Why won’t Dave Cieslewicz sign the recall petition?

Courage, man!

Dave Cieslewicz (pronounced exactly as spelled) has all the vowels (and more than enough consonants) but cannot seem to solve the puzzle. To date, Dave is the only Madison personage with liberal bona fides who has called out the chaos. But the former mayor says he won’t put his name to the Mayor Satya recall petition.   

Citizen Dave, as he calls his column, is on-line at Isthmus with another brave dissent from Madison’s surrender to racial violence. He decries the smashed windows, the looting, the traumatic destruction of statues, the beatdowns of legislators and common citizens alike, the epidemic of gunfire throughout the city. * He even uses the forbidden (on the Left) term “personal responsibility.”

But he just can’t get home. 

The recall effort against Mayor Satya Rhodes Conway is, in my view, inappropriate and probably doomed to failure. I seriously doubt that organizers will get 36,000 signatures in 60 days and I certainly won’t be one of the signers,” he writes.

You can use my pen, Dave!

Dave Cieslewicz needs to explain what is “inappropriate” about the recall. It is certainly not illegal. Dave needs to define this notoriously imprecise word. As for “doomed to failure,” that is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Someone needs to stick their heads out of their foxhole and expend a little moral capital. Show a little courage. Dare we say, “leadership.”

Because Dave has all the pieces to the puzzle. Quit trying “to micromanage one of the most progressive, thoughtful police departments in the nation.” He writes further:

The police did not start a riot. The police did not loot stores on State Street. The cops didn’t tear down public property and beat up a state senator or toss a molotov cocktail into the City County Building. The council has expressed little concern about the actions of groups and individuals during what can only be described as nights of mayhem. It seems to me that a resolution condemning the destruction of local businesses, the defacement of public property (and the danger posed by pulling heavy statues off of pedestals surrounded by a crowd), and violence against individuals would be appropriate.

Neighborhoods (all of which have substantial populations of people of color) are being terrorized, innocent people are endangered and the police themselves are at risk. The answers aren’t simple as this is part of a national spate of similar incidents, but it would be helpful if the same council that is so concerned about the actions of police would express a healthy sense of outrage over the shootings.

… It also won’t be forthcoming, I expect. …

* Posted by “Heidi” on NextDoor social media this morning “For the last three nights I’ve heard and called in gunfire at Greentree [neighborhood]. Anyone else hear or call this info in?”

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Past time for good Democrats like Dave Cieslewicz to wrest the City of Madison back from the Progressive Dane crazies led by Satya Rhodes Conway and Madame Brenda Konkel.

If Cieslewicz won’t lead, who else will?

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9 Responses to Why won’t Dave Cieslewicz sign the recall petition?

  1. Alan Potkin says:

    I replied to his Erstwhile Excellency’s riff on Koyanisqatsi in The Isthmus with “Grow a pair, you spineless twit!” But somehow I think that doesn’t qualify as non abusive.

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  2. georgeorwell says:

    Dave Cieslewicz is a coward. He knows if he signs it, they’ll be coming for him next. He’s part of the problem with what was once a nice city, and is now hell-bent on becoming the San Fran-s***hole of the Midwest.

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  3. Liberty says:

    Nice that Cieslewicz is calling out the chaos, but what exactly about this recall is inappropriate? Gunshots, riots, downtown in tatters, citizens intimidated demonstrators, police in handcuffs (I hold MPD leadership partly responsible for this), tone deaf mayor (and alders) who all but ignores much of her constituency.

    Did he sign the Scott Walker recall, and if so, why was that appropriate to do so, but this isn’t?

    As for “doomed for failure” here’s something anecdotal: I mentioned the recall to a friend of mine, and she said someone had already come to her door (and her neighbor’s doors) asking her to sign.

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  4. Batman says:

    Calling on all alders to promulgate a position paper on the recent violence/destruction in Madison and Satya, Wahl, Ever’s response. Constituents can call them out on a variety of social media platforms like this one for example.
    I know for a fact that Zachary Henak of district 10 (that includes Orchard Ridge) is quite upset about the violence but do not think he’s publicly addressed it or the pitiful response.


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  5. Balboa says:

    Ole Trolley Dave, won’t sign it because he is a progressive. These are his people in charge!

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  6. SouthofReality says:

    Mayor Alphabet is a coward. Why stick your neck out for something that he thinks won’t pass? Too bad. In his cowardliness, he represents the majority of Madison residents. If he could do it anonymously, he would probably sign.

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  7. jimydandy says:

    He sure isn’t a “Bill Dyke”. Can we dig up Bill and run him in the recall election?


  8. jimydandy says:

    I remember when CheezeWhiz told me to publicly F off and die. Bill Leuders, then editor of the Isthmus shoved that letter up his you know what.


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