Why are Madison middle school principals leaving?


More Milton McPikes, fewer guilt mongers 

Obsessed with identity politics, Madison school board member Ali Muldrow posts on social media an article headlined:  “The discomfort of white adults should never take priority over the success of our black and brown students.”

“I didn’t come here to teach those kinds of kids.”

As harmful as that kind of statement is, very few teachers are brazen enough to express their racist thoughts out loud. If teachers express bias at all, particularly White teachers, they do so silently or even unconsciously — implicitly.

Are they also victims of MMSD identity politics?

The clear implication is that school board member Muldrow is, once again, accusing Madison educators of racism most foul.

Hire more educators of color? Fine with us. Go For It!

But if race is so important, why have so many principals of our middle schools failed? Tequila Kurth stepped aside this week as principal of often-violent Jefferson middle school to take “an extended leave of absence.” That makes nine schools at MMSD’s 12 middle schools to experience a change of leadership in the last 3½ years, according to  Chris Rickert in the WI State Journal.

Rickert also named Kenya Walker, who quit as principal of Black Hawk Middle School in April 2017 amid suspicions of financial mismanagement, and Sherman Middle School Principal Kristin Foreman the next year after a teacher alleged in a blog post that the school was “in crisis.” Those were the only principals Rickert named.

We reached out to Ms. Muldrow to ask why the leadership turnover at Madison’s middle schools? If these principals are incompetent, why were they appointed? If color is so critical, why did they fail?

Milton McPike

Milton McPike, RIP

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Perhaps the principals would have become another Milton McPike if the school district wold have allowed it. Or required it. The renowned, no-nonsense principal at Madison East high school died too soon (in 2008). McPike was known to personally escort miscreants by the collar out to the waiting squad car.

Perhaps the latest crop of middle school principals failed because they were burdened with a guilt trip former superintendent Jennifer Cheatham turned into the Behavior Education Plan. Something Milt McPike would have thrown in the trash bin.

What do YOU think?


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  1. madisonexpat says:

    I think its time Ali Muldrow spends time as a principal at Jefferson.


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      Every last one of the MMSD board, and the new Superintendent, should be REQUIRED to sit, unannounced ahead of time, in city school classrooms on a rotating basis. Like the CE that’s necessary for nearly every profession.

      Hopefully, it’ll be on a day when Ali Private Schools For Me But Not For Thee Muldrow is NOT snow-plowing her coddled brats through Isthmus Montessori School.

      The Gotch


    • David Blaska says:

      Only after posting Amber Alerts throughout the west side of town.


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