Muldrow offers non-apology

Had run afoul of Godwin’s Law

Still says Madison schools are racist

Ali Muldrow is walking back her likening of police to Nazis and juvenile detention to concentration camps. Sort of. A little bit.

Muldrow & Mirilli

As Blaska Policy Werkes first reported Sunday evening, the Madison school board member asserted:

It’s important to talk about what it is like for the students who are arrested at school and end up in the Dane county jail. We would not talk about the role of the Nazis and act as if the experiences people had in concentration camps is a separate issue.

Police are the only people in our schools who can subject students to incarceration and the students they arrest and ticket in our schools are disproportionately LGBTQ students, youth of color, impoverished youth and students with disabilities. …

Cops can be great mentors and community members, sure, but they are the only people who have the power to arrest students and they target children with certain identities for the most severe punishments

The blowback was excoriating. The police chiefs of Madison and Middleton and the Dane County sheriff denounced her comments. An on-line petition seeking her resignation went up this morning (08-27-19).

Muldrow’s non-apology

This afternoon, Ms. Muldrow attempted to make amends but without backing down from her implicit accusation that Madison schools and police are racist. In a  statement sent to WKOW Channel 27, Muldrow wrote:

Comment BlackThe Holocaust is the greatest example of mass violence in modern history. There is no part of me that fails to recognize how seriously the suffering inflected by the Holocaust must be taken.

I take full responsibility for the impact of my statement. I am deeply sorry for the harm it caused people I want nothing more than to be in solidarity with as we address the injustices of today. I am grateful to the people who have challenged me to consider the many different perspectives of our community as a means of pursuing greater understanding in the interests of unity.

The conversation about juvenile incarceration and the disproportionate arrest of children with disabilities, LGBTQ+ youth, children living in poverty, and children of color at school, is a conversation I will continue to be committed to. My hope moving forward is that I will be able to apply the learning so many concerned and constructive community members have offered me to navigating this dialogue with utmost respect while striving for common ground. 

In Solidarity, Ali Muldrow.

As you can see, Muldrow continues to aver that teachers and police are arresting children of color out of proportion to their enrollment numbers rather than in proportion to disciplinary violations. Ms. Muldrow has never provided evidence for that assertion. She did not today.

MTI wants a raise

As long as MTI gets its money. Madison teachers demonstrated Monday evening outside Doyle Admin Bldg for a 2.44%, raise; the district is offering 2.32%. That’s right: just 0.12% less.

Drawing the wrong conclusions

She probably needs no evidence. Most of Madison seems to agree, at least in the abstract, that this progressive Democratic stronghold is institutionally racist. 

Monday morning, 5,000 teachers participated in a district-sponsored pep rally at the Alliant Energy Center to affirm their implicit bias. Featured speaker Bettina Love stoked their race guilt. 

“You look around this room, and there’s a huge amount of white folks teaching black kids,” she said, according to The Capital Times.

This is the same Bettina Love who has been misrepresenting the facts of the incident at Whitehorse middle school to cast it as another chapter to Twelve Years a Slave.

“It’s time to acknowledge racism is systemic in American schools,” she wrote earlier this year in a teacher-focused publication.

In February of 2019, a positive behavior support coach who was employed by the district in Madison, Wis., allegedly physically assaulted and ripped the hair out of the head of an 11-year-old Black girl.

Ismael Ozanne“Allegedly”? Anyone can allege. Police interviewed all three teachers and several of the students present that morning in class. Their conclusion: the support coach did nothing wrong. Dane County district attorney Ismael Ozanne agreed. The allegers were “drawing conclusions that are simply wrong,” he concluded.

All the right people

Didn’t stop the superintendent of schools and school board president from throwing “Mr. Rob” under the school bus before the police investigation had been completed. For that matter, several presidential candidates continue to spout the Ferguson urban myth of “Hands up, don’t shoot.” Facts be damned.

Ali Muldrow is where Madison