Progressive Dane elects 7 Madison alders, down 2

Progressive Dane elected 7 alders in Tuesday’s 04-06-21 Madison Common Council election out of 13 the Hard Left party endorsed. That’s down from nine the council elected two years ago.

Isthmus PD alder Marsha Rummel did not seek re-election and her unchallenged successor Brian Benford (somehwat surprisingly) is not PD. PD endorsed Christian Albouras in 2019 but he wised up and did not seek their nod this time around. PD’s politburo endorsed agitator Brandi Grayson and gave her money early on but she does not show up on their late campaign endorsement list.

UPDATED: Grayson does not play well with others. She spurned PD in January. Too white. One of her supporters, Nada Elmikashfi, snarked, “Is Pro-Dane not predominantly white. I’m sorry but stop letting Pro Dane gatekeep progressivism. A group with 90% white people … and don’t always vote with black lives is just SUS[pect]” More here.

Three of the 13 PD endorsed this time around were, essentially, uncontested: Mike Verveer in Downtown District 4, Grant Foster is #15, and Tag Evers in #13 (his opponent dropped out but remained on the ballot). In two districts PD endorsed both candidates, including the UW campus. Only one of its incumbents lost, notably, Rebecca Kemble. One of its challengers to a sitting incumbent won; Nikki Conklin ousted Paul Skidmore.

A PD social justice warrior captured an open district; that would be Yannette Figueroa Cole in the 10th, where moderate Zach Henak did not seek re-election. Four PD challengers lost to incumbents: Benji Gomez to Patrick Heck (who is also PD), Charly Rowe to Lindsay Lemmer, Tessa Echeverria to Syed Abbas, and Aisha Moe to Keith Furman. 

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8 Responses to Progressive Dane elects 7 Madison alders, down 2

  1. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Why does the phrase “rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic” come to mind? Sometimes recognizing a lost cause is the healthiest option–and nothing is more lost than Madison politics.

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  2. Ed says:

    You get the government you elect.

    Best of luck Madison.


  3. Liberty says:

    I appreciate your half-full approach, Dave, but I mostly agree with Gary’s take. From where I sit, there is nothing to be excited about with this election. I see more of the same.

    I wish Myadze well and hope he means what he said during his campaign about public safety. But that was a campaign, and all candidates promise the world when they’re running for public office, only to do bait and switch once elected. He may very well be a champion for public safety, but let’s see what he can do with real life politics under pressure.

    “PD endorsed Christian Albouras in 2019 but wised up and did not seek their nod this time around.”

    Maybe that was for show? Doesn’t mean he won’t push progressive policies.


  4. Batman says:

    A black woman Nikki Conklin, unseating Paul Skidmore a white male, fairly reeks of racism and sexism.
    There should be a well monitored recount to uncover what the real numbers are.


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  5. Mike says:

    Still looks like the United Nations of alders so we should be good for another 2 years of cluster f*** governing.

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