Madison needs Oh-DUH!

and a cheeky police union!

John Bercow for superintendent of schools …
or mayor of Madison … or school board president …
high school principal … 

John Bercow is leaving his post as Speaker of the British House of Commons. He is the guy who keeps shouting Order! at the unruly members of Parliament. Only with a British accent. It comes out oh-DUH!


Speaker Bercow spares no one. Even the prime minister, he warned Boris Johnson, must obey the rules. No name calling, although he does chastise one member as “a cheeky chappie” and “an exceptionally noisy one.”

Someone who enforces the rules of civil discourse? Imagine John Bercow running a Madison school board meeting! He’s free because he has announced that he is stepping down as Speaker and Member of Parliament at the next election or on October 31, whichever comes first. Madison’s Board of Education has hired a headhunting firm to choose a successor to the Guilty White Privileged Woman. They should reach across the pond to Speaker Bercow.

No more Mr. Nice Guy

The union representing Madison police bestirred itself to chide Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway for weighing in an a police action that remains under official review. This is after the mayor appointed cop-haters Brenda Konkel and Greg Gelembiuk to sensitive city safety committees.

Of course, the Madison Professional Police Officers Assn endorsed Satya so their members are reaping paying the price of ignorance, which is always expensive.

Mayor Satya’s idea of fighting crime is more Porta Potties on upper State Street. What, no needle depositories?

NYPD turn back 2017

New York’s finest turn back on Mayor de Blasio at 2017 funeral for police officer killed on duty

For a police union with some starch in its blue collars, look to the Big Apple. That union long ago issued a vote of No Confidence against its derelict mayor, Bill de Blasio.

Patrick J. Lynch, the president of the NY Police Benevolent Association … arguably labor’s most bellicose figurehead … called on politicians to end ‘‘the demonization and anti-cop rhetoric.’’

That’s according to the New York Times, which top this day loathes Rudy Giuliani for cracking down on the squeegee con men and subway gate jumpers.

Middle-aged, white and male

“Union leadership … [is] stuck in outdated ideologies about the pre-eminent sanctity of police work,” scolds the nannies at the Times in a tendentious piece headlined “Is the NY City Police Department at war with itself?” 

Activists and community organizers have long held that the opinions of union leaders — largely white men in middle age — are out of sync with those in the rank and file.

Ah yes, “activists say.” And community organizers. Oh my! Resisted by “white men in middle age”! 

Even the Times is forced to admit that the number of white male officers has shrunk from 16,000 thirty years ago to 9,400 today, while the number of Hispanic men has more than doubled. And that 155 languages are represented on the force.

Comment BlackDespite so much “diversity,” the men and women in blue seem remarkably unified — not “at war with itself” at all. Otherwise, how is it that the vote of the union’s delegate assembly was unanimous in its no confidence vote on Mayor Bill de Blasio and his police commissioner. And union president Lynch was re-elected this summer, unopposed.

The police officer who killed Eric Garner (“I can’t breath”) was fired last month even though he was exonerated by a jury. To safeguard its members’ careers, the police union urged a slow-down in arrests. The Times caught the irony; a lowdown “was just what Mr. Lynch’s adversaries among police-reform advocates are always seeking.”

But Lynch is a cop. His “approach seems engineered to foment anger between police officers and the communities they serve.” Translation, police are always wrong.

Odds and ends, seeds and stems

⇒ Tired of being judged by the aggregate statewide vote, Wisconsin Republicans are vowing to run candidates in all 99 Assembly districts next year. We noted after the 2018 partisan elections Democrats ran unopposed in 30 districts — largely in Milwaukee. Which means Republicans got zero votes in almost one-third of the districts.

Some Republicans also got a free ride but not nearly as many. Only 8 Republicans were unopposed. For those of us who were not math majors, that’s a difference of 22 more Democrats unopposed than Republicans.

Mark Sanford says Republicans have lost their way, so will challenge Trump. ”Lost our way”? Didn’t Sanford take a wrong turn on the Appalachian trail and wind up in Argentina?

Antonio Brown (a really cheeky chappie) was unemployed for less than 24 hours thanks to a strong economy. Thank you, Donald Trump.

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