Community organizers make early-morning house calls

Coming soon to your neighborhood

The beneficiaries of Madison progressives’ War On Cops were doing some outreach work in Orchard Ridge early this morning. The police report:

At 2:23 am 07-22-21, Madison Police were dispatched to a residence in the 5500 block of Barton Road for a residential burglary. One of the residents discovered that her purse and other items … had been taken and some of those items were scattered on the lawn. While officers were investigating, two separate homes in the 5300 block of Dorsett Drive, which is nearby, reported a male suspect trying to gain entry into their homes, but he was not able to gain entry. At this time, the suspect is at large.

Imagine it is YOUR home, it’s two-thirty in the morning, you’ve been awakened by noises. Someone has invaded YOUR home. While you were ASLEEP! Maybe with children in the next bedroom. Your purse, your credit cards, identification, garage door opener, HOUSE KEYS have been stolen. Never mind the cash. The neighborhood association has scheduled an on-line meeting with police 6 p.m. 07-27-21. Wonder if our newly elected alder will attend?

Pin the tail on the donkey 

Yanette Cole

Ald. Y. Figueroa Cole

Which is why Blaska is frustrated with candidates for local office who get the faints rather than do voters a service by calling out their opponents for what they are. Because 10th district Ald. Yannette Figueroa Cole is Progressive Dane, Our Wisconsin Revolution, endorsed by the Socialists and by The Cops-Out-of-Schools Capital Times. Wants to “reimagine policing.” In a test vote this week, voted against police body cameras.

Which is why the Werkes is cheering Detroit MI police chief James Craig. He may be America’s next Eric Adams! Think back 13 months ago. Downtown Madison was trashed. Kenosha burned, along with Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, New York, and other cities. But not Detroit!

Chief Craig tells why:

I grew up right here in Detroit during the ’67 riots, watching tanks rolling down these streets. I remember snipers on the roofs. I was with the Los Angeles Police Department when the Rodney King riots happened. The police retreated, and let their city burn.

Since I’ve been chief of police in Detroit, the police have never retreated. We are here to protect our citizens. 

When I came home to run the Detroit Police Department, it was in shambles. Morale, equipment – it all needed help. The response time to 911 calls was an hour, if you were lucky. I started with Colony Arms – the epicenter of crime in Detroit. I made it an example. We mounted an assault. Twenty to thirty arrests later, we cleaned it up. It showed that the police force was back in Detroit and that we never again would allow criminals to rule our city.

I was the first in that day, leading from the front. Then, I went into the city and met with every group I could find. Developed trust, showed what leadership could do.

So, when the unfortunate situation happened with George Floyd, and outsiders came here to try and burn us down, Detroit did not burn.

No liberal woke-ism!

Craig is thinking of running for governor of Michigan as a Republican.

“I grew up a Democrat. But then I watched as Democrats allowed our cities to riot, to burn, and to fail. I watched as they pushed handouts that increase dependency on the government for political gain. And what the Democratic Party stands for today – liberal woke-ism and a perpetual victimhood mentality – those are NOT my values.

Blaska’s Bottom Line question:

Are they your values?

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11 Responses to Community organizers make early-morning house calls

  1. Liberty says:

    I like Craig. He does more than talk and has produced actual results. Yes, Detroit remained riot free, in part because he set the tone early on. Hope he becomes Michigan’s next governor.

    Not sure I’d put him in the same category as Adams though. Just because someone is / was a cop doesn’t mean they’ll do what’s right for their constituency. Look at the Madison union’s “no confidence vote” results, 5% of cops believe our mayor is doing a good job. This was around the time of the Madison riots too!

    “Which is why Blaska is frustrated with candidates for local office who get the faints rather than do voters a service by calling out their opponents for what they are.”



  2. Balboa says:

    Last thing a Robber will hear is Chick Chick and followed by a very loud BOOM! BOOM!. I am an equal opportunity person I do not care what or how that person identifies as race, creed, gender, orientation, political group. If you break into my house to steal and I am home you are not walking out alive.


  3. pANTIFArts says:

    Progressive platitude-spouting zombies (the “woking dead”, if you prefer), will do nothing until they are personally impacted. Once “their” ox is suitably gored, THEN it will be time to hold a press conference to announce the formation of a committee to discuss the development of a Task Force to outline the creation of a panel to find the root cause of the violence and crimes (with each step carefully done with an eye toward diversity and equity). Then they will develop knowledge optimization initiatives to leverage their key learnings. –PROBLEM SOLVED !

    note: Not satire, people actually vote for this stuff.

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  4. georgessson says:

    I like/admire Craig, too.

    A realist as well: Detroit PD has posted a sign, “Attention: Enter at your own Risk”, and line #1 says, “Detroit is America’s Most Violent City”. #2 says,”Detroit’s Murder Rate is the Highest in the Country”. The caveat ? “Line #3 -“Detroit’s Police Department is GROSSLY Understaffed”…..

    Photo here, plus significant VIDS and PIX….

    BTW, I think Lesiak’s fave gerbil has moved ever onward and upward and… finally devoured Mr. Dick’s brain.


  5. Bill says:

    I too like Chief Craig. He is someone who has BALLS! He is someone who is a public servant. He serves the people, not the political class. See the real reason we have such a problem with crime in modern America is that our politicians on both sides of the isle are in bed with nefarious characters.

    These politicians could care less about us or our country. In my mind it has become increasingly clear that they are governing as rulers of all, not as servants, who serve and represent us, we the people.

    In short, they have become demigods.

    In their minds, we, the great unwashed are to be ruled over.

    With lies, deceit and chicanery they have embedded themselves into the fabric of American life by being full time politicians who only care about themselves. I mean really, who goes to the House or the Senate and after 20 or 30 years of making say $150,000+ a year ends up retiring as a multi-millionaire?

    Washington D.C. ain’t that cheap.

    My fellow Americans, I love this country. I would gladly die to defend the freedoms it has offered me and my family. We the “great unwashed” need to set term limits on politicians at all levels of politics. Two terms and your out of there. Go back to making a real living doing a real job! Let someone who made a living as say a roofer or say a cook, take your place and be a congressperson.

    Doesn’t matter what color, what creed or what sex the person is. Matters if they, like us, have been in the REAL WORLD making a living.

    That, and the love of America and the ideas of our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, their willingness to serve WE the PEOPLE, to represent US, despite their politics, which I might agree or disagree with, are the only things that matter.

    One more thing: I want politicians to believe that there is a higher power above all of them. Call it GOD if you like. We, the “great unwashed” are all created in HIS image. Therefore, disrespecting the “great unwashed” is disrespecting GOD!

    That is something they should never forget!


    • A Voice in the Wilderness says:

      God in Her infinite wisdom would want you to acknowledge the rights of non-believers as well.


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