Satya apologizes for cutting cops by only $2M

Asks police union to help her cut more.

Mayor Satya is apologizing for cutting Madison WI’s police budget by only $2.24 million even though she describes it as “the largest expenditure cut to the police budget in the last 10 years or more.” This year’s police expenditures are estimated at $78.54 million.

Lead by example, Mayor Satya. Take a pay cut!

“While I did make cuts to the police budget, the cuts are more modest than some in the community have asked for,” she admits. Because, as even our Progressive Dane mayor had to acknowledge, “we are currently seeing skyrocketing gun violence in our community.”

The City says a 5% reduction will cost 52 positions fewer police and support personnel.

Those cuts will be deeper unless she can convince the police union to give up their 3.75% raise, negotiated under former mayor Soglin. Why should they, given that Satya Rhodes-Conway says, “Regardless of the union’s response, these cuts will be made to the department’s budget.”

Blaska’s Bottom LineHow about asking alders to take a pay cut? Their budget is going up 9%. Or your own budgeted $147,180 annual salary, Madame Mayor? That’s not counting the scheduled $3,600 pay raise! (The governor of the state only makes $146,597 a year!)

How much of a cut should the mayor take?

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  1. Madcityforsure says:

    Want to see how crazy things really are when things are controlled by people like Satya?
    Check out Ronald Duell who was arrested sat. Night for spitting, pulling knife on police on cCap count reports. Born 1956…oh my God.


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