Accused killer’s mother asks your help posting his bail

$100,000 puts 18-year old charged with execution-style killing of Madison doctor & husband back on the street!

The mother of Khari Sanford, one of two 18-year olds charged with the execution-style murder of Dr. Beth Potter and her husband Robin Carre on March 31, has started a Go-Fund Me social media site to raise bail for her boy. Ronetta Sanford called her boy “a sweet and loving teddy,” against whom murder charges filed Tuesday (04-07-2020), “can’t be true.”

UPDATE #1: Mother’s GoFund-me site is today at 17:46 (04-09-2020) off-line for violating standards. 

Update #2: On 10 March 2020, Dane County Circuit Court issued a bench warrant against Ronetta S. Sanford, age 34, on two counts of misdemeanor battery dating back to August 2018 after two failures to appear in court.

The mother says she needs one hundred grand to post bond on the $1 million bail set by the criminal court. As of noon today (04-09-2020), her site had collected $375. As we recounted earlier:

A jogger found Beth Potter the morning of March 31 lying aside a trail in the University of Wisconsin Arboretum. She was clothed only in pajamas and socks on a 30-degree night, not yet dead. Her husband, Robin Carre, lying nearby only in his underwear, was already gone. Police found .357 SIG shell casings around the bodies, “indicating a likelihood that the victims had been shot at that location,” according to the criminal complaint. Both had been shot point-blank in the head.

The lengthy criminal complaint appears to cross its T’s and dot its i’s with forensic evidence, GPS vehicle tracking, surveillance video recordings, cell phone traffic, and multiple witnesses to allegedly overheard conversations and the sound of gunfire in the Arboretum.

Bail out Khari

Khari’s mother, Ronetta Sanford, makes this plea:

“As you all know, this young man is sitting in jail right now for allegations that to whom know him best aren’t and can’t be true… we are posting this go fund me to help with legal fees or simply post bail because jail is not where he should be grieving the loss of the two he love as well.

“Khari Sanford is the oldest to a mother of 6 and a full time student at West High-school. Khari is the vice President of their Black Student Union, a strong student advocate voice in the community for all youth, whom just finished an internship at the Capital building that got him closer to his political dreams and ambitions. He has goals of going to college and majoring in political science, African American history and one day teach it the right way.”

The dead couple would want you to contribute!

“Beth Potter and Robin Carre were helping Khari with his living situation and were big advocates for his future and college goals. Khari appreciated everything they were helping him accomplish and always expressed that to them. Khari wants justice for the two whom he viewed as parents just as much as everyone else because they played such a vital roll in his life.

“We all know how the media can influence the public and is trying to paint him in a bad way. Those who know Khari knows that he is a very caring, sweet and loving teddy who couldn’t and wouldn’t HURT let alone MURDER any human being. We ask that you donate what you can and not let the media and their assumptions find him guilty before the full story is released.”

An on-line fundraiser begun April for Potter and Carre’s family raised over $28,000 before it was ended after a few days.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: We understand a mother’s blind love but wonder how progressive Madison will respond.

Will Khari’s mother reach her goal?

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56 Responses to Accused killer’s mother asks your help posting his bail

  1. patrickmoloughlin says:

    Aha, a marketing ploy. Wishful thinking, designed to deflect attention from her guilty-as-hell-going-to-spend-the-rest-of-your-life-in-prison son. If the daughter is arrested, contributions double. The next thing you know, instead of $375 to bail his sorry ass out of jail, you’ve got a solid $750. You are of course 99,25% deficient in regard to the supposed purpose, but something tells me the $375 wasn’t going to end up where you thought it was going in the first place, before they got closed down. Don’t despair, she (the daughter) WILL be charged. I just hope that her and the trigger man get life without parole. I would accept a deal from the wing man for a possible parole, in 50 or so years. But the ungrateful, murderous daughter and her POS boyfriend, never free again, ever. Never.

