‘It is time to try something else’

Ald. Nikki Conklin to neighbors demanding more police protection

Add Tamarack Trails as another neighborhood demanding more public safety.The far westside neighborhood association on 11 October 21 told Mayor Satya and their alder that residents are “extremely concerned about the escalation and increased frequency of violent crimes in our community.

Over the course of this summer, stolen cars are abandoned in our driveways; police officers chase armed suspects across our property; shots fired are routine events; car and home break-ins continue. These events erode our quality of life and have led us to rethink our everyday routines.”

Alders will consider the capital and operating budgets Tuesday, 9 November 21, starting at 5:30 p.m. for public testimony. (Log-on here.)

In a follow-up letter, Tamarack Trails invited their District 9 alder and Deputy Mayor Reuben Sanon (Pronouns: He, Him, His) to meet neighbors Chris and Deborah Chritton.

Earlier this month, as two cars were traveling at high speed on Tree Lane while the driver and/or passengers inside were shooting at each other, a stray bullet breached the walls of the Chritton’s home and lodged itself into their mattress. Had the trajectory of that bullet been a little higher, Chris or Deborah could have been shot and killed in their own bed. … We will not normalize gun violence as a fact of life here in Madison.

The neighborhood assocation closed by asking: “Can you discuss how you are strengthening policing services to support our communities? Can you assure us that our safety is your top priority?

Armed robbery in their hood

In District 9 today at 3:41 this morning 30 October 21 police responded to an armed robbery at the KwikTrip, 7502 Mineral Point Rd. Police say the suspect was wielding a small black handgun and demanded cash. Described as a light-skinned black male in his mid 20s, about 6’2″ and slender, wearing a blue hoodie, a black vest, black pants, black shoes, and a blue mask. Contact the Madison Police Department at 608-255-2345 with information.

Photo of Ald. Nikki Conklin

Their Alder, Nikki Conklin (She/Her), was unmoved:

My position has not changed from my campaign, I support re-imagining public safety and investing into the CARES team. … MPD currently has 400-plus employees. (What do they need more officers for if MPD isn’t using the 400 plus they have now?) If more officers are needed in our neighborhood I support that. I want you to understand I support the police, the police do help in our neighborhoods, and I know we could never be without the police, but police have been around for hundreds of years and the same things keep happening.

Insult to injury, the mayor’s office scheduled the meeting with citizens after the budget vote. Former alder Paul Skidmore saw this as “a purposeful attempt to minimize the impact of our requests on the Council, and to shield Alder Conklin.” Conklin was endorsed by Progressive Dane, the Democratic Socialists, Freedom Inc., and Our WI Revolution. And, of course, The Capital Times.

Some of the proposed cuts are listed here. Includes cutting the police pre-service academy by $164,000 which will reduce the number of recruits from 47 to 44 to fund mental health workers. Sponsored by Alders Furman, Bennett, Currie, Martin.

Blaska’s Bottom LineSome of the amendments to defund police failed at the Finance Committee by a tie vote. Don’t be surprised if they resurface at the November 9 budget meeting.

Will your voice be heard?

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22 Responses to ‘It is time to try something else’

  1. fritzderkat says:

    No sheet, Sam Spade.


  2. Attila says:

    Voices ARE being heard and the alders are on notice.
    If safe neighborhoods and reducing crimes aren’t their radar, their fun little power trip run by regressive Dane and their socialist friends will be out the door. Madison citizens have had enough of the homeless taking over our city parks and trashing them, the litter all over, the speeding & reckless driving, and the crimes.


    • Liberty says:

      I’d like to believe that, but I’ve watched as good people have spoken up in the past. They’d get good results but the moment they became silent again, the insanity not only reverted back, but intensified.

      That was then, when there were still enough sane people here to make a difference. Remember the big St. Maria Goretti’s meeting where like 600 people showed up to protest Mayor Dave’s prioritizing a trolley over police? Doubt you’d even get a tenth of that now.

      That’s because people have had enough and have moved on. Most people I became friends with in Madison have left, and one just sold her house. People are tired of fighting people who don’t care about them and who can’t see reason.

      Any movement by fed-up residents has to be sustained and I just don’t see that happening in this current environment. I could be wrong and I hope I’m wrong.

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      • Liberty says:

        Not to detract from people speaking up for safety, but how is what the new activists are doing now any different than what so many before them have tried?

        Actually, last time I checked, I saw some of the new public safety activists also praising Progressivism and looking at crime as a health issue.

        Progressivism is what CAUSED the problem. It’s not the solution.

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    • Ed says:

      Sadly…We get the government we elect.

      I suspect this joke of an alder will be a one termer.


      • Liberty says:

        One termer? Maybe in the past.

        Besides, who would run against her? A “moderate” who on one hand supports having police but who also thinks crime is a health issue that can be solved with hand holding? No thanks.

        Not to say social programs don’t have a place, but I’m not on board with treating violent criminals like “oppressed, misunderstood victims.” Besides, it’s an insult to actual crime victims and to people who had sucky childhoods but chose a different path.

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  3. Liberty says:

    Of course she’s unmoved. Did the people who elected her think it would be any different, that leftists could be reasoned with and would finally see the light?

