Has Madison given up on its public schools?

Can you spell apathy?

Only 2 candidates for 3 school board seats!

What a contrast with a year ago, when 10 candidates filed for 3 seats on Madison’s Board of Education (one of whom dropped out after filing paperwork), necessitating primary elections for two of the seats. 

Fast forward 12 months; only 2 candidates currently running for 3 seats.

Comment, respond, what do you thinkIncumbents Savion Castro (appointed) and Nikki Vander Meulen are running but the third incumbent, Kate Toews, is not. Between the Democrats and Progressive Dane, they’ll find some progressive to run.

Blaska did his best last year, now it’s your turn. You’ve got 10 days to make a difference, dear reader. Get your forms here. 

Don’t blame Putin!

We’ve got the Russian collusion narrative back asswards. 

“Contrary to what you’ve been led to believe, the FBI helped Mr. Trump and Russia helped Mrs. Clinton, not the other way around.”

Let’s repeat that: The FBI helped Trump and Russia helped Hillary.


Thank you, Rachel and Adam!

That’s how history will write this chapter. Holman W. Jenkins Jr. was the first to spell it out in today’s (12-28-19) Wall Street Journal:

Mr. Trump might not be president if not for the FBI’s meddling in the Clinton case. Meanwhile, the media and Democrats’ constant assault on him during the campaign as a Russian stooge inevitably would have cost him many more votes than Russia’s low-budget internet activity could have gained him. … 

Who sowed disinformation and distrust in our electoral process? Jenkins asks, then answers:

It wasn’t Vladimir Putin. It was us. In this sense, the most malignant actor in U.S. politics is Rep. Adam Schiff —though second place belongs to a U.S. media whose reporting was corrupted …

Durham key hole

Bull Durham in a china shop

Lastly, be afraid, my … acquaintances. Be very afraid of special prosecutor John “Bull” Durham. This is the guy who prosecuted FBI agents for shielding Boston crime boss Whitey Bulger. Who decimated the Genovese, Gambino and Patriarca crime families. Who was instrumental in convicting the Gambino boss John Gotti in New York. Despite these trophies, Durham is a guy who shunned the TV cameras.

But when Inspector General Horowitz reported that he could find no hard, physical or testimonial evidence of bias into the FBI’s corrupt FISA filing, Durham — uncharacteristically — stepped forward:

“Based on the evidence collected to date, and while our investigation is ongoing, last month we advised the inspector general that we do not agree with some of the report’s conclusions as to predication and how the F.B.I. case was opened.

The New York Times (which does report both sides on occasion) quoted one Durham colleague to say: “I know John well enough to know that he did it because he — not the A.G. or anyone else — thought he had an obligation to.”

The Squad in action — Our Ms. Vicki (under her married name) makes one of the 25 funniest videos of the year, thanks to Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s paranoia. Wink, wink!

Why aren’t YOU running for school board?

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2 Responses to Has Madison given up on its public schools?

  1. Marcus says:

    There is no saving MPS. Parents sending children there, if they have other alternatives, are guilty of child abuse. Get out while you can. The whole city is rapidly swirling the drain and the drain is made bigger everyday.

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  2. George's Son says:

    RE: MMSD. ONE of many posts to “Nextdoor Neighborhood”…. Original post was many days ago -The horror stories keep comin’…

    COMMENT 7 hours ago….
    Very true… I am sorry to hear that your daughter left after 5 years of teaching. The school she taught lost another dedicated and talented teacher. I’m sure she wasn’t the first one, nor the last who left for the same reasons as hers.

    In the future (I hope it’s near future), other schools will find it more and more difficult to fill their positions due to teachers leaving the teaching profession.

    In the end, it’s the children who get disadvantaged. If there’s teacher shortage, who is going to educate our children? Most of teachers I know are unhappy due to unsupportive administrators, irrational parents, disrespectful students and their misbehavior, pressure to inflate grades, too much workload (more than 10 hours a day: 8 hrs + contacting parents + lesson plan + grading + helping students and meeting parents AFTER school + other administrative work) and low pay. I personally don’t mind workload and low pay if I get to have the opposite of the first FOUR I listed. Two months of unpaid summer break wasn’t enough for me to make up 10 months of misery. Most importantly, I couldn’t do my job without pang of my conscience due to inflating grades students didn’t deserve.

    RE: School-to-Prison-Pipeline: “inflating grades students didn’t deserve.” Nuff said, unless A-Bob chooses to pipe up.


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