Rebecca Blank is the chancellor of cancel culture

She winnows but does not sift.

We bear no ill will toward Northwestern University, the only private institution among the 14 schools of higher education that comprise the Big Ten athletic conference. (We were told there would be no math.)

Don’t blame us for Rebecca Blank, Mildcats. Blank is moving on from chancellor of the Madison campus of the University of Wisconsin to Northwestern’s president. You’re only trading one Woke Quisling for another. 

Northwestern already ranks dead last in the conference in free speech; Wisconsin is the third least-free and ranks only 104th freest in the nation among 159 surveyed by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. On the Madison campus, only 28% say it is wrong to shout down a speaker. Purdue and Maryland rank high at 6th and 7th freest in the nation.

“A huge loss,” bemoans Paul Fanlund over at The Capital Times. “Finding a replacement of her stature may prove profoundly difficult,” Mr. Oblivious frets. Somehow, we doubt it.

Fanlund gushes that Blank had been a member of Barack Obama’s cabinet, that she mandated diversity re-education on her campus, and that she fought Republican “anti-intellectual messaging.”

Excuu-uuu-use us! WHO is anti-intellectual? (!!!) Rebecca Blank is a 21st Century book burner. Commissar of cowardly cancel culture. Committed to equity, not excellence. Rule by passion, not reason.

Tailgunner Joe *

‘Good work, Becky’

A latter day Joe Stalin, the chancellor erased noted alumnus Fredric March —  made him a non-person. Like Joe McCarthy, the chancellor smeared the reputation of an outstanding man for an innocent mistake — soon corrected —  he made as a youth. Self-righteous as the vandals who toppled the statues on Capitol Square, Rebecca Blank defines Woke arrogance. This white woman presumes to tell the NAACP — which came to the defense of Mr. March — that she knows more about racism than they! (Read & weep!)

Even Democrats are awakening from their Woke slumber. Former Madison mayor Dave Cieslewicz in “Blank Slate”:

When she received that letter from the NAACP along with some stiff criticism from John McWhorter [a black man] she doubled down on her anti-intellectualism. … She set aside facts and reasoned arguments in favor of uninformed emotionalism.

Cowardice of the mob

Rebecca Blank presided over a campus awash in fear. According to a 2020 Knight Foundation survey, 63% of college students feel “the climate on their campus prevents some people from saying things they believe because others might find them offensive.” Cieslewicz continues:

Today’s campuses have become … places of rigid orthodoxy where students and faculty with views that don’t conform self-censor for fear of being attacked by virtual (or real) mobs. Classical liberal values of reason, free speech, and rule of law are out of fashion in the very places where they should be revered.

Bret Stephens at the New York Times calls it “the coward culture:”

“Our universities are failing at the task of educating students in the habits of a free mind. Instead, they are becoming islands of illiberal ideology and factories of moral certitude, more often at war with the values of liberal democracy than in their service.”

→ It must also be reckoned that Blank’s campus has been pumping critical race groupthink into Wisconsin’s K-12 schools through its School of Education and its multifarious grievance studies departments.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: In his hagiography of his hero, Paul Fanlund dares not print the name Fredric March or Chamberlin Rock. The editor and publisher of The Capital Times is no Edward R. Murrow.

Who do YOU like to replace Blank?

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14 Responses to Rebecca Blank is the chancellor of cancel culture

  1. westsidesue says:

    For the price, I would say to UWMadison, JUST LEAVE THIS SPACE BLANK!

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  2. Good Dog, Happy Man says:

    After canceling Ted Cruz from speaking at the Memorial Union tonight,
    UW-Makistan will move up in the rankings of least free universities.
    Where the hell is Tommy Thompson? Somebody oughta wake him up.

    Woke secular-regressive SJWs don’t love our history, they don’t love our shared values, our culture, (now Superman has to be bisexual, James Bond has to be henpecked and Dave Chappelle has to be canceled), they certainly don’t love the classic concept of the American Dream.

    Proglobots really, really don’t love our freedom, unless it’s to burn the flag,
    riot over false narratives, or kill unborn babies.

    They don’t love the Wisconsin Idea and don’t want to “sift and winnow”.
    They don’t love any of it. What they love is power.

    They love to divide and conquer.
    And they can’t stand you.
    Act accordingly.

    Numen Lumen, Davedawg.

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    • Batman says:

      Wake up people the radical Left SJW Brownshirts are boiling the frog.
      It is obvious, increasingly oppressive, and they mean business. Unless *we the people* stand up to these commie bullies it will only get worse because they are drunk with power and are fully indoctrinated. War has been declared and Becky Blank is on the side of Antifa.
      “Anyone can achieve 100% compliance when you remove the % who refuse to comply.”

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      • Good Dog, Happy Man says:


        Here’s the new venue to see and hear some real live Conservatives.
        Takin’ It To The Streets” , … right here in the belly of the beast.

        Hope to see you there. Still time to register @YAF.
        “The Verdict” with Michael Knowles and Ted Cruz.



      • Liberty says:

        Ah, but people ARE starting to wake up. They’re starting to see because their own lives are being affected.

        People see the inflation, the violent crime, the out of control border, the worker shortages (especially police, nurses, and pilots) and the supply shortages, the smut their kids are learning in school, the ultimatums being given them by the left, the government being used to silence speech.

        They may not be able to articulate it as well as this pilot has, but they sense something is very wrong. I think 2022 is going to be a landmark year for Republicans. Just hope they don’t blow it.


    • Liberty says:

      Shameful that Ted Cruz was canceled. The university should be hiding its head in shame. Winnowing and sifting and open minds, my foot.


  3. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    “Unless we the people stand up to these commie bullies it will only get worse…” Stand up how, exactly? The ruination of American’s colleges and universities is just the opening act. We’re all of 9.5 months into Obama’s third term and already see the toxic ideology that turned this country’s higher education system into so many leftist/socialist boot camps seeping into the rest of society. The patriots of Jan. 6th had the right idea; their only mistake was not arming themselves to the teeth. If you think change can come from within a system that’s rotten enough to put Biden & Co. in charge, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you.

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    • A Voice in the Wilderness says:

      Gary: Good letter to the editor concerning the Monroe Street mural in today’s Wisconsin State Journal.


  4. David Blaska says:

    No fair nominating Jon Gruden!


  5. georgessson says:

    Yes, Paul Fanlund indeed gushes -Like a toilet w/ a busted shut-off valve. Merriam-Webster dictionary has his photo, along w/ Tony Ever’s, under the definition for “Dork-like”…

    So… It looks like more of the same, if local yokels have a voice in the matter.


  6. Mordecai The Red says:

    Not surprisingly, Chrome Dome Paulie cites nameless sources for cherry-picked quotes in his puff piece. Typical Crapital Times journalism.

    Good riddance, Blank. Your appeasement of the woke left has embarrassed my alma mater for years to come.


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      Good riddance, indeed. The bad news is that there are countless Becky Blank clones out there lining up for UW-Madison’s top job. If I were on the search committee for a new chancellor, my one and only question to candidates would be “The Black Students Union has demanded that the statue of Abraham Lincoln in front of Bascom Hall be removed. What is your response?” If it’s anything but “Up yours” or some variant thereof, we move on to the next candidate.


  7. Liberty says:

    What Cieslewicz writes is true, but he’s just seeing the problem now? Thought leaders have been sounding the alarms on this for years. I guess better late than never.


    • Liberty says:

      ““A huge loss,” bemoans Paul Fanlund over at The Capital Times. “Finding a replacement of her stature may prove profoundly difficult,”

      Not really. The Rebecca Blanks of the academic community are a dime a dozen.


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