Rebecca Kleefisch wants R.E.S.P.E.C.T

Just a little bit!

There’s a blues singer who begged, “Don’t do me like that.” It was either Tom Petty or louche lounge singer Tony Clifton. Maybe both.

Rebecca Kleefisch should be singing that lament today after Sore Loser Man called on Sean Duffy to run for governor of Wisconsin. (Read & Weep.) Duffy is the photogenic former congressman, prosecutor, and reality TV star from Wisconsin’s Way Up North. No question, Sean Duffy is prime time. So is his eye-candy missus, who has hosted Fox cable news programs.

Run Sean Run

Where did that come from?

But Sean Duffy has indicated ZERO interest in running for governor. We keep an ear on the railroad tracks; would’ve heard whispers. The WI State Journal reports his address is now New Jersey. (They do need a governor.)

Didn’t stop #45 from urging, “Run, Sean, run! … He would be fantastic.” 

Why would #45 diss Becky Kleefisch that way? She is an announced candidate, loyal lieutenant to Scott Walker, paid her dues. The camera likes her, too. Becky has been beating the hustings throughout the state. Has kept the faith with the Republicans In Trump Only (RITO) contingent. Makes nice with Robin Vos. Supports the Gableman crusade. Pro-life, pro-gun, pro-cop. If there is a box Becky does not check, it’s waiting to be offloaded at the port of Long Beach.

Number #45 even appointed Becky to run the centennial commission of women’s suffrage. Wha’ happened? 

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Back in our college days, our girl friend Cookie would parody the Peter, Paul & Mary song (written by Gordon Lightfoot) popular at the time. You get VD from loving me,” she would sing. Same thing with Sore Loser Man. Initial thrill, then crabs. At some point, trying to keep this man happy will kill the party.

What tune should Becky be singing?

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16 Responses to Rebecca Kleefisch wants R.E.S.P.E.C.T

  1. Turd Ferguson says:

    I think Kleefisch is “The Swamp”. Republicans aren’t doing shit in Wisconsin except for talk, talk, talk. I have NO idea who to vote for, but it sure isn’t anybody sucking up to the teacher’s unions.

    I see this Jonathon Wickmann guy on Facebook and can’t get a good idea what he’s about.

    Anybody’s thoughts?


    • Batman says:

      U-Haul or Penske.
      Penske gives the better deals while the loading deck of U-Haul trucks is closer to the ground so the ramp up to the back of the truck isn’t as steep which does make loading considerably easier.


    • Liberty says:

      First I’ve heard of Jonathon Wickmann. Have no idea who he is.

      Agreed about Wisconsin Republicans and most Republicans nationwide. So many missed opportunities to push back against leftist insanity, yet they remain silent. I want people in office who are going to actually fight for us.


    • richard lesiak says:

      The repubs are doing plenty. Sucking Dopey Don’s wanger and spending a ton of our money looking for panda poop on bamboo ballots. Sounds like a party to back in 2022 to you?


      • Liberty says:

        Richard may I call ya’ Dick,

        You must like high crime, open borders, energy dependence, high inflation, product shortages, porn made available in schools, riots, defunding of police, and the weakening of our military. Doesn’t say much about your values, now does it?

        Instead of coming on here and offering intelligent commentary, you act like a petty child. And vulgar. “Sucking Dopey Don’s wanger”? How e*fing old are you?


  2. Balboa says:

    Hillary checked all the boxes as well. She was lt govenor which means she was chosen by walker and that position is useless in wisconsin. Sorry if she is the nominee, she loses, and will precipitate losses down ballot. Im sure she is a nice person but is not going take back govenor for republican side


  3. real(77)ity says:

    It’s former guy’s party. I’ll cry if I want to.


  4. Bob Dane says:

    Dave, nice letter to the editor in the Wall Street Journal about dems shifting blame to GOP on crime.


  5. Mark Lemberger says:

    Nationally the RINO Party is dead and deservedly so. No fighters. No principles, no over arching anything. They are cowering to the far Left and so down the drain goes our country.
    The Washington Party is now in full control and the results are obvious.
    C’mon Trump! The Swamp is setting the table for a competent (wouldn’t that be nice for a change?) leader. Spend the first two years reducing the military, government industrial complex. Freeze federal spending, fire the current appointees and grow the economy while you rationalize spending. Be the only country on the planet to balance a budget. Reform welfare like the Gingrich congress and tweet your opponents to death. Build the wall and reform immigration to welcome good people. Privatize Social Security to put it in the black.
    All of this depends on growing our economy by manufacturing here, exporting energy and stop wasting our blood and treasure.
    You’ve done it before. Like no one else.
    Come on back.


  6. Good Dog, Happy Man says:

    President Trump is correct, Duffy would make an excellent WI. governor.

    Kleefisch is small beer and no curd. She has too much of the weak-teat, NeverTrump/RINO establishment; Ryan, Dubya, Jeb!, Kinzinger, Cheney, McCain, Mittens wing in her.

    We need a smart street fighter.
    SWe need someone like Trump.
    We need an unapologetic Conservative.
    We need a touchdown.
    We need someone like Sean Duffy.


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