Pain at the gas pump? Time to ‘think differently about inflation’!

Bias in the news media, another in a series

The news media is nothing if not clever. One of its tricks is to wrap its  political biases in the guise of an objective report. The chosen expert, of course, is friendlier than the drooling dog on your lap. To paper over today’s July 2021 CPI report, the New York Times had to dig deep to find an obscure expert to bail out its favorite President. An actual headline in today’s on-line New York Times:

‘How the Biden Administration wants to reframe the inflation debate’

The costs of many essentials have risen faster than incomes for decades. The White House argues its initiatives could ease the pressure.


In percentage increases

Given that the CPI overall grew 5.4% compared to 3.1% increase in wages and benefits in the 12 months through June 30, The NY Times is only too eager to help Biden reframe the inflation debate. So it publishes one big infomercial boosting Bernie and Biden’s $3.5 Trillion spending blow-out “to support families, boost clean energy, and more.” (So much more!) Of today’s Consumer Price Index numbers, the Times acknowledges:

The inflation numbers keep coming in hot, and it is making some moderate Democrats wary about the Biden administration’s proposed $3.5 trillion package of spending to support families, boost clean energy and more. Against that backdrop, administration economists are arguing that we should think differently about inflation and the ways price increases cause economic pain for ordinary people. …

An important underlying factor is known as “Baumol’s cost disease,” referring to William Baumol, the economist who identified the phenomenon in the 1960s. 

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Desperate times require desperate lies. Or obscure economic theories. At least moderate Democrats are wary but those are few and far between. Just ask Ron Kind.

What is YOUR cure for Baumol’s cost disease?

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15 Responses to Pain at the gas pump? Time to ‘think differently about inflation’!

  1. Bill says:

    Well the New York Post came out with a similar article today titled: “Nearly 80 percent of Americans blame Biden for inflation surge: poll.”

    The question remains, do 80% of Americans blame Biden for the inflation surge or if we are to speak of this as a surge, was not that surge caused by President Donald Trump?

    I think that the plot to blame the surge in inflation on Biden, is really just an attempt to Blame former President Trump for the really poor economic and other performance by Joe Biden. (Isn’t that Afghanistan I hear falling.) After all, it was scurrilous accusations about the former President that got the new one elected in his place. So if a plan will work the first time, why not try it a second, or a third, or a fourth, or a fifth……………………..

    Having your brother be hated by your Sister because “HE” stole her stuff is certainly a great way to get out of trouble especially when you where the one who stole it!


    • No Body says:

      Every bad thing is caused by Donald Trump. Inflation, west coast wildfires, you name it. If your toast falls on the floor butter side down – that’s Trump’s fault. Caterpillars on your tomato plants? Trump put them there at night. Windshield wipers worn out? Trump did that. Stubbed your toe on a rock taking the trash out at night? Trump smuggled that rock into your yard.

      Just imagine how much worse things would be if he were still tweeting in office!

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      • Liberty says:

        The BSers in media, big tech, and the influencer sphere will ALWAYS find a way to frame the argument so that blame rests with Trump or someone else. And the masses will fall for it every single time.

        They’ll sit back as our borders become dangerously unmanageable, crime goes through the roof, and inflation creates economic havoc, content in the fact that Trump no longer tweets. SMH.


  2. Sir Arthur says:

    The first step in braking inflation would to be to reject the $3.5T ($5.5T?) Pelosi spending bill AND the $1.2T Infrastructure + “bipartisan” bill. Set aside the appropriate part of the Infrastructure bill that deals strictly with infrastructure and debate it and consider it as a stand-alone bill. Set the rest aside as “spending bills” – that’s what they are – and let’s debate their merits in Congress and among the public. Secondly, immediately cancel the extra unemployment compensation from the federal government, and provide the incentive for people to go back to work. That would take the extra money out of the economy, and instead, see that money balanced off as a result of compensation for producing goods and services. That would better balance supply and demand in the economy and not have excess money chasing too few goods and services. Thirdly, Biden should lift the ban on oil drilling on federal lands and reinstate construction of the XL pipeline to restore domestic supply of oil and natural gas, to reduce costs in producing it, and enable us to regain our energy independence. Finally, restore the Trump restrictions and agreements with Mexico to stem the invasion spilling over our southern border and close the border completely to immigration in a moratorium. Those steps would undoubtedly go a long way to stopping our recently soaring inflation.


    • Liberty says:

      Sir Arthur,

      Your proposal contains too much logic, which is why it wouldn’t stand a chance in this environment.


  3. Liberty says:

    “Desperate times require desperate lies. Or obscure economic theories.”

    Yet people will believe it. They’ll trip over themselves to justify the unjustifiable.


  4. georgessson says:

    Pain is definitely in the forecast… Extreme pain.

    NYT: “… Administration economists are arguing that we should think differently about inflation and the ways price increases cause economic pain for ordinary people. …” Yep, just “think differently” and it will magically just go away.

    And of course the NYT couples that w/ the Baumol effect -The rise of salaries in jobs that have experienced NO or LOW increase of labor productivity…

    Add in the proposed 3.5 Trillion Pelosi bill, plus the possible 1.2 Trillion infrastructure bill.

    What could possibly go wrong ?


    • Liberty says:

      Of course leftist media will justify the inane.

      “Pain is definitely in the forecast… Extreme pain.”

      Yes. It will especially hit retirees and those on fixed incomes. Saw some Republicans voting for the infrastructure bill. Makes me question if they actually read it. If they did, how can they justify calling themselves conservatives?


  5. richard lesiak says:

    Never knew that being a conservative meant you liked bad roads, dangerous bridges, drinking from lead pipes, etc. The same guys who voted against the bill will now go home and brag about all the work that will now be done in their state. The turtle even voted for it. Let’s redo tRUMP’s tax break for zillionaires then we can get even more done.


    • No Body says:

      Never knew that being a conservative meant you liked bad roads, dangerous bridges, drinking from lead pipes, etc.


  6. Liberty says:

    We ALL want clean drinking water, safe roads and bridges.

    What conservatives rightfully object to is the inclusion of things like home health care, education, and child care (which the government arguably doesn’t manage very well). Calling this an infrastructure bill then inserting human services into it is dishonest.

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  7. Mr. Forward says:

    Thinking differently about inflation. Say last month you could walk out of a shoe store in California with 10 pair of Nikes and stay under the 950 dollar limit, this month you can only steal 9 pairs. Be careful out there.

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  8. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    When you hear lefties urging you to “think differently” about something, what they mean is “Think like us–or else.”


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