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  2. Batman says:

    The duration and intensity of brain imprinting these two underwent, their spirits so deadened and hard, made them susceptible to corrupting influence and distrusting of goodness, kindness, and generosity, especially when coming from an adult.
    This incident reminds me of a great scene from the movie,The Equalizer, with the inimitable Denzel. The relevant part begins at the 40sec. mark.


  3. Patrick says:

    I’m wondering if they went to the house to grab these bundles of cash and either didn’t expect her parents to be there or they got caught and panicked.

    In all there they must have had a dozen Opportunites to stop, but they continued. Those poor people must have begged, made offers, threats, understanding and as they stopped the van and made them walk down that path freezing cold, the darkness in those boys hearts and sole can’t be understood.

    We are in a pandemic all right but it seems to be coming more often from our future generations.

    Sorry I’m just so sad.


    • patrickmoloughlin says:

      I don’t buy that it was a burglary gone bad. As a burglary, it was a disaster. As a murder it was right on the money. And they would hardly be surprised to find the couple in their own beds in the middle of the night.

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      • Alexandra says:

        I’ve seen it described as a burglary gone bad, but if that’s the case it doesn’t make sense that they’d show up at night when the family was home in their beds. If they truly wanted to rob them, you’d think there’d be a more convenient time – once COVID-19 is over, especially. If they honestly were trying to rob, they went about it in an idiotic manner. If I hadn’t read the burglary gone wrong part, I would have assumed the original intent here was murder.

        I, too, have thought about how Robin and Beth must have pleaded with Khari and tried their best to get him to not kill them. It’s so sad. He’s heartless. And you just know that in these boys’ delusional minds, what they were doing was justified – I’m sure they grew up believing that as black kids they were the victims, and any successful white people owed them.

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    • Stephanie says:

      Where else would the victims have been during a pandemic when it’s known that they were practicing social distancing & that the doctor was an essential employee who presumably had to be at work the next day? From the criminal complaint, the killers circled the house for hours beforehand. They were likely waiting for the lights to go off when the victims went to bed. Also, you don’t need to bring a gun to a robbery if you don’t think anyone will be home, although maybe little delinquents always carry a gun if they can. My guess is the killers walked into the home using a key. I do not know the exact ages of the victims’ two sons, but I believe one is in college & the other still in high school. If so, he very likely was asleep in the home. If that was the case, the victims might’ve left quietly so as not to wake him & put him in harm’s way. Otherwise, it makes no sense to leave quietly with anyone holding a gun to you. You’d scream for help, hoping to awaken a neighbor & scare off your kidnappers. Because you’re better off screaming than being driven to god knows where. Or maybe the victims never heard that you should never trust a person holding a gun to you to show mercy later if you leave with them quietly.

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      • Interesting analysis, Stephanie; you waiting for a statement from dear daughter, which thus far has been incuriously missing?

        The Gotch


        • Stephanie says:

          I’m definitely waiting for the daughter’s statement. It’s not clear to me what she knew & when. I’ve read that the police questioned her about her boyfriend’s whereabouts & that she lied, but nothing has stated that the police had first informed her that her parents had been murdered & then she lied. Police often withhold information when they question someone to get a sense of what they know & what they do not. I know it’s a stretch, but it is possible that at the time of questioning, she didn’t know her parents were dead. I truly do not want her to have had any part in planning the murders or knowledge of the murders when she lied. These murders are horrific. I can barely stomach what happened. The possibility that they involved the ultimate betrayal is just too much. So I’d rather think up ways she might not have known and to find justifications for other things she said than to have to accept that kind of evil. One, I think it’s entirely possible for a teenager to brag about her parents having money or being a potential source for money without meaning that she wanted her boyfriend to kill them. I’ve known plenty of teens who’ve bragged about their parents having money as a way to look cool or gain status. Two, I’ve read the text messages she sent. Some of the texts sound like she might’ve believed that the boyfriend was using the car to help out a friend who was in some sort of trouble. And that when questioned by police, it’s plausible that she might’ve thought that she was covering for a theft or some other dumb criminal shit the boyfriend & the friend had gotten into the night before. However, other texts make me think she knew that something had happened involving her parents. She mentioned feeling scared & at one point said she wanted to cry. That makes me think she knew that something happened that involved her parents or their property. I absolutely don’t want for the murders to have been premeditated with her knowledge or a burglary gone wrong that she lied about knowing full well that her parents were dead. What happened to the victims is beyond awful. The more the daughter was involved, the worse it gets. For their sake, I don’t want the worst to be true.


