Down with Equity!

When do we want it? Never!

The gray lab coats here at the Werkes have isolated a contagion infecting the bloodstream of a once-healthy body politic. This toxin is called “Equity.

Call 911 if you find Equity in your neighborhood. Lock your doors, seal your windows, for the corrosive effects of Equity is rotting the foundations of a free society. Fight Equity with all your might! Seek medical attention if you come down with the symptoms of Equity. Left untreated, it is fatal to the body politic. It is the bedrock principle of modern progressivism. (See “The Grinch that stole Equity.”)

No, we did NOT write “Equality.” We said “Equity.” (Pay attention, people!) Equity is the boss buzz word in enlightened sectors like Madison WI. Charles Lipson, emeritus professor at the University of Chicago, explicates:

It’s the difference between equal treatment and equal outcomes. Equality means equal treatment, unbiased competition and impartially judged outcomes.

Equity means equal outcomes, achieved if necessary by unequal treatment, biased competition and preferential judging.

His essay in the Wall Street Journal is headlined: “‘Equity’ is a mandate to discriminate.”

Leave no stone un-moved

  • It is why discrimination against races is evil, unless the discrimination targets the right villains, like over-achieving Asians.
  • Justice is blind unless, silly rabbit, this group or that commits crime disproportionately — in which case, change the rules, not the behavior. Voila! Equity!
  • Equity means this group or that can’t be expected to (for example) prove their identity at the polling place because (although it is never stated) they are believed too stupid.
  • Equity means level the playing field — which is always leveled down, never up. No more college placement tests! 
  • A citizen committee created to second-guess police is only equitable when a majority are mandated to be the right color — or claim to be.
  • Equity is removing a 70-ton boulder that a glacier dumped millennia ago on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. Why? because someone in 1920 referred to it by a bad name.
  • Equity is not triggering Matthew Braunginn’s hyper-sensitive social justice fuse. (“Apologize, White Liberal!“)
  • Equity is why much of downtown Madison remains boarded up today (03-05-21); because the victims of last summer’s riots and looting were the wrong minorities. Just ask Ald.Rebecca Kemble.

Professor Potato Head

“Those who push for equity have hidden these crucial differences for a reason,” Professor Lipson writes. “They aren’t merely unpopular; they challenge America’s bedrock principle that people should be treated equally and judged as individuals, not as members of groups.”

The demand for equal outcomes contradicts a millennium of Anglo-Saxon law and political evolution. It undermines the Enlightenment principle of equal treatment for individuals of different social rank and religion. America’s Founders drew on those roots when they declared independence, saying it was “self-evident” that “all men are created equal.” …

The Bottom Line goes to Professor Lipson: “Instead of making their case openly and honestly, advocates of equity twist and turn to avoid revealing their radical goal of re-engineering society through coercion. If the results fall short, as they inevitably [do], the remedy is obvious: more money, more rules and more indoctrination.”

Have YOU been re-educated?

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14 Responses to Down with Equity!

  1. Based on this particular definition of equity,

    “Equity means equal outcomes, achieved if necessary by unequal treatment, biased competition and preferential judging.”

    …which I think is a very reasonable way of defining how social justice warriors think of equity. So now consider that definition of “equity” in the following statement…

    “I will strive to center equity in every decision.” Madison’s Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway

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    • That quote from Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway was in her blathering apology to Madison’s intimidation brigade of social justice warriors for being nice to the Madison Police.

      Here is the whole transcript of the video apology…

      Black lives matter.

      I believe this deeply and yet I failed to center this message in my message to the police department.

      I realize that this action has caused deep harm to the black community and for this I apologize.

      I realize that I may have done irreparable harm with my actions.

      I realize too that I may have permanently lost any trust that I have had.

      But whether or not I can regain that trust please know that I am deeply committed to advancing the work of equitable systems change.

      It’s why I ran for office and it is the work that I continue to strive to do.

      I cannot promise that I will not make missteps along the way particularly as a white woman learning how to facilitate such change and realizing that I cannot fully see the system that has been built up to benefit me and others like me.

      But I promise I will learn from those mistakes and I will strive to center equity in every decision.

      And I promise that I will continue to communicate with and listen deeply to black leaders in our community.

      While my learning and work continue in efforts to be transparent and have the community hold me to account I post regular communications on my blog.

      I encourage everyone to read those communications, to learn what we’re doing about criminal justice reform, economic development and community wealth building, affordable housing and more.

      All these efforts to address the inequities that our existing systems have perpetuated.


      • jimydandy says:

        As long as she’s on her knees I hope she brought her shine box.

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      • Gary L. Kriewald says:

        It’s no coincidence that the mayor’s statement begins with the words “I believe” (as in credo); it resembles nothing so much as a secular version of a prostrate heretic confessing his sins to the Inquisition. It also demonstrates why any attempt to reason with progressives is doomed to failure; zealots will always defend their articles of faith with blind fervor against anyone with the temerity to point out the error of their ways–or even less likely to convert them to another point of view.

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  2. AdamC says:

    Lowest common denominator.


  3. Normwegian says:

    Damn, I wish they would have had EQUITY when I tried to get into UW Madison, way back when… damned high school grading system

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  4. jimydandy says:

    If the train station on West Wash was still operating, The Bolsheviks would be parading the remaining clear thinkers down there to be shipped to the reeducation camps in Berkley. If they were smart they could get a grant and do it locally and save on transportation costs.
    The Nazi’s always had shipping costs figured in. At first the smart ones moved away. Maybe not far enough. They moved out to my Village and brought some of their wrong thoughts with them though. The remainder were herded and chastised until it was “all aboard”. I’m awaiting the not to distant future when Madistan’s “woke” leaders start with the wearing of the star so their is no doubt who is either with them or against.
    Has the library pulled Dr. Seuss books yet? Mass burning in front of the old location of Major Hagg’s statue at 5 PM tomorrow?
    those wishing for the days of yester years will soon be getting their wish.

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  5. jimydandy says:

    I’m thinking Richard A.K.A. doughnut boy would make a perfect capo at the camps.


  6. Ed says:

    Does equality mean I get to play basketball as good as say Jordan or golf as good as Tiger Woods? If so sign me up.

    Or does it mean further lowering our standards across everything in society? If so forget it. That is regression.

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  7. Bill says:

    Equity always ends up as everyone except those in power end up eating shit on a shingle. My fathers “favorite” food from his days in the military. The enlisted or conscripted recruits would get to eat “chipped beef” on bread with gravy while the officers ate steak.

    Same thing here, only we the vast majority will not be so lucky to get even chipped beef.


  8. madisonexpat says:

    I shall strive for equitation wherein everyone gets a pony.

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  9. patrickmoloughlin says:

    One of your best Dave, thanks.


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