Satya apologizes for cutting cops by only $2M

Asks police union to help her cut more.

Mayor Satya is apologizing for cutting Madison WI’s police budget by only $2.24 million even though she describes it as “the largest expenditure cut to the police budget in the last 10 years or more.” This year’s police expenditures are estimated at $78.54 million.

Lead by example, Mayor Satya. Take a pay cut!

“While I did make cuts to the police budget, the cuts are more modest than some in the community have asked for,” she admits. Because, as even our Progressive Dane mayor had to acknowledge, “we are currently seeing skyrocketing gun violence in our community.”

The City says a 5% reduction will cost 52 positions fewer police and support personnel.

Those cuts will be deeper unless she can convince the police union to give up their 3.75% raise, negotiated under former mayor Soglin. Why should they, given that Satya Rhodes-Conway says, “Regardless of the union’s response, these cuts will be made to the department’s budget.”

Blaska’s Bottom LineHow about asking alders to take a pay cut? Their budget is going up 9%. Or your own budgeted $147,180 annual salary, Madame Mayor? That’s not counting the scheduled $3,600 pay raise! (The governor of the state only makes $146,597 a year!)

How much of a cut should the mayor take?

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44 Responses to Satya apologizes for cutting cops by only $2M

  1. Batman says:

    The Big Boss owes Madison reparations.
    She is a disgrace…but her groupies adore her and that’s what counts.

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  2. Almostarepublican says:

    The mayor should definitely take a pay cut. I’ll shoot her an email.

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  3. Paula F says:

    She and the Council will accept pay raises while begrudging the cops, THE hardest working employees in the city. It’s demoralizing & belittling, and only contributes to the crisis in policing we’re now seeing across the country.

    When I ran We Support the MPD, I pleaded (as did you, David) with the MPPOA to speak up. Not only did they not speak up, but they endorsed this mayor (and funded her campaign) knowing that she was not a friend of the Department. All the signs were there, how could they not know?

    Satya doesn’t care what the MPD thinks, and she knows that the most they’ll do is write a lukewarm letter of disapproval. Cops are inherently good people who will continue to do their job with honor. Instead of rewarding this ethic, they take advantage of it.

    Rank and file can do much better than MPPOA, or WPPA for that matter. I think some of us could do a much better job for Madison’s Finest. For free.

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  4. Iam Pistoff says:

    “How much of a cut should the mayor take?”…TOTAL; attached to a letter of resignation and plea for leniency for criminal misfeasance and malfeasance in elected office. Batman’s suggestion of reparations to Wisconsin taxpayers and State St. real property owners is on the mark. Gotch’s comment prompted me to break out the ancient TI-2500…the little gem damn near puked when I plugged in current values of AU per troy ounce times estimated AVDP of subject; stated conclusion spot on.

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  5. Robski says:

    All you have to do is listen to the scanner on any given night for an hour to hear how hard the MPD works. Apparently traffic law enforcement is now a low priority due to the skyrocketing crime rate. If anything there needs to be a traffic enforcement team dedicated to quelling this epidemic of reckless driving/rolling gun battles/GTAs etc… So I would say an increase in police funding is critical in ensuring at least a minimum of safety to the public. I don’t know what parallel universe the mayor is living in, but she needs to apologize in advance to the citizens who will be victimized in this town. I say more spike strips and pit maneuvers and start intercepting these reckless driving ratchets.

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  6. Amy says:

    Then City taxpayers should get a cut too. I am sick of paying my huge tax bill every year when they are cutting services that keep us safe. What a disgrace she and the council are to our once beautiful and safe city.


  7. coolkevs says:

    Dave, you took down the survey about how much we were expecting Satya to cut.
    What number won?


