Madison reimagines public safety

A new moderate coalition in Madison?

The loss of Paul Skidmore stings but there’s more evidence that the April 6 aldermanic election in Madison WI was not a good day for the Hard Left. As part of Mayor Satya’s efforts to eviscerate the police, she proposed transfering parking enforcement out of MPD. It passsed 11 to 8 but that vote might indicate the Common Council’s political dichotomy. The last council counted on maybe 5 moderates.

John Lennon "Imagine" record album

Imagine no public safety

“I truly believe we need to continue to reimagine public safety and this is certainly a step along that way,” said Ald. Keith Furman, who is cheating Progressive Dane out of its dues.

⇒ Like George Costanza says, If you truly believe it, it’s not a lie. Crazy, maybe. But not a lie.

On the other side is the surprising Ald. Brian Benford. As quoted by The Capital Times: “I didn’t hear that this was going to make our communities safer.” We say surprised because Benford succeeds Marsha Rummel (PD) in the Willy Street district. Then again, we noticed that Benford did not seek PD’s endorsement. (They’re down to 7 members from the previous 9 on the 20-member council.)

The 11 on the Hard Left voting Yes are Alds. Juliana Bennett*, Nikki Conklin* (who defeated Skidmore and promised to “reimagine public safety”), Jael Currie*, Tag Evers, Yannette Figueroa Cole*, Grant Foster, Keith Furman, Patrick Heck, Lindsay Lemmer, Arvina Martin, Regina Vidaver*.

The 8 voting No against the transfer: Alds. Syed Abbas, Christian Albouras, Brian Benford* (Marsha Rummel would have voted yes), Sheri Carter, Gary Halverson*, Barbara Harrington-McKinney, Charles Myadze*, Mike Verveer.

* indicates newly elected. Absent was Ald. Nasra Wehelie who might also prove to be in the moderate camp.

As for the parking enforcers themselves, they testified they would feel “less safe” if pulled out of day-to-day access to police department resources.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: C’mon parking guys, reimagine your safety!

What do you imagine will be PD’s next step?

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4 Responses to Madison reimagines public safety

  1. Larry says:

    Since when has a Madison parking enforcer shot and killed someone for parking illegally?
    I don’t see how this has any effect on public safety. It’s simply virtue signalling to the dummies.

    Note: D5 Alder Regina Vidavar is also new (replacing Shiva Bidar).

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  2. Liberty says:

    Having moderates on the Council is a good sign, Dave.

    Question: Will it be enough to undo all the damage that’s already been done to the city, the image of public safety and police officer morale?

    Whatever this Council does from here on out is irrelevant to me. We’re done and will leave Madison as soon as we’re able.

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