kaleem Caire.

    Do not invest in vanity projects like the Center for Black Excellence. A shiny new building ain’t gonna do squat besides provide a big driveby target from the beltline. Hope they’ve budgeted for bullet proof windows.


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      Someplace that calls itself the “Center for Black Excellence” is advertising its irrelevance. It’s in the same category as the taxpayer-subsidized “art” that adorned the boarded up windows on every building on State Street after the riots, looting and vandalism–oh sorry, peaceful protests–of summer 2020: a monument to the white, upper-middle class guilt that pervades Madison.

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  2. David Gerard says:

    You have some other COVID related issues as well.

    You can’t transport your kids to school (not enough bus drivers). You can’t feed them once they get there (not enough cafeteria workers as well as food deliveries that are cancelled). You can’t educate them (not enough teachers).

    Gridlock on your highways, hospitals, airports and now schools.


    • AdamC says:

      Hardest hit, long term, by the rampant failures of Madison public schools, will be many Black students. The teachers union is leading the board and administration around by the nose and they either don’t realize it or don’t care.

      Meanwhile all surrounding communities’ schools are open and all private schools too including Madison private schools. Statewide I believe the only districts closed this week are Milwaukee, Madison, and Beloit (but not Janesville). Liberal bastions that will keep cranking out functionally illiterate citizens indefinitely.


  3. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    “… a trans, non-binary teaching artist is one of two candidates.” And if the other one is NOT a self-professed freak, you can be certain which one will win in Madison.

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  4. AdamC says:

    David, any thoughts on today’s news that Byron Bishop backed out after being appointed to that ridiculous “police monitor” position?


  5. Wm. Tyroler says:

    It may be, to steal a quote, that there is a great deal of ruin in MMSD, but it’s an enduring mystery why Madisonians have chosen to test that proposition.


  6. Bill Cleary says:

    I’d say that the schools have done nothing to help. But I will suggest something that will.
    Turn the schools over to former commanding officers of our military. The teachers should come from the ranks of former training or drill instructors in our military.


  7. georgessson says:

    While it’s easy to understand the incestuous relationship between Progs and the MMSD, it’s difficult to understand why the parents in this community do not care about DPI stats and their own children’s education -and those kid’s will soon to be out on their own after “graduating…”

    As referenced, perhaps only freaks have any interest in education nowadays. GAWD !


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