Alders bash police while BLM shoots each other

63 shell casings recovered
in Tuesday shoot-out at Garner Park

Leafy green Garner Park sits just north of the University of Wisconsin’s Hill Farms office park, on the northwest corner of Whitney Way and Mineral Point Road on Madison’s near west side. One of many parks, along with the lakes, bike paths, boutiques and coffee shops that make Madison a special place to live. Once upon a time.

Maurice R. Bowman Jr

 the late Maurice Bowman Jr.

Tuesday night 08-04-2020 shortly after 9 p.m. the park was crowded with over 300 people, the parking lot full and cars parked on the grass. They were there to “celebrate the life” of Maurice Bowman Jr., age 24, who was rubbed out in a running car gun battle on Schroeder Road just east of Whitney Way (and south of the Beltline) on July 25.

Those hated police were monitoring the crowd at Garner Park when they heard gunfire near the park pavilion. According to the MPD incident report, “Men, women, and children were seen fleeing from the gunfire.”

⇒ Downtown at roughly the same time, Madison alders again refused to help State Street businesses that were looted and boarded up by race rioters in June — not even $60,000, down from $250,000, which was down from the $500,000 originally proposed. They also introduced (for future action) a resolution creating a Civilian Police Oversight Board to second-guess police officers faced with split-second decisions. To sit in judgement of the police, the proposal requires at least one member have a criminal arrest record. (“Madison takes dead aim at police“)

Some celebration of life!

Three Garner Park celebrants sought treatment at local hospitals for gunshot wounds. Another two were injured by other than gunfire. None of the injuries are considered life-threatening.

A total of 63 spent shell casings were recovered at the scene. Shell casings included 42 handgun casings of multiple calibers and 21 rifle casings. Two spent bullets were recovered as were several live rounds associated with two firearms. (One of the firearms pictured here.)

Two arrests have been made. Charges include felon in possession of a firearm, possession of marijuana, and an outstanding warrant.

UPDATE: ⇒ Police Chief Vic Wahl said this afternoon Madison police have responded to 50 shots fired incidents and recovered 355 shell casings in the last month, which is almost as many recovered during all of 2019. There have been 11 people struck by gunfire in the last month, including Bowman.

“Every metric year to date as of last week in terms of shots fired and gun violence is off the charts,” Wahl said. “It’s really striking.”

If anyone has information on this incident, please contact Madison Area Crime Stoppers at 266-6014, or, on the web at

Amelia Jones at NBC 15 has video the moment of the shooting. And the park trashed this morning.

⇒ For your reading pleasure: MPD spokesman Joel Despain on the brazen daytime theft of “Diamond.”

Blaska’s Bottom LineEight homicides so far in Madison compared to four all of last year. Shootings almost doubled. Police didn’t do any of them. Maybe if counsellors from the Mt. Horeb school district had been monitoring Garner Park Tuesday night …?

Should police monitor the Common Council? 

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31 Responses to Alders bash police while BLM shoots each other

  1. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Feral, POS, wannabe thugs shoot up a memorial for a shooting victim; how f*cked up is that?

    The Gotch imagines our toothless Mayor will announce shortly she’s requesting that the two arrested miscreants have their preliminary trials fast-tracked so they can begin Restorative Justice.


    The Gotch

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  2. Good Dog,Happy Man says:

    “If you don’t Burn, Llot or Murder other blacks, … you ain’t black.”
    — Gropin’ Joe Biden.

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  3. Get Kids Outside says:

    Perhaps this event will prompt some action by our city leaders. We’ll see.

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  4. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Who TF approved the permit for this ~ 300 person gathering?

    Righty NEEDS to take a page from Lefty’s book and…um…visit their home residence in order to make our concerns known!

    The Gotch

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  5. Rick on the Kickapoo says:

    The Madison city government, its public schools, and the DNR need to team up providing midnight hunter safety classes, but not marksmanship training since that would just get more people killed.


  6. Gary Kriewald says:

    “Eight homicides in Madison so far compared to four all of last year. Shootings almost doubled.” So what? Madison has proved time and time again its unique capacity to ignore reality and construct an alternate universe in line with its “ideals” (just look at how adroitly the progressive morons turned the aftermath of looting and vandalism on State Street into a plywood utopia of tolerance and inclusion–and cop bashing). Facts and statistics (and the human carnage they represent) are meaningless here unless they conform to the progressive playbook.

