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Christmas conspiracies so vast …

The Werkes has been free of Chinese spies since 2018! We read on Facebook (before it is broken up like Rockefeller’s Standard Oil) that Fang Fang’s secret lover, Eric Swalwell (or is it Swelled Head?), has been removed from the … Continue reading

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Fighting racism with a gun, a sledgehammer, and some Jack

The ballad of Jordan King, BLM hero If Jordan King had a sledgehammer, he’d hammer in the morning. He’d hammer in the evening, all over the Square.  He’d hammer out statues, he’d hammer out police memorials. He’d hammer out windows … Continue reading

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Blaska feels like disrupting a meeting

Who’s to stop him?  After a brief struggle, Bad Blaska has assumed control of the Policy Werkes from St. David the Meek and Humble.  Bad Blaska is itching to disrupt a meeting. Not just any meeting but a preening hootenanny … Continue reading

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Anti-jail anarchists tell district attorney to sit down and shut up

People who do not respect other people will not respect the law Pardon me all to heck, but I do enjoy my schadenfreude served warm on a toasted bun, extra stadium sauce.   Led once again by Freedom Inc., Madison’s … Continue reading

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‘Drawing conclusions that are simply wrong’

Where does the Whitehorse middle school educator go to get his reputation back? No charges against the positive behavior coach at Whitehorse middle school, says district attorney Ismael Ozanne. (More here.) Madison Police document dump here. Eleven-year-old says to educator demanding … Continue reading

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Got racism? Operators are standing by

The Whitehorse case is in the District attorney’s lap but Madison schools have already vilified the teacher  Paddling furiously, Madison Metropolitan School District superintendent Jennifer Cheatham intends to start up a hotline for staff, students, and families to report racism, personal … Continue reading

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