My interview with Ali Muldrow on Far-Left radio

Blaska accused of flattening a relationship

‘Why don’t you believe women?’

Friends and the morbidly curious asked why the parking lot attendant here at Blaska Policy Werkes would subject himself to a grilling at the hands of his school board election opponent on notoriously progressive WORT-FM 89.9 here in Madison WI. Why do missionaries, he retorted, preach to the heathens?

Aside from politics, Ali Muldrow can be a very pleasant person. For a progressive, she is intellectually curious — and some of her beliefs are very curious, although (unfortunately) mainstream in Madison. Ali hosts the community radio station’s noon-hour A Public Affair program on Wednesdays. She does a good job, we must admit. Headphones in place, rap music introduced the program. Blaska convulsed as if he were being electrocuted. Ali, on the other side of the broadcast table, smiled.

WORT-fm logo

That’s one of the things she says she likes about me, my sense of humor. (Do I amuse you?) Before we went on the air, Ali asked if I was “carrying.” Our standard answer is that I might be but this time we answered no. Curious, that she should ask.

The station did experience a shooting in August 2018 during a late-night rap music program. The funky, cinder-block radio station is painted with early 1970s street art. At the entrance is one of those ubiquitous “No Firearms” signs, as if a piece of aluminum was a talisman imbued with super protective powers — shaming any gunman into returning his piece to the trunk of his vehicle.

Monger them grievances, sister!

Ali’s interview started off badly. “You describe yourself as … anti-immigration.”

“I’m anti-illegal immigration,” Blaska corrected. But you get her imputation: he hates black and brown people.

Ali Muldrow stayed in attack mode: “Why do you generally distrust women when they complain of sexual assault?”

Blaska tried to explain the concept of due process, Michael Avenetti’s disproved confabulations against Brett Kavanaugh, Jussie Smollett and other hoaxes, without noticeable success.

How come you didn’t write about the Central Park Five? she demanded. Because I didn’t, one supposes.

A caller asked if Blaska espouses small government why he opposes Abortion. As a thought exercise, Blaska asked if a baby 8½ months in gestation could be considered a human being rather than merely the “tissue and fluids” of Ms. Muldrow’s locution. As she did several times during the hour, Ali moved the goal posts: “I do not think a woman who miscarries should be punished.” Miscarriage? (!)

Muldrow & Mirilli

A caste of thousands

Ms. Muldrow kept throwing long. “Being a conservative means supporting … traditional ideas of genders and social caste systems,” she announced. (“Social caste systems”! Madison parents, identity politics rules your school board!)

Comment, respond, what do you thinkBlaska parried: “Your friend Ananda Mirilli … accused me of creating the system she is trying to undo. … [But] the system we have is so great that people are trying to get in illegally … because they know you can succeed in America if you work. I’m afraid we’re telling kids … it’s the teachers fault, it is the system’s fault, you are a victim therefore you cannot be expected to be accountable for your actions.”

Rather than address the substance, Ms. Muldrow announced that she had just been triggered, the default mode of social justice warriors everywhere.

“I want to correct you,” Ms. Muldrow lectured. “Ananda’s name is pronounced “Ah-NAHN-duh.”

Blaska speaks Wisconsin, apparently, which defaults to a flat-A pronunciation.  Wisconsin pronounces Aunt, for example, as “Ant” instead of “AWEnt.” My bad. Apparently, I had just disrespected a Latina immigrant from Brazil by mispronouncing her name. Blaska blames his Midwestern parents, who apparently have been de-listed from the Greatest Generation.

B-Flat or be square

Blaska had committed a micro-aggression and Ali must scold him: “You also called her ‘my friend’ and that is a flattening of our relationship. Ah-NAHN-duh is a fellow school board member, elected the same time I was.”

“You’re not friends?” Blaska sputtered. (Ali and Ah-NAHN-duh did campaign as a team, with both their names and likenesses on the same signage.)

Muldrow: “I think it just flattens a multi-dimensional relationship.”

Blaska apologized. “The last thing I want is to flatten a multi-dimensional relationship.” 

What do YOU think?

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68 Responses to My interview with Ali Muldrow on Far-Left radio

  1. Mike S Goodmann says:

    I think that you’re wasting your time debating with her!


  2. A Note Directly To Ali Muldrow,
    Addressing Ananda Mirilli by name was completely appropriate, it would also be completely appropriate to include her elected title when talking about her in regards to her elected position but this is not a requirement in all discussions. The context in which Dave Blaska brought Ananda Mirilli’s name into the discussion was NOT in anyway related to her elected position. Blaska did nothing wrong.