  4. Sprocket says:

    “Khari Sanford is the oldest to a mother of 6…
    What are the the chances mama has ever held employment that would allow her to support even one of her litter? That’s OK though, I’m sure, with her demonstrated wonderful parenting skills, the other five will all be sparkling little gems. Because people who suck at life invariably are the most successful parents, especially when there are six of them from multiple different sperm donors.

    Having had the opportunity to observe the welfare vermin raising their spawn in their natural environment, I’m convinced sterilization should be required to receive welfare. Currently welfare is simply nothing more than tax payer funded cancer stimulant. The people that work for a living get their pockets picked and that money is used to destroy their communities and breed the next generation of parasites.


    • Stephanie says:

      Khari’s mother got pregnant with him at 14 & then went on to have 5 other children, at least one of whom was the victim of court documented abuse at the hands of one of the mother’s boyfriends. I see welfare as a necessary, limited term safety net, but it should not be used as a way of life. I don’t believe any 14 year old should be allowed to raise a child under any circumstances. The choices should be adoption, abortion, or custody given to a willing & responsible family member who can financially support a child. I also believe that birth control should be a requirement for receiving welfare & I’m not opposed to sterilization if birth control is ignored. It’s better for everyone involved & certainly better for society as a whole. Because kids born into these situations don’t stand a chance & rather than blame their horrible home life, it’s more fashionable to blame teachers, school administrators & school safety officers when these kids fail. Generations of abused & neglected kids grow up to be criminals who abuse & neglect their kids. Better to stop the cycle.


      • Reader says:

        Two days ago, someone indicated in a Facebook comment that the adoptive daughter is from Guatemala and that Dr Potter and Carre adopted her when she was a small child in part because her biological parents died.

        I have some questions related to the murders.

        Here goes:

        1. When will the daughter be arrested?

        2. The burglary angle does not work. On March 30, 2020, the boyfriend and his accomplice did not burgle the couple at a more opportune time–such as, say, at daytime when the couple might be away at work. As a doctor, Potter was likely an essential worker. Also, newspaper reports do not indicate that the boyfriend and his accomplice took anything from the couple’s house that night. And, the boyfriend and his accomplice did not forcibly take the couple to an ATM. All told, theft does not appear to be a main motive.

        3. Had the boyfriend (allegedly) committed the murders in order to impress the daughter as her savior? If so, had the daughter felt aggrieved because her parents had the temerity to set limits to her behavior? Does the daughter have a history of engaging in manipulative behavior?

        4. Why would the daughter “want to cry” unless she knew her boyfriend had killed her parents?

        5. Finally, if the daughter gave the police a false alibi on behalf of her boyfriend, what else is she lying about?


  5. Soooooo, the talented Ms. Sanford’s weepy GoFundMe page has been taken down.

    Anyone know why such a thing would happen, or in such a case what happens with the proceeds?

    Above comments suggest the reasons for its inception were dubious at best, with no chance whatsoever of coming anywhere near accomplishing its intentions; this renders anyone naïve or stupid enough to contribute a rank imbecile.

    Whaddya bet it’s already been spent?

    The Gotch


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  7. Tom Nest says:

    Didnt this punk (Sanford) move to WI from Chicago? 5-6 years ago?


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