Vaccines are here, Biden’s boy is crooked — too late for Trump

If the Roman Catholic Church can have two popes,
can the U.S.A. have two presidents?

But first, some lapsing synapses: Dane County/Madison Public Health has decided to follow the science and allow public schools to reopen. Private schools already are. >Does anyone believe MTI (the teachers union) won’t put up a fuss? Raise your hands. You there, in the back?

The Capital Times can quit demonizing the Republican legislature for the 13-week backlogs for unemployment insurance. An actual headline it perpetrated a few months back: “Robin Vos is cheating unemployed Wisconsinites out of the benefits they deserve.”

Now, the REAL STORY: A thorough investigation by the Legislative Audit Bureau puts the blame squarely on the Tony Evers administration:

The Department of Workforce Development was responsible for 11 of the 13 weeks it took, on average, for the department to resolve initial unemployment claims filed in the early weeks of the pandemic, a new audit estimates.

The curiously uncurious news media

It has been said that those who believe in nothing will believe anything. Our corrupt news media is why so many Americans are willing to believe the worst. Gerald F. Seib writes in the Wall Street Journal:

Lin Wood, one of the attorneys fighting to overturn the election results for President Trump, took to Twitter to proclaim that the president should “order martial law to clean up” the election. He claimed that thousands of American citizens worked to rig the vote, along with Serbia, Canada, Venezuela, Cuba, the CIA, billionaire George Soros, the Clinton Foundation and many state and local officials from both parties. 

That conspiracy would suggest, among other things, organizational skills previously unassociated with all those actors.

Blaska Policy Werkes blames the news media for betraying their trust by flogging an agenda (see Capital Times, above), ignoring stories not helpful to their cause and outright partisan cheerleading. James Comey is lionized at the NY Times. Perhaps that is why some of our fellow Trump supporters swallow whole Lin Wood’s nonsense. 

Also at the Wall Street Journal, Gerard Baker laments “the moral corruption eating away at American institutions:”

The first was the sudden discovery by the media, a month after the votes were safely cast, of the news that Hunter Biden has a serious problem stemming from his penchant to sell himself to foreigners with potential business before his father.

The New York Post broke the most explosive element of this story before the election. But back then it was deemed a “distraction” by one of our leading news organizations [NPR] and a menace to democratic health by the technology companies that control the flow of much of our information. 

Or take CNN, suggests Jonathan Turley. “This is the network that exhaustively ran every allegation against President Trump and his family, including a long line of false stories connected to the Russian collusion theory. Yet, [CNN media reporter Brian] Stelter is now declaring that the coverage of the Biden story is simply too much

“The New York Times has yet to cover the Swalwell scandal. At all. Not a mention.”

Who’s been tracking Hunter Biden? None other than WI Senator Ron Johnson.

Headline: “Hunter Biden … requested D.C. office keys for father, Chinese business partner.”

 Gerard Baker:

We’ll never know what effect the [Hunter Biden] story might have had on the election if it had been given the airing it deserved. The electoral margin in three states — Georgia, Wisconsin and Arizona — that combined to give Joe Biden 37 electoral votes and the presidency, was a little under 43,000 votes, a vanishingly small sliver of the two men’s 155.5 million total nationwide votes.

Or if the coronavirus vaccine had begun shipping on November 1 instead of December 14!

Blaska’s Bottom LineWhich reminds us, in that telephone call to the president of Ukraine, Trump was right about Hunter Biden all along. 

What do YOU believe?

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7 Responses to Vaccines are here, Biden’s boy is crooked — too late for Trump

  1. sentient7 says:

    You ask, “What do I believe?”
    Well, consider the irony of your own words……..You suggest that IF the facts of the Hunter story had been given more press coverage, it would have affected the election’s outcome. Same for the vaccines. Yet, you, like the main stream press, discredit and ignore Lin Wood, WITHOUT vetting the factual basis for his assertions. If he is wrong, then it should be easy to disprove or negate the factual basis for his claims. Neither you, nor the MS press, did that. You summarily dismissed his contentions without a critical review or debate. Are you practicing selective analysis like the Cap Times and NYTimes? Your post suggests this, IMHO.

