Madison takes dead aim at the police

Playing identity politics with our safety

We give some credit to Madison Ald. Michael Tierney. “The number of shots fired incidents we have endured is appalling,”  he writes from the SE side of town. “People want to know what the city is going to do prevent more of these type of shootings from happening in the future.” 

That, people surely do. So here is what the City of Madison is doing about the upsurge in shootings. (Through July 27, 138 shots fired cases compared to 74 through the same date in 2019 — with another 10 shots-fired cases in the last week.)

•   Paying for “artwork” portraying police as Nazi Waffen SS pigs.

•   Appointing a police oversight committee stacked with cop haters the likes of Freedom Inc., Brandi Grayson’s Urban Triage, and Amelia Rokyo Maurer’s Citizen Response Team.

•   Banning the use of pepper spray and non-lethal projectiles. 

This very day (Tuesday 08-04-2020) at 4:30 the Common Council’s Executive Committee will — most likely — recommend a ban for eventual final approval. (The agenda here.) UPDATE: Well kiss my grits! The Executive Committee turned down the proposal by a 5 to 1 vote!

Aiming at the police not the shooters

The proposed 13-member Civilian Police Oversight Board is an identity politics jamboree. At least one member each from the Black, Asian, Latino, Native American and LGBTQ “communities,” someone in mental health, youth advocacy, and substance abuse. Oh, at least one member must have a criminal arrest record. (Active ankle GPS bracelet a bonus?) But at least half the 13 must be Black. (That works out to 6½.) Citizens with no other agenda than safe neighborhoods need not apply.

As for the mural on the Madison Art Center, former police officer John Summers conducted an analysis that shows that, as depicted, the right shoulder insignia depicts the “death’s-head” design of Hitler’s Nazi Waffen-SS.

“The comparison with those Nazi units and any American police force is nothing short of an abomination which should not be accepted by any thinking human being,” — former police officer John Summers.

The lower left corner of the mural reads: “FUK 12.” The numeral 12 is street shorthand for police, after the 1970s TV program Adam 12. As well, a 2014 rap song “Fuck 12” which glorified murdering police officers, sexually assaulting and otherwise debasing all women, selling narcotics, etc.

City arts director Karin Wolf tells the Werkes that the City of Madison paid $39,000 in artists fees and $9,000 in supplies to 64 artists “recommended by our community partners. As the project grew, I invited interested artists to register in a database of artists who lost income or have not found work post college graduation due to COVID19.” Wolf also explains:

We asked the all the artists to express their feelings about the moment (without using commercial messages or nudity). The City did not preview or endorse anyone’s artwork prior to creation.

Blaska’s Bottom LineIt’s bad enough that BLM and Antifa sympathizers busted out store windows and looted State Street and much of Capitol Square. Now those merchants must wear their assailants’ political message like yellow Stars of David.

As for Ald. Tierney, his answer is to lament that the city cannot enact more stringent gun control legislation. If they did, alder, who would enforce it?

When is enough enough?

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11 Responses to Madison takes dead aim at the police

  1. Henry Adams says:

    Very happy we left town couple years ago. No longer the city I grew up in. Question: As a former resident of many years, can I have a slot on this crazy collection of illiterate fellow travelers?


  2. VeteransAgainstMarxists says:

    I don’t see any issue with getting rid of the police. The cops are the only people protecting these Marxists from the wrath of REAL patriots. Remove the police and it’s open season. Give me 50 armed men and I’ll do what they couldn’t.

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  3. Steven Radmer says:

    What in the world is wrong with you people down there?


  4. georgessson says:

    These murals have been an immediate insult not only to the State Street biz community, who I’m sure were never consulted, but also to every citizen who has a rational mind. Who allows murals to foment further protests and disharmony? The protests caused the broken windows in the 1st place. With a tax base devastated by Covid, how do they reconcile the loss of customers, tourists and trade due to protests and ugly “murals”. So who’ll replace those businesses now that State Street is a ghost town ?

    “The City did not preview or endorse anyone’s artwork prior to creation.“ Somehow I didn’t think so…

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  5. dad29 says:

    Remove the police and it’s open season. Give me 50 armed men and I’ll do what they couldn’t.

    Coming to a Minneapolis near you!! Nat’l Shooting Sports Foundation advises that the highest-percentage-growth ethnic group of gun-purchasers last month were blacks at 58%. What with Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Seattle (et. al.) dumping cops, the proletariat is arming up. And they are NOT purchasing less-than-lethal weapons.


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      “the proletariat is arming up.”

      Seriously; will Lefty ever NOT Foxtrot Umbrella Bravo Alfa Romeo anything while trying to make it better/improve it???

      The Gotch


    • Kooter says:

      Agreed. I was brushing up on my handgun skills recently at a local indoor shooting range on a Weds, mid-afternoon. Every lane- and I mean EVERY lane, was occupied by either a black gang-banger complete with pants falling off or a black teenager busy taking photos of themselves holding various models of Glocks. Neither group seemed like they’ve handled firearms at all by the looks of their targets. The gun violence in Madison is spooky.


  6. pANTIFArts says:

    If your tax dollars paid for that “art” , then perhaps you and thousands of others should take permanent markers and reclaim your portions of it. Start with whatever offends you the most, and make your mark, a simple mark. The “artist” has been paid,it is now public property. LEGALLY- I’m sure it is eligible for all the protection that any other spray-painted rot is entitled to.


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  8. Gary Kriewald says:

    The Star of David analogy was inspired.


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