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The kids are not O.K.

Know any progressives? Give ‘em the Werkes! The city of Alexandria VA is reinstating school resource police officers after their schools turned into Afghanistan without them. “Our students are sending us warning shots, literally warning shots,” the high school principal said. “Please … Continue reading

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Pain at the gas pump? Time to ‘think differently about inflation’!

Bias in the news media, another in a series The news media is nothing if not clever. One of its tricks is to wrap its  political biases in the guise of an objective report. The chosen expert, of course, is … Continue reading

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Time to PANIC!

Run for your lives! Save yourselves! Now Chik-fil-A is out of sauce! We’ve always wanted to write a headline like that in our newspaper print days. Break off in mid-sentence and leave a lot of unfinished white space. Despair is … Continue reading

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