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Will Hunter Biden teach drug policy at UW-Madison?

He knows the subject and the new chancellor! Something tells the Werkes that the new UW-Madison chancellor won’t be restoring the good name of Academy Award-winnning actor Fredric March any time soon. That big rock ain’t coming back, either. The … Continue reading

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Vaccines are here, Biden’s boy is crooked — too late for Trump

If the Roman Catholic Church can have two popes, can the U.S.A. have two presidents? But first, some lapsing synapses: Dane County/Madison Public Health has decided to follow the science and allow public schools to reopen. Private schools already are. … Continue reading

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Christmas conspiracies so vast …

The Werkes has been free of Chinese spies since 2018! We read on Facebook (before it is broken up like Rockefeller’s Standard Oil) that Fang Fang’s secret lover, Eric Swalwell (or is it Swelled Head?), has been removed from the … Continue reading

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Ol’ Sparky predicts 2020 election results!

or next year’s, as the case may be. Well before today, Blaska Policy Werkes intended to forecast Tuesday’s election results or, at least, to postmark them by midnight. As we were moving to our temporary rural retreat, Ol’ Sparky (our … Continue reading

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Laptop? What laptop, lapdogs?

Must … get … Uncle Joe … across finish line! Out here in the Werkes’ new rural retreat, we’re catching up with the news from the years’ worth of weekly Shopper Stoppers faithfully delivered to this long-abandoned redoubt — many … Continue reading

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