    Leftists care more about pronouns, staying true to their failing ideologies, and looking out for the welfare of “oppressed” criminals than they do for those of us who actually contribute something to society. You can tell leftists that you were forced to watch as your loved one was brutally raped by a band of psychopaths and they still wouldn’t be moved by your grief.

    We’re not even an afterthought. And there’s not a thing any of us can say or do to change their minds. Not one thing. They are incapable of reason or compromise. The sooner normal people realize that, the better for their own sense of sanity.

    NC said: “police have been around for hundreds of years and the same things keep happening.”

    Yeah, Nikki, that’s because crime keeps happening and because leftists keep enabling criminals. There are no CARE counselors or programs on this planet that will rehabilitate psychopaths who have no respect for life.

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  4. AdamC says:

    Overwhelmingly voting for leftist activists will yield these results.

    Madison voters are mostly willing to go the polls to pull the lever again and again for liberal ideologues, election after election, year after year, decade after decade.

    Suck it up, Madison. You voted for this, now own it. No more sympathy from this corner.

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    • Liberty says:

      Agreed. And as long as the migration of sane people out of Madison continues, it will only get worse.

      It’s hard to feel badly for people who have been so arrogant in their defense of leftism, especially those who got nasty if you dared try to express an opposing thought.

      Some have finally come around and now see the light? Great, but too much damage has already been done.


  5. Mr. Forward says:

    The Sewerage Department has been around for hundreds of years and the same things keep happening. It is time to try something else.

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    • AdamC says:

      Good one! Here’s another:

      Public education has been around for hundreds of years. It’s just not working. Time to dismantle it, defund it, and try different alternatives!

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  6. Bill Cleary says:

    Thoughts become ideas and ideas become an ideology and the ideology becomes a theology. When any person adopts a theology as a sincerely held belief, convincing that person that they might be wrong gets harder and harder to do as time goes on. A theology that man is the highest form of life on this planet and that some men are higher in the pecking order than others due to their intelligence is in my mind what drives these people. They think they are right and we are wrong to even question their beliefs.

    In their way of thinking, a belief in a Creator, God, goes right out the window as these people believe they evolved from the primordial sludge.

    Let’s face it, we the little people have become their subjects. In their minds they rule over us. We work for them, do what they say, follow the laws and edicts they create all to appease our “masters”.

    Look what Daniel Greenfield wrote about California’s internet censorship office: http://www.danielgreenfield.org/2021/01/californias-internet-censorship-office.html
    Seems that those in power in California don’t want anyone to upset their apple cart so they are censoring those that are willing to question their way of doing business.

    In my humble opinion, it won’t be long before our Demorat/socialist/marxists are doing the same right here in Wisconsin and even today, there are many who say that their tweets, posts, facebook accounts have been banned if they contain information critical of our state and local officials.

    Is this a result of our government right here in Wisconsin telling Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts to pull the thoughts or ban those who use these media platforms to express their opinion?

    I don’t know the answer to that question but sadly I think it is a real possibility.


    • Liberty says:

      They’re organized and well-funded and Republicans are complacent, so yes it’s just a matter of time before it happens here.

      This article also mentions Communist efforts underway here in Wisconsin.


      I think you made an important point about how not believing in God factors into their ideological ways. There’s no way you can possibly believe in God and be in favor of partial birth abortions, brag about having dozens of abortions, and against rendering aid to the newborn of a botched abortion, or fund chaos and destruction, or put your career and political aspirations and desire for wealth before doing what’s right.


  7. One eye says:



  8. Balboa says:

    At least the kid wore a mask in kwik trip.

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    • Liberty says:

      Several months ago Mark Pocan actually had the audacity to publicly call out a store that he felt wasn’t maintaining zealous mask requirements.

      But thugs gunning down people and knocking them over the heads? Not worth a mention, Mark, is it?


  9. Mark Lemberger says:

    In Madison the guilty are the victims, genders are many and fluid, logic and cause and effect are repealed, speech is violence and skin color is privilege. There are no rules except Alinsky’s. Gravity will be repealed.

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  10. georgessson says:

    “Austin, TX experiences record 75th homicide of 2021 after city strips funding from police.”

    “The previous homicide record was 59.”

    Further, STARTING TODAY: Residents are to call 3-1-1, NOT 9-1-1 and they’ll send a social worker. Theft, burglaries, suspicious person and vandalisim -Do NOT call LEO’s.

    Watch short video here, plus the article w/ stats…


    And so it goes on, here, there & everywhere. Sigh…


    • Liberty says:

      And libs wonder why gun sales are surging?

      Austin is another liberal stronghold backed with Soros money.

      Wealthy conservatives have GOT to start supporting peaceful grassroots efforts to combat the insanity. Conservative voters have GOT to get more organized. Republican politicians have GOT to start speaking out and start protecting us instead of bending over backwards to “compromise” with Progressive Democrats whose end goal is to abolish the police.

      What kind of demented person works actively to create a country where crime and anarchy reign supreme? What is the motivation, the payoff? Or are these people too psychopathic to even comprehend?


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