    Ali Muldrow, your understanding of logic and relationships is interestingly twisted. You said that saying Mirilli is a friend is “flattening of a multi-dimensional relationship”? Sorry Ms Muldrow but that statement is utter BS. The fact is that being a friend vastly EXPANDS what would almost certainly be a flat one-dimensional relationship.

    The perception of the public, including Dave Blaska and myself, is that Ali Muldrow and Ananda Mirilli are friends, including being “friends” on Facebook, and it was NOT inappropriate for Dave Blaska to reference the relationship that you two have as being a friendship. Ali, if you’re honestly not friends with Ananda Mirilli then you should have had the intellectual fortitude and personal character to publicly say so, you did not say so. What you did to Dave Blaska on your radio show was a petty gotcha ad hominem and was a direct reflection of your character not Dave’s character.


  3. Kevin Wymore says:

    To be fair to the good folks at WORT, I have taken advantage of their broadcasting hospitality twice, including once extolling the virtues of cost-effective Healthy Start health insurance — an offshoot of Wisconsin Medicaid.

    (Lest anyone accuse me of being anti-woman, he says, defensively.)


  4. Fritzderkat says:

    Another response when asked if one is carrying: It’s not polite to ask.

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  5. Rich says:

    Typical Madison race and gender baiter.


  6. George's son says:

    30 seconds in:

    Ali certainly sounds intelligent and articulate, plus a very pleasant vocal range. Blaska sounds articulate, intelligent, AND reasonable. Blaska has deep resources and experiences, as well as actual facts and information.

    1st Half:

    GS comment: I’ve never met a Lib who didn’t change the subject, often and relentlessly… And reluctant to provide facts and information.

    Dave makes Good Foundation: RE: Kids need adult input. Ali: Supporting social caste system? Picky: Pronunciation of her pal’s name? Good response to her -“Friends diminishes our relationship” “Guilty until proven innocent” vs. “Let the facts be given” -Point: “Don’t believe anything right off the bat”

    Then she stoops to -“WhatAboutIsm”…. The Central Park 5….

    That nice guy Gerry Mandering -She has no clue, thusly no response. Totally she missed 8-1/2 mos. pregnant. “Congratulations on yer tissue” -Perfect! Conflating and a subject change by Ms. Aldrow… Now: Kidney transplants ! Then, another subject change -Her body vs. a baby’s.

    “Moment of Silence” was a thing of beauty.

    2nd Half:

    More productive and pleasant, some thoughts/beliefs were passed to & fro easily w/out rancor. Blaska showed political savvy and knowledge, which Ali seemed to recognize. If the audience was open-minded vs. stiff-necked, this was a successful appearance and showed progress between two opposite philosophies..


  7. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    People, as in other than dyed-n-the-wool/red-diapered career Lefties, still listen to WORT, phonetically the most accurately named station in the known Universe?

    LOOONG ago The Gotch tuned in infrequently when they played a couple of hours of Reggae on Saturday or Sunday mornings.

    Anyone notice the certain seething, teeth-gnashing edge displayed by the callers?

    IMO, they’re the kinds of folks that default to two feelings when confronted with the Founding Principle of Dissent:
    *They immediately and at once feel threatened, and
    *The dissenter is irredeemably wrong.

    The Gotch

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  8. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Congratulations for being able to keep a straight face during your inquisition–sorry, interview. Like so many of Madison’s progressive “activists” (i.e., professional grievance mongers), she is essentially a parody of herself and takes–or manufactures–every opportunity to display her (supposed) victimhood. What strikes me most, however, is the utter intellectual vacuity behind the persona of this woke woman of color, ever alert to the swarm of microaggressions being hurled at her by racists and misogynists. As we should know by now, every POC in this country has a God-given right to be free 24/7 from anything that might cause a second’s worth of discomfort.

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  9. Boomer Blamer says:

    By running from “anti-immigrant” into the false position of “anti-illegal” (demographic change drove California blue, and have you seen Virginia lately?) you cede the most important ideological ground while not at all standing against her premise of racism. In fact, you make “racist!” a viable tactic by running from the implication.

    You boomers have destroyed the country because of this kind of spinelessness. Thankfully for your generation, the new Socialism-Friendly Immigrants will gladly vote you the resources you need to retire in comfort.


    • There is literally nothing in your comment outside () that is fact based; in fact it’s all lies.


      • Boomer Blamer says:

        Ok Boomer


      • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

        @Steve Witherspoon;

        @Boomer Blamer is the fragile residue of the Occupy Wall Street EPIC FAIL, Occubagger detritus that’s too ditzy to retool or move on; it’s a sad cry for help**

        **Give me more More MORE high quality/quantity free $#!T…and could you have it delivered…I’m too morbidly obese and lazy to come for it myself.


        The Gotch


        • Boomer Blamer says:

          Free markets vs Socialism! The great globalist dialectic!