  8. georgessson says:

    Bad decision/outcome, and the wrong time to crow. MMSD is generating thugs at an all time high level so caring parents (AND TEACHERS) are leaving in droves. If the cops do, too, where will be? Utopia, I guess…

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  9. Gg Mo says:

    Satya, another crooked crook waving her hands (“Look over here . I cutting $ 2 mil !!! . Adding to chaos and lawlessness. Why $ (2) Million , you ask ? ) How else to distract as they decimate the Wisconsin economy through DEBT. MADISON, Wis. — A recent report from the U.S. Treasury Department shows Wisconsin spent 3.8% of the money it got from the last round of coronavirus relief by June 30, but those numbers don’t account for all spending. After the federal government passed the CARES Act, Wisconsin got about $2.2 billion dollars.Aug 7, 2020 Recent report on Wisconsin CARES Act funds from U.S. …Woo hoo FREE Money !!


  10. Good Dog,Happy Man says:

    Cutting MPD’s budget $2 million? What, … is she nuts?!!!
    Don’t answer it was a rhetorical question

    The phrase, “Pennywise and pound foolish.” comes to mind.

    What communities are more at risk because of Lefty’s hate for the police?

    That’s right, the already troubled minority community.

    #BLEXIT. Now. Run. Don’t just walk away from generational dependency on the godless
    Legion of Lefties.

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  11. Alfred E. Newman says:

    I love seeing conservatives who support public employee unions, it speaks to their blatant hypocrisy


    • Robski says:

      I hate it when liberals who hate the police call them when they are in need of assistance. It also makes my blood boil when a triggered snowflake calls them on someone for exercising their first amendment rights! It also speaks to the flaming hypocrisy of the ACAB crowd. You’re not very good at trolling Alfred. What me worry? I think not 😂

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    • Liberty says:

      The purpose of this post is not to discuss the merits of unions. It’s about irresponsible city government, and how the police are again getting screwed.

      That said, my main issue with unions (including police unions) is that they protect the dreck along with the stellar employees.

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      • A Voice in the Wilderness says:

        Who constitutes the “dreck”?


        • Liberty says:

          Examples, generally speaking and NON-SPECIFIC to police:

          -Abuses sick time
          -Constantly late
          -Does no more than he/she has to do (maintains status quo)
          -Consistently turns in work that’s sloppy or incomplete, or not on deadline
          -Spends most of time at work playing games, texting, running personal errands
          -Lies, cheats, steals

          While I don’t have an issue with workers wanting to negotiate wages, benefits, and working conditions, what I don’t like is the lack of meritocracy. Why should people who are not pulling their weight get the same monetary rewards as the slugs?

          THAT is the cornerstone of socialism. It’s un-American. People thrive when they achieve, produce, create, NOT when they’re carbon copies of everyone else.


        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

          “Why should people who are not pulling their weight get the same monetary rewards as the slugs?”

          Um…’cause it’s The Lefty Way!

          The Gotch


  12. sleeperd says:

    Governor Icabod Crane has declared that bars and restaurants limit their revenues to 25%.. in other words, get by on 75% less revenue….
    The entire Bar and restaurant industry in WI should immediately demand a property tax reduction of 75%… or else….
    Regarding cuts to police protection… any citizen or business physically harmed by criminals after the cuts should immediately file suit against Satya and the City of Madison for breach of the most elemental contract between government and citizens: “we pay you property taxes; you promise us police and fire protection.”

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    • Alfred E. Newman says:

      Shouldn’t renters and homeowners affected by the poor response to COVID-19 by the federal government also see a reduction in costs? taxes, rent, insurance….. Of course any reduction in property taxes has to yield a corresponding cut to police services as states and municipalities can’t run a deficit.


      • Batman says:

        Explain what you mean by “the poor response to COVID-19 by the federal government.”

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        • Liberty says:

          Trump did an AMAZING job with COVID. He worked with governors and gave them what they needed in terms of respirators & supplies, made the SS comfort available, worked with manufacturers to create needed supplies, worked to speed up vaccine creation. He banned travel to China, which the leftists automatically called out as “racist” before they imposed their own sets of Draconian rules.

          I am convinced that if we would have had a Bozo in office, that the casualties would have far exceeded what they are now. Look at SARS. The only reason it wasn’t deadlier is because it’s not as contagious as COVID. Obama/Biden lucked out.

