Will Hunter Biden teach drug policy at UW-Madison?

He knows the subject
and the new chancellor!

Something tells the Werkes that the new UW-Madison chancellor won’t be restoring the good name of Academy Award-winnning actor Fredric March any time soon. That big rock ain’t coming back, either.

The University of Wisconsin regents have picked as the next UW-Madison campus chancellor Jennifer Mnookin, currently dean of the law school at UCLA. Assembly Speaker Robin Vos don’t like it and neither do the untenured lab coats at the Werkes.

Mnookin “wholeheartedly supports critical race theory being taught on campus, is in favor of widespread vaccine mandates,” Vos charges. Worse: Mnookin “met with Hunter Biden in 2019 to entertain a proposal that he join the UCLA faculty to teach drug policy.”

Hunter Biden all drugged out in bath tub

‘Exciting possibilities’!

From the Daily Caller: Former Vice President Joe Biden said in October 2019 that Hunter was “gonna be teaching at law school next year.

Mnookin, the UCLA law school dean, indicated in her email that she met with Biden and his wife, Melissa Cohen Biden. “It was great to meet you and Melissa last month, and I very much appreciate your following up and sending along the attached syllabus,” she wrote in an Aug. 9, 2019, email. “I think this offers some very exciting possibilities, and I look forward to seeing what we may be able to do.

Speaker Vos continued: “We deserve campus leaders who will encourage healthy debate, diverse thoughts and freedom of expression. Given her obvious viewpoints and political donations, Dr. Mnookin needs to prove she supports free speech on campus and not politically correct ideologies.

“After all the work of Tommy Thompson and Rebecca Blank that attempted to strengthen relationships between the university and the Legislature, this is a step backwards. I strongly hope the Board of Regents will reconsider their selection.”

Blaska’s Bottom Line: This is what you get from four years of Tony Evers appointing university regents.

How likely is it that the Regents recant?

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6 Responses to Will Hunter Biden teach drug policy at UW-Madison?

  1. One eye says:

    “Strongly hope” ? Face palm.

    Sam Weinberg: “I strenuously object?” Is that how it’s done? Hm? “Objection, your Honor!” “Overruled” “No, no. I STRENUOUSLY object.” “Oh! You strenuously object. Then I’ll take some time and reconsider.”

    The new chancellor will seek out a large inanimate object to move, to make a name for herself.
    Our mayor best avoid campus for a while.

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  2. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    “Worse: Mnookin ‘met with Hunter Biden in 2019 to entertain a proposal that he join the UCLA faculty to teach drug policy.’ ”


    Nobody, (and The Gotch means NOBODY!) self-parodies themselves like despicable Lefties! (H/T Gary Kriewald)

    To paraphrase Don Corleone: Whoever Defends This Epically Moronic Decision, THEY’RE The Traitor/s. Don’t Forget That.

    The Gotch

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  3. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Hunter Biden teaching drug policy at UCLA! Another one of those “Gotta be from the Babylon Bee” moments. Did anyone seriously think that the new UW-Madison chancellor would be someone other than a Becky Blank clone? Who wants to make a wager on how long it will be before the perpetually aggrieved Black Student Union fanatics and their bots demand (again) the removal of the Lincoln statue on Bascom Hill? Becky managed to placate them for the time being by removing the racist rock at cost of $50,000. Something tells me Jenny will be eager to show her commitment to equity/diversity/inclusion/shameless pandering on the UW campus by replacing Honest Abe with George Floyd (or some other newly minted saint of the Left).


  4. AdamC says:

    It says a lot about our so canned news media that I had to come here to learn what the fuss was about with Mnookin.

    No news story that I read previously about her mentioned any of this stuff. I did notice that in every photo of her she looks weary, run down, with a strange “dead eyes” appearance.

    It’s worse than I thought. A Biden drone as university chancellor. They may as well have appointed Hunter himself.

    Literally any of the other candidates would have been better, especially the internal one.

    Oh well.


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