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  7. D Clarke 5 says:

    Whatever happened to the object of your affection known as David Clarke?


  8. Scott F says:

    This recall attempt will be the turning point. If successful, this once beautiful city can begin to recover. If not, I’m afraid it will have to devolve to a Chicago or Baltimore level before the silent citizens cry uncle….

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  9. AdamC says:

    Garner Park!!! A Wednesday night after dark with hundreds partying and blaring eat-splitting music while dozens of gunshots are sprayed all over. Garner Park!! All you Westside Madison liberals nearby…. THIS is what social justice, tolerance, and “disrupting the western capitalist structures and the nuclear family” will get you. Enjoy the sights and sounds from your living room and remember…. it’s all YOUR fault because whiteness.

    or the past few years I and my loved ones have casually talked from time to time about leaving Madison. Those conversations are becoming more frequent and serious. I have lived in this city most of my life but the Madison I knew and loved is destroyed and just about over with.

    The shootings, lootings, and rampant violence along with insane local elected officials, endless taxes, rules for”me not thee” and antiwhite racism along with nothing but excuses for black behavior, including criminal violence, are causing many quiet conversations in law-abiding, productive households across all demographics.

    THIS CITY HAS BEEN TURNED INTO A VIOLENT SHITHOLE. State Street is a pathetic dump from end to end. Congratulations to Mayor Satyaphatassdown and Cowards of the Council…. this is YOUR legacy. Good luck paying for your expensive social programs with non-productive anti-social residents.

    In the near future I expect to be living outside of Madison, maybe even outside of Dane County and won’t spend a white cent in the city ever again.

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    • Scott F says:

      You’ve captured it all AdamC. Your post should be converted to bullet points (no pun intended) validating the candidacy of any person running to replace the current mayor….

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    • Batman says:

      Comment of the day AdamC!
      You have managed to capture the essence of what are undoubtedly the same thoughts, feelings, and conversations occurring throughout the Madison area at ever increasing frequency and intensity. The radical left quite literally destroys the quality of life in every city they control and the locals always seem to sit idly by and allow it to happen, but why?

      Is it white guilt, collective TDS, naivete, fear of mob retaliation, cancel culture=losing job and reputation, afraid of being shunned, mocked, shamed by sanctimonious lefty neighbors, or is it there are an awful lot of brainwashed citizens who agree with destroying the existing order to be replaced by some puerile fantasy that ultimately has always led to a dystopian nightmare?

      As an aside; let us not forget to include our terribly f*cked up school board when mentioning who in government is responsible for the ongoing but now spectacularly rapid demise of a once stellar city, a police chief who won’t say shit if he has a mouthful, and a joke of a sheriff. This is a lot to overcome.

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  10. Balboa says:

    They rally round the family… with a pocket full a of shells….they rally round the family with a pocket full of shells!!!

    Bulls on parade!!!

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  11. Bill says:

    I saw that the Police have found spent cartridges from an AK-47 which shoots a 7.62×39 round which is very effective at 200 yards and marginally effective at 400 yards. Which means that we are all collectively very lucky that no one was murdered either at the pavilion or in any of the surrounding houses or apartments in that area. Fortunately the ones doing the shooting used the “spray n pray” method. Don’t aim, just shoot.

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  12. georgessson says:

    These L.A., Chicago and NYC gang thug wannabes are posers. 355 shell casings vs. how many folks hit? But fear for the MMSD/Progs/SJWs when father-less junior uses mom’s boyfriend’s AK-47 instead of his cellphone to create a ruckus in class.


  13. White Hills says:

    At least we have a lesbian mayor who celebrates diversity.


  14. Tdog says:

    I couldn’t find anything that stated it was BLM members shooting each other. I assume because Maurice Bowman was black, and those arrested so far are black that automatically makes them BLM?


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      “I assume because Maurice Bowman was black, and those arrested so far are black that automatically makes them BLM?”

      You have a point,Tdog, Black Lies Matter members are overwhelmingly White Lefty Guilt suffocated Lefties.

      The Gotch has also noticed that they are overwhelmingly pierced, tatted, sloppy fat, porcine slobs with multi-colored coiffures; TrigglyPuff wannabes, if you prefer….

      The Gotch


  15. SouthofReality says:

    “If anyone has information on this incident, please STFU!!!!!!”
    — Black Lives Matter


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