Is Madison’s new mayor a running dog of her capitalist masters?

Boss Konkel demands:

Ubi mea est?

It was inevitable (as opposed to being evitable). If Kermit thought it was hard being green, just imagine trying to be pure Progressive Dane! Toe the party line, avoid the show trial and the one-way ticket to the gulag.

Brenda Konkel, party first secretary, is denouncing as a bourgeois capitalist tool none other than Satya Rhodes-Conway, mayor of the Emerald City. Brenda writes this in the latest edition of Progressive Dane’s Pravda:

People are getting angry. Feeling like they have been betrayed by what was supposed to be a radical, feminist, lefty, LGBTQ mayor that truly cares about equity and does all the things. Instead, she’s become a mouthpiece for the Chamber of Commerce/business interests. — Feeling Duped by the Mayor?

Jobs? WORK!!!!

madame brenda

For Hire

Progressive Dane endorsed the new mayor, in office only since April, over Paul Soglin. Now Rhodes-Conway stands accused of “cozying up to the Chamber” of Commerce. (The horror!) How? By quoting Zach Brandon in her announcement of improved bus service (“Metro Forward.”) The offending quote:

Bus Rapid Transit [is] … a vital investment in supporting our growing economy. This will help connect more people with jobs, increase weekend and evening service, transport young people and college students to school and significantly reduce ride times …

Comment, respond, what do you thinkBrenda denounces the mayor for “only” increasing affordable housing by $500,000. The $1 million for something called “land banking”? Well, it might go for affordable housing but it could also go for (feel her dread) “employment opportunities.”

Brenda’s tiny houses campaign? Rhodes Conway deviated from party orthodoxy with this blasphemy: “Tiny Houses are cool, but you know, if people would just accept treatment . . . [for] drug abuse and addiction.” 

Where is her payback?!

Image result for payday candy barThis grief is directed at a terminally “woke” mayor who is talking about putting bathrooms and warm face towels (O.K., the latter is exaggerated) at the top of State Street for the convenience of the vagrants who degrade the public square. (How a subscription to Progressive magazine while we’re at it?) 

Read down far enough — never mind! I’ll do it for you — and you come to the gravamen of her beef: The new mayor won’t put Brenda on the city payroll! 

[She] has said that she needs me (and Progressive Dane) to give her cover to support progressive ideas, but she won’t hire me.  I’m supposed to just volunteer and sit down and be quiet and be a good girl and do as she says.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Nothing like a little Chicago-style payback from Madison’s self-appointed good government goo goo.

What do YOU think?

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18 Responses to Is Madison’s new mayor a running dog of her capitalist masters?

  1. madisonexpat says:

    “Where’s Mine?” is on the Great Seal of the City of Chicago, the city that used to work and now faces bankruptcy.
    Because Democrats.

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  2. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    To paraphrase the inimitable Gordon Gekko, Konkel and her 15 minutes of fame were lucky enough to get together in the first place.

    She whines because Mayor BikeShorts, et al, didn’t include her in their excellent Iceland BIKIE adventure, her Lefty-inundated aldermanic district kicks her sizable @$$ to the curb, she gets summarily canned by the Tenant Resource Center, and now this?

    Like my Dear 94 year old + Father always says: “Gotchie, it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.”

    The Gotch

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  3. Larsen E. Whipsnade says:

    Actually, if I recall correectly, I think that “Ubi Mea Est” means “where is my sister”? “Where is mine” is “Ubi Est Mea”.


  4. Bob Dorn says:

    “…that truly cares about equity and does all the things”
    does all the things = BEYOND PARODY


  5. Sprocket says:

    I’m shocked, woke themed Mrs. Potato Head and professional mooch, Brenda Konkel doesn’t believe enough free stuff is being given?! Wait… did I say “shocked”? I really meant “totally unsurprised”. Turning taxpayer cash into crime and crappy neighborhoods is her rasion d’etre. I suspect there’s more than a little spite towards the Chads and Stacies underpinning her political philosophy.


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:


      “I suspect there’s more than a little spite towards the Chads and Stacies underpinning her political philosophy.”

      A mere 10 1/2 years ago, Matt Basford’s Spin City Winners-n-Losers the spring elections:

      Brenda Konkel’s Enemies:
      When you’ve been in office as long as Brenda Konkel has and when you fight for your issues as hard as she fought, there’s going to be a few enemies made. And Brenda’s enemies were legion. Until Tuesday, I didn’t think that many of them were residing within her district.

      Now here’s a message for all the people on the second and fourth floors of the City/County Building who are high-fiving each other today: Just because you made Brenda Konkel go away in an official capacity doesn’t mean that those issues go away. We still have different Madisons for different people. The fight to increase opportunity for all residents still needs to be joined.

      For all those progressives and liberals who, of course, agreed with Brenda’s issues but tut-tutted at her personality and tactics, you got what you wanted. The ball is now firmly in your court and we’re going to see what you can do with it.

      Progressive Dane:
      Ten years’ ago, PD had eight seats on the Common Council. Since that high water mark, they’ve been losing seats and now have only three. It’s no secret that they’ve been shrinking in membership, political force and clout over the years. The more mainstream members have found a home in the Democratic Party of Dane County. The more radical members are working with the Greens. With the loss of PD leader Brenda Konkel (who enjoyed a lot of support from people despite her PD affiliation rather than because of it) at the polls, it doesn’t seem they’ll be around much longer.

      I’m not writing this to say this means a sea-change in local politics. Progressive third-parties have always been a part of Madison’s political scene and have always had historic arcs – from the Progressive party to Labor-Farm to PD. PD’s arc is now waning and should fade for another organization to form a progressive local political coalition.

      Back To The Future…?

      The Gotch

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  6. George's Son says:

    Not much to say here, other than perhaps Brenda should emulate the Gotch’s sartorial annual October 31st attire:

    “The timeless classic ”perv trenchcoat” was The Gotch’s GO-TO Halloween costume”.

    She might just get “lucky”, which would A. Raise her perpetual pessimism and put a smile on her face and B. Help her decide just what style of “Tiny Home” would fit her pulchritudinous dimensions.

    Thus, a new attitude would improve her job opps exponentially.


  7. madisonexpat says:

    Brenda K “Where’s my equity?”

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  8. Kimmy the F35 says:

    She’s a disgusting, repulsive human being.


  9. Batman says:

    Leftys are cruel.

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  10. Paula Fitz says:

    I ignore her and her comrades because I don’t believe dialog is remotely possible, and after observing their treatment of local law enforcement, I’ll never trust them.

    Yet I can’t help but wonder how someone gets to be so cynical of the elements that represent law, order, and the traditional values many of us cherish.

    Pray for people you love and even for those you can’t stand.

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  11. Scott F says:

    So we’ve reached the point where they begin to eat their young…. Can the fat lady be far behind?


  12. White Hills says:

    The fat lady is singing.


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      @White Hills;

      “The fat lady is singing.”

      You sure that isn’t someone stabbing a frog…?

      The Gotch


  13. George's Son says:

    Paula said:

    “Yet I can’t help but wonder how someone gets to be so cynical of the elements that represent law, order, and the traditional values many of us cherish.

    Pray for people you love and even for those you can’t stand.”

    Those are two true statements, they display Paula’s wisdom & maturity -and are definitely worthwhile. I second the 1st bigtime and wish I had the patience needed to do the 2nd.

    That said: If Brenda the operatic fat lass ISN’T singing, could it be possible she has a frog (an impaled one at that) stuck in her throat?

    OK, I’ll show myself out.


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