          “No room for God, Family or Nation(ality) – perfect!” – said the international socialist to his best friend, the international banker

          Who can’t re-tool, ya boomer dolt?


        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

          These are @Boomer Blamer’s NEW RULES

          They are hilariously beaten back by President Trump

          “Who can’t re-tool”

          A mollycoddled, monumentally misled, pea-brained, faux self-esteem infused, gimmee gimmee TOOL, that’s who; capisce?

          The Gotch


        • Boomer Blamer says:

          Gotch. You’re brain dead, probably from too much pot smoking.


    • Boomeer Blamer,
      You need to read this, Take Individual Responsibility For How You Debate. I sincerely hope you learn something from reading it.

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      • Boomer Blamer says:

        The battlefield now operates by new rules. Adapt. Overcome. Improvise.

        No one cares about the Constitution or America. It’d be like caring about the plans of a zombie. Update your thinking. No one is going to follow your rules of discourse.

        Least of all your enemies.


        • Piasano says:

          Then please leave this country you hate.
          Your Enemy

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        • Boomer Blamer says:

          America is an Empire, not a country. Empires are states that rule over multiple nations.

          They typically have a lifespan of 250 years.

          It isn’t about hate or love. It’s about history and using your eyeballs to look around and see what’s happening… multiculturalism and foreign war are signs of late-stage empire.

          You’re not my enemy.


        • madisonexpat says:

          I care for America and our Constitution. And everyone I know with the brains God gave a door knob. I do not seek your approval, agreement and sure as hell not your permission. I think that demonstrates that your are dead wrong on every assertion you make. You would not know a battlefield from a tit.
          If you ever see either, let us know.

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    • Boomer Blamer (internet troll),
      My apologies for infecting your personal ideological bubble with actual reality.


  10. White Hills says:

    You shouldn’t have done the show. You accomplished their goal; you provided them with a villain. They don’t care what you have to say, or what anyone else outside of their tribe has to say for that matter.

    These people require strict conformity and filter bubbles, or else they’ll fall apart and cry about being offended (about something that normal people would shrug off). It makes me wonder why you gave them what they wanted and did the show? It’s all a show. Though, stories have to be at least somewhat believable. Maybe not these days. Children are easier to fool and we all know who WORT’s audience is.

    How many times did they bring up gender bending? LOL. Don’t tell me, I don’t really want to know. It’s not important. Perverts. I’m sure they did bring it up. It’s their game these days. Right off the bat, you should have told them your inner self identifies as a dog and every time they threw out a dog whistle you would bark.


    • David Blaska says:

      Appreciate the thoughts, White Hills. But I am already their villain. That they could hear from me might dislodge a hater or two. It happened in my race for school board. Quite a few libs whispered they were supporting me.


    • Batman says:

      White Hills,
      “These people” are regressive Antifa brownshirts without the physical violence and instead resort to shaming, shunning, belittling, mocking, heckling, censoring, and pretty much anything else they can get away with and then on Friday night while schmoozing with their lockstep friends they brag about what great warriors they are.

      Indeed as you say, most of “these people” are refractory (aka fearful) to any idea, thought, or expression that does not conform exactly with their world view but at least Muldrow was civilized and provided a platform for DB to express himself. Might as well take advantage of free speech before these (fascist) people manage to do away with that because you never know who may be open to a planted seed.


    • David Blaska says:

      I tell you what I wish I had said: “Epstein did not kill himself.”

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      • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

        “I tell you what I wish I had said”

        She did say she’d have you back on so you’ll have that opportunity.

        Another possibility? Addressing the implication that “he hates black and brown people.”

        “Ali, you said, without one shred of evidence whatsoever: ‘My opponent (yours truly) would like to do all kinds of things to black students: punish them, humiliate them, hurt them, silence them, suspend them, expel them — pretty much anything but teach them;’ THAT flattened our relationship.”

        The Gotch

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  11. madisonexpat says:

    “Honey eeeeee… does this Conservative make my my relationships look fatter?”


    • That’s a good thing for Madison, why should that sting?


      • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

        @Steve Witherspoon;

        Anyone that can fog a mirror knows that @hankdog/old baldy isn’t the…um…most discerning of Lefties.

        Sheesh, he claims Eisenhower got the good ol’ U. S. of A. into Viet Nam; when confronted with his laughable IGNORANCE (The Gotch was just trying to help), he pulls a typical LEFTY.

        Incuriously omitted is that also in that Top Ten are the municipal disasters of SF, Portland, & Washington D.C.

        Not surprising considering @hankdog/old baldy’s comprehension & cognition have never been the stuff of legend; more like the stuff of mythology, am I right?

        Perhaps poop covered/needle strewn streets, homelessness run amok, and cop-hating are Lefty Family Values…?

