BLM knows where you live


It wasn’t enough to defeat Trump (possibly). His supporters must be taught a lesson. A little harassment will get their minds right. No wonder so many citizens are afraid to express their political inclination. Can’t put up the wrong yard sign in Madison, lest you get a midnight visit from the goon squad.

Social justice warriors earned their sobriquet not by persuasion but by intimidation. Nothing says progressivism like vandalism, barricaded streets, smashed windows, boarded up storefronts. 

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Welcome to Madison. Welcome to leafy, ordinarily quiet Orchard Ridge neighborhood. Two incidents of vandalism overnight that we know of, within two blocks of each other. A neighbor relates:

Monday morning at 3 am and now Wednesday [11-18-2020] morning at 3:12 am our driveway and the street have been vandalized with anti-Trump swear words. We believe it is because we had a Trump yard sign that was stolen, then bought a new one, and took it in at nights so it was not taken.

She called the police. They suggested more cameras, more lights. Good luck. Thanks for calling.

The lady of the house told the Werkes today that she always felt safe growing up in Mexico; now, not so much. It was her first experience with vandalism. Go ahead, call her a snow flake. Wait until your home gets targeted. (The accompanying photographs match the graffiti at her place but were taken at the second site.)

They just don’t get it

A former Never Trumper confesses.

The single biggest intellectual error among those in the liberal left and Never-Trump right is that they continue to see Trump as the driving force behind the rising illiberalism. The reality is that Trump never would have been, or would need to be, elected if conservatives were not under attack from every major culture-shaping institution. From the public school and university systems, to Hollywood and the media, to Silicon Valley and Wall Street, each of these institutions has been captured by the hard left. This dominance ensures that the woke movement will only grow in power, adding newly-graduated revolutionaries, rank after rank, to the nation’s newsrooms, boardrooms, and academy.

Et tu, Barack Obama?

Even former President Obama wants the government “to stop anyone from publicly stating opinions with which he disagrees  …”

It’s … crazy that Obama hasn’t noticed there are already “standards within industries” to limit the spread of information uncongenial to Obama’s party, revealed in Twitter and Facebook’s publicly admitted efforts to stop the New York Post’s reports about the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop from spreading, a determined effort by mainstream-media outlets to ignore or downplay the story, and the startling admission by the editor of the New York Times that he removed accurate information from an already-published story centering on a sexual-assault allegation against Joe Biden because Biden’s campaign complained. — Kyle Smith in National Review.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: The news media would be all over this if Biden supporters were targeted.

Why does the Left get away with so much hate?

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91 Responses to BLM knows where you live

  1. richard lesiak says:

    Rudy just dropped the Michigan lawsuit. Score as of today. Trump 0 -22.


    • Richard Lesiak wrote, “Rudy just dropped the Michigan lawsuit”

      You and you f***ing deflections.

      Did you bother to find out why they dropped it; no you didn’t.

      It’s a “direct result of achieving the relief we sought: to stop the election in Wayne County from being prematurely certified before residents can be assured that every legal vote has been counted and every illegal vote has not been counted.”


      • Liberty says:


        Exactly. The lawsuit was dropped because they got the results they wanted. Yet the left takes this is a sign of defeat.

        Leftists say there’s no evidence of fraud. They are completely clueless.


    • Kooter says:

      Het Dick, I just saw (another) robust scientific study (Danmask study) basically showing masks dont work to prevent infuenza-type viruses. You claim to be a “science guy”– are you prepared now to let science rule the day and drop the silly mask mandate or continue to be a hypocritical Lib?

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  3. Amos Roe says:

    Just read this Blaska’s latest post and then the comments. What a total sh**show with the comments. Honestly, when you consider the age of most of the posters here, it is plain embarrassing. And here I thought the comments section was beginning to improve……
    Not being holier-than-thou, just pointing out the fact that some of you people have just NEVER grown up. Go ahead, let the ad hominems begin.


    • Speaking of ad hominems; reread your comment Amos it’s pure ad hominem.

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    • Batman says:

      Nah, just not taking blogging as seriously as you currently are Amos and experiencing some joy in the process.
      Btw; there are plenty of thoughtful, serious, well considered comments throughout.
      If you focus on those your BP will remain within normal limits.

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    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      Whither most of the monumentally moronic, inanely imbecilic, blatantly baiting comments commence, AR?

      Wouldn’t be from a bespawling addlepate your (sic) trying to civilize, would they?

      The Gotch

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  4. Liberty says:

    Unfortunate that the cops couldn’t do anything about the vandalism.


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