          Trump did this with the aid of an incompetent CDC who’s beholden to the pharm industry. And best of all, without p*ing on the Constitution. He let states dictate their own mandates, which is what the Constitution prescribes.

          Leftists gripe that he didn’t do enough, but then if he creates a national policy, they call him a fascist.


        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

          Oy! The Gotch has said it before, he’ll say it again:


          It’s painfully clear that Lefties, (most, not all), are too monumentally imbecilic to acknowledge this glaring aspect of a fact-based reality.

          Ichabod Evers has been an EPIC FAIL in this most basic of responsibilities.

          This surprises no one that witnessed Ichy’s Dismal Failure of exponentially increasing the Achievement Gap under his disastrous tenure at DPI.

          The Gotch

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        • Liberty says:

          Gotch, indeed. Not certain they understand how the Constitution works and the difference between states’ rights and the federal government.

          As for Evers, yeah, epic fail, especially as school superintendent. Yet he defeated Walker. Parents thought he’d be a superstar for education. Sad statement that people don’t get that throwing money at problems and cockamanie behavioral plans aren’t what reduce disparities.

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  13. Alfred E. Newman says:

    How has Evers failed? He tried many public health tools known to successfully deal with a mass infection, yet at every turn the republican lead state legislators not only blocked the implementation of these public health protocols, failed to offer up a plan of their own. According to your statement “STATES_ARE_THE_PRINCIPAL_GOVERNMENTAL_ENTITY_RESPONSIBLE_FOR_PROTECTING”, they failed, failed miserablly.


  14. richard lesiak says:

    What gootchie says is true. The states are responsible and we have seen what Evers is trying to do. Where is the rest of the state? Where’s vos and fitzgerald? Why haven’t they met in over 180 days? There has not been one piece of legislation or policy from these guys. They are afraid to put their name on anything and rely on WILL to be a fourth arm of gov’t to protect them in court. If fitzgerald thinks we are going to send him to Washington after this performance he’s out of his mind.


    • Bob Dorn says:

      3000+ cases/day, 1000+ people in the hospitals from COVID. All with the supposedly surefire social distancing and mask mandate since summer. If Evers was a Republican, he would be getting skewered right now. Vos and Fitzgerald aren’t doing anything because there is nothing to be done. The virus is gonna virus and there is nothing we can do about it.


      • One of THOSE says:

        EXACTAMUNDO!!! 👆👆👆


      • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

        “Evers was a Republican, he would be getting skewered right now.”

        And because he’s not, blithering addlepates are laughably defending him.

        Anyone who’s doing so, or was imbecilic enough to help this abject EPIC FAIL get elected, should be summarily SHAMED to the fullest extent of the blogosphere!!

        The Gotch


      • georgessson says:

        Nailed it, Bob. Yep, Ever’s plan turned out to be a sop to his Lefty constituents, like Richard-May-I-Call-You-Dick and Alfie. They, like so many others, have not the brainpower to distinguish the reality vs. the Lib mind-set that it’s all (insert any Republican name here) fault… Lemmings in lock-step.

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        • Liberty says:

          Couldn’t have said it better.

          “And because he’s not, blithering addlepates are laughably defending him.’

          “They, like so many others, have not the brainpower to distinguish the reality vs. the Lib mind-set that it’s all (insert any Republican name here) fault…”


    • madisonexpat says:

      Where is Senator Tammy? Pooky Pocan?


  15. Pasco says:

    I’m with you Bob. No one has been right all the time on this virus. Not all the experts, politicians and the other countries in the world. Say what you want about the Trump response. His push for multiple vaccines at a lighting pace will go down as his biggest accomplishment!


  16. Madcityforsure says:

    Want to see how crazy things really are when things are controlled by people like Satya?
    Check out Ronald Duell who was arrested sat. Night for spitting, pulling knife on police on cCap count reports. Born 1956…oh my God.


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