Christmas conspiracies so vast …

The Werkes has been free of Chinese spies since 2018!

We read on Facebook (before it is broken up like Rockefeller’s Standard Oil) that Fang Fang’s secret lover, Eric Swalwell (or is it Swelled Head?), has been removed from the U.S. House Intelligence Committee. (He should be, but hasn’t. More here.)

We read a lot of things on Facebook that are not true— but we don’t need Mark Zuckerberg to run interference. Just a little healthy skepticism. For that matter, we read a lot of things in the legacy media that are not true, either.

Why does this bother Madison’s peck sniffs?

christmas tree

A replica of WI Reps. Tittl and Sortwell’s Capitol Christmas tree

But not this?

Tischauser, who teaches our children at UW-Stevens Point, celebrates this week’s desecration of the memorial to law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty

Activist courts are O.K. if they’re pro-Trump

Amazing how many so-called conservatives want the courts to overrule the electorate, no matter how misguided or messy the election. One Trump dead-ender wants poll workers slapped into handcuffs so they will rat on who made them throw the election to Biden/Harris. March the little lady who hands you the ballot to the local lock-up until she flips on George Soros! Support that Texas lawsuit against Wisconsin and three other states! The Supreme Court should overturn the results in four states — by a 5-4 margin if necessary! 

“It is true that Democrats labor mightily to undermine election integrity,” National Review acknowledges.

… that mail-in voting on a massive scale, favored by Democrats, creates tremendous potential for fraud. ...  coupled with other policies Democrats aggressively push — e.g., the weakening of identification, signature-verification, and witness requirements.   

All of these matters should be addressed by Congress, and by state lawmakers. Not a single one of them, however, gives the state of Texas standing to sue other states over the manner in which those states enforce (or refrain from enforcing) their laws.

Texas further claims, on a Bush v. Gore theory, that its citizens’ equal-protection rights have been trampled by the four defendant states’ … But our Constitution does not provide for a national election — much to the chagrin of blue states that would like to eradicate the Electoral College.  

The envelope please

Another Moslem/Arab country, Morocco, makes peace with Israel. Donald Trump (and Jared Kushner) for the Nobel peace prize!

⇒ The Justice Department said it sat on the Hunter Biden investigation because it did not want to influence the presidential election. By sitting on the Hunter Biden investigation the Justice Department influenced the presidential election.

⇒ If the Pulitzer Prize wasn’t reserved for social justice peddlers, the New York Post would get it for the Hunter Biden scoop so assiduously ignored by the corrupt legacy news media. Special shout-out to Rudy Giuliani.


Dozens of former Obama intel officials, that is

That got over quickly

The Madison Common Council set a deadline to determine who uttered the dreaded C-word during a late-night on-line meeting at which some 300 viewers participated via Zoom, unmuted. That deadline was November 10 — a full month ago. Truth is, there is no technology capable of determining the source of a one-second blip of sound. Too bad, we had our money on Francesca Hong, D-Madison. (Her latest.)

Questions for the overly Woke

… who cannot sleep a’night: How many of the books on your shelf were written by white people?

“I asked myself that question during this year’s Black Lives Matter protests,” a New York Times social justice warrior fretted, “as the publishing industry reckoned with decades of racial inequality.”

Blaska’s final thought: Will Ismael Ozanne prosecute the motorcyclist trying to ride Madison’s city streets but ignore the pop-up “protestors” trying to block that street? Madison police have forwarded the entirety of the investigation into the 11-06-20 incident to the district attorney.

What are YOU biting your Fang Fangs into?


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6 Responses to Christmas conspiracies so vast …

  1. Balboa says:

    Why would he be removed from inteligence committee? This exactly what democrats and establishment Republicans want and support for the United States of Free People of China. Maybe Swallwell is a double secret agent with the CIA\FBI and he only plays a moron for his public persona.

    So read an awesome articule saying Trump met with E.T.’s but they talked him out of revealing the truth cuz our world is not ready and it would cause mass chaos. Lol, we are already in mass chaos, what better time to reveal the aliens from other worlds exist and are living amongst us.
    At this point most americans would not give rats behind if they are here among us or not.

    Merry Christma to a believers and non-believers alike.


  2. Gg Mo says:

    Yes, A man attempting using right-of-way on PUBLIC square gets pushed holding up a 500ib motorcycle ,wretching his shoulder (requiring medical assist). If he was in a wheelchair with a “trump” sticker. would they try pushing him over, rather than allowing his LEGAL egress ? And the “run-over-foot” ? ! This is straight-up FICTION ala’ “Blue Bloods” episode called “Proetst too much” (I think) . These unoriginal , useful idiots for a Private Police State ARE the Global Elite Banker/Corporate/”State” establishment foot-soldier , moron ,drones. Pro”Labor” ? These sh**s just got yet another man FIRED from a middle-class, blue-collar job.

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    • Gg Mo says:

      “Laws” they (China/Russia/Israel ,and soon , the USA) agree on. In 2011, the 46-year-old was sentenced to three years in jail in Australia after being found guilty of six racial hatred charges.The charges related to a the posting of a verbal altercation he had with Stanley Keyser and Timothy Peach, who are Jewish.


  3. Gary Kriewald says:

    Too many books on your shelves written by white authors? Burn them. The ultimate step in the SJW crusade against white privilege … which takes us full circle to Germany in the 1930s. Actually worse, since back then it was the Nazi government sponsoring the book burning. Now it’s the citizens themselves taking the initiative.

    Here’s the only reasonable response to the desecration of the police memorial on Capitol Square. Gather some of your friends together, purchase several buckets of white paint, and spread their contents all over the regime-approved BLM “art” on State Street. “Answer a fool according to his folly lest he be wise in his own conceit.” –Proverbs 26.

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  4. Batman says:

    Batman would do Fang Fang but would NOT divulge State secrets.
    That is just stupid.

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  5. sentient7 says:

    Andrew MCCARTHY’s view that you cite is silly. His argument fails according to the Constitution Review Ken Paxton’s logic……..and consider Mark Levin’s validation of the suit. OBSERVE that McCarthy does not address this situation….electoral vote tied between two candidates, excepting one state that can tip the balance, either way. Said state is a cesspool of corruption. Allowing the local Democratic Mafia to “fudge” the numbers to create an unjustified victory in two major cities –Madison and Milwaukee — produces a victory for the Democrat.

    So, explain how vote-counting corruption in two cities DOES NOT affect the entire nation? Explain how corruption in two cities does not affect the outcome of the election and the millions of voters in all the other states?

    If McCarthy’s view is sustained by the Supreme Court, there is no basis for an “unequal’ union of states.

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