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Democrats have deserted the blue collars

The Good Hands-on people Why is Madison more progressive than, say, Wausau? The answer: Class warfare. Not rich versus the poor nor even capitalists versus workers, as the Marxists would have it. The divide demarcates people who work with their … Continue reading

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BLM knows where you live

At 3:15 IN THE MORNING! It wasn’t enough to defeat Trump (possibly). His supporters must be taught a lesson. A little harassment will get their minds right. No wonder so many citizens are afraid to express their political inclination. Can’t … Continue reading

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Good neighbors in a great country celebrate America’s birthday

Some others can’t get past their own hate A bleat from the Madison fire truck’s siren announced the beginning of the annual Independence Day parade in the Orchard Ridge neighborhood shortly after 11:30 Wednesday morning. There followed a squadron of … Continue reading

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Confederate Rest memorial stone meant to heal wounds of Civil War

The band played ‘Dixie’ as Confederate POWs were marched to Camp Randall What a spectacle it must have been that Sunday, April 20, 1862! The Civil War had been raging for a full year, Wisconsin boys had mustered out of Camp Randall … Continue reading

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