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    • David Blaska says:

      There was evidence in the Hunter Biden story: His laptop! There was motive: a bundle of money for a do-nothing job about which he knew nothing in a country (Ukraine) he couldn’t find on a map. The irony of course is that Hunter Biden was what the news media wanted Donald Trump Jr. to be. Now, where is the evidence that Venezuela masterminded the throwing of an American election when they can’t even provide toilet paper to their own people?

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      • sentient7 says:

        Where is the evidence about Venezuela affected the voting machines?

        Sorry, wrong question(s). I suggest a complete forensic analysis and description about how these machines actually work; what are the limits of programmers to affect vote-counts, etc. Who certifies accuracy of the machines and the software? Who owns the companies who make the machines? In short, how do we know they are not like slot-machines?

        That is why I think we should listen to Lin Wood and Sidney Powell. What have they uncovered. What do we know for certain about the physical and electrical mechanics of the of voting machines? (These questions do not necessarily imply a “conspiratorial frame of mind, only intellectual skepticism.)

        What about the audit of votes in Antrim County? Implications for the other critical states?

        Similar thought process –> What do we know about communications between Obama, Brennan, Lynch, Comey, Clapper, Clinton, etc.? If their emails are public records of the US, then why hasn’t Trump declassified them and exposed any conspiratorial actions? What do we, as citizens, actually know what is happening in DC? Why hasn’t Sen. Johnson demanded that Trump declassify and expose info about Bidens?

        Final note — How many GI’s would have thought that GM was instrumental in building jet fighters for Hitler? Exxon’s parent working in world-wide concert with Nazi chemical companies? Or Alcoa? Or International GE; or hundreds of other US companies DURING WWII? Crazy conspiracies? NO. REALITY. Read James S. Martin’s, All Honorable Men, Little Brown, 1950 and on the internet. I checked many of the stories in the book in DoState archives and National Archives. TRUTH is stranger than fiction.

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  2. Gary Kriewald says:

    Number one on Trump’s list of accomplishments is his unmasking (no pun intended) of the MSM, revealing the breathtaking extent of their cravenness, duplicity and bias. How can our elections be called “fair” and “impartial” when one side–the Democrats–have at their disposal a nationwide network of partisan drones, many paid multi-million dollar salaries, eager to do whatever it takes to elect candidates from the approved party and to provide cover even for its most nefarious and blatant skulduggery?

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  3. Good Dog,Happy Man says:

    ‘When men choose not to believe in God, they do not thereafter believe in nothing, they then become capable of believing in anything.’ ——GK Chesterton.

    When secular-progressives abort God from the public square, they worship the next biggest thing in their lives, …. the government. No wonder the Deep State is so deep. Just remember, a government so big, it can fill your every want is big enough to take your rights away, too, Toto.

    Chesterton was one of the original Oxford Inklings, (along with Tolkein and C.S. Lewis), a literary group who met over ale, bangers and mash, fish and chips, steak and kidney pie, mushy pease and Shepard’s Pie at The Eagle and Child. Mrs. GDHM and I had the disstinct pleasure of hoisting a couple of ales, dining there and enjoyiing a sticky toffee pudding in their honor.

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    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      Bet back in the day, it was the kinda place where you’d say:

      If This Is Coffee, Bring Me Tea; If This Is Tea, Bring Me Coffee


      The Gotch


  4. dad29 says:

    I believe that Tommy Thompson is still the big spender he was as Governor. His UW System’s beg-for-more is sadly out of touch with the UW System’s declining enrollment and the actual $$ spent/student.

    I also believe that Joe Biden won and Epstein hung himself; further that Santa Claus is real and plays with the Easter Bunny off-season. Finally, it’s become clear to me that Red China is benevolent to Muslims, 2nd babies in any family, and Hong Kong dissidents; that’s why they put them up in luxe quarters and give them food.

    But only my first graf was true.


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