        The Gotch


      • old baldy says:

        Because it doesn’t adhere to the values of this blog; how Madistan is such a horrible lefty-run, communist/socialist/marxist hell-hole. But it will certainly generate even more fact averse comments from the usual suspects. It already has……


        • Your logic is a complete failure.

          Just because Madison is a “horrible lefty-run, communist/socialist/marxist hell-hole” doesn’t mean that it’s not better than many other “horrible lefty-run, communist/socialist/marxist hell-holes” or even better than “horrible righty-run, capitalist hell-holes”.

          There are other things that make it a decent city that aren’t directly related to the leanings of the government that runs it.

          By the way, your comment was a deflection.


        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

          @Steve Witherspoon;

          “Your logic is a complete failure.”


          Um…we are talking about @hankdog/old baldy, here.

          “There are other things that make it a decent city that aren’t directly related to the leanings of the government that runs it.” (bolds mine)

          Small pockets of brilliant Conservatives whose thankless-n-unerring efforts are likely the only thing preventing the 77 Square Miles Surrounded By A Sea Of Reality from careening wildly into a Lefty abyss and becoming a truly irretrievable Lefty $#!THOLE.

          You know, like, a couple of those other Top Teners.

          The Gotch


        • old baldy says:


          If logic was a prerequisite to post on this site it would eliminate all the regulars (except abob). And no, it wasn’t a deflection. It was an observation based on the content of the comments.


        • “withered”

          Your continued childishness is unethical and astounding.

          “If logic was a prerequisite to post on this site it would eliminate all the regulars (except abob).”

          That’s an unsupportable baldfaced lie.

          Here’s what’s at the core of the extreme modern political left that’s controlling the political left and trolls like old baldy.…

          If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it.

          If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.

          If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it,
          people will eventually come to believe it.

          If you repeat a lie long enough, it becomes truth.

          If you repeat a lie many times, people are bound to start believing it.

          That’s the same kind of tactic that was put into practice by the master propagandist Paul Joseph Goebbels who was a German Nazi politician and Reich Minister of Propaganda of Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945.

          “And no, it wasn’t a deflection.”


          “It was an observation based on the content of the comments.”

          That statement is another unsupportable baldfaced lie. There were no comments before your’s at November 15, 2019 at 7:42 am that had anything to do with Madison’s standing as a top ten city or anything related to that. In fact no one even bashed Madison because of it’s progressive leaders.

          I know this is hard old baldy, but when all you post is childish insults and unethical deflections and lies you sound like an unethical stupid troll, therefore you’ll be treated like an unethical stupid troll.

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        • @hankdog/old baldy;

          “If logic was a prerequisite to post on this site it would eliminate all the regulars (except abob).”

          Oh my gunny sacks (H/T @GOOD DOG HAPPY MAN), you can’t even disavow your clueless hyper-partisanship with every fiber of a fact-based reality staring you in the puss?


          The Gotch


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  13. old baldy. says:

    withered and gootchie:

    Didn’t take more that a couple comments from you “logical” guys to prove my point. Well done!

    “but when all you post is childish insults and unethical deflections and lies you sound like an unethical stupid troll, therefore you’ll be treated like an unethical stupid troll”.

    You are talking to gootchie, right? For documentation see any or all of his posts. He wrote the book on childish insults.


    • “Didn’t take more that a couple comments from you “logical” guys to prove my point. Well done!”

      Exactly what point does your mental midgetry think we have proven with our comments, back up your claims and be specific.

      Interesting how you never actually counter any arguments around here with well thought counter arguments that are backed up with facts, all you do is deflect with your usual ad hominem trolling.

      “You are talking to gootchie, right? For documentation see any or all of his posts. He wrote the book on childish insults.”

      No dumbass, I was talking to you, old baldy/hankdog and I intentionally quoted your childish insult so even a mental midget like yourself would know exactly what I was talking about.

      Furthermore; you’ve been told this before so I can only guess that you don’t have the intellect to understand it…

      “Cornelius_Gotchberg is the architect of Shakespearean stylized rhetorical “poetries” endeavoring to school others on topics closely related to current events. Either you get the style of writing or you don’t.”

      You don’t get it, you’ll never get it and that’s your problem.

      I talk and write in English, I’d genuinely appreciate if you would read what I write in something other than dumbass.

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  14. George's son says:

    OB, Time to loosen the Stetson a tad, it’s inhibiting yer ability to cast your myriad mysterious malarkey in any meaningful manner…. Currently yer comments are becoming absurd after the 1st two syllables…


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      ”Currently yer comments are becoming absurd after the 1st two syllables”

      Playin’ it close to your vest, @George’s Son; the over/under was one syllable…

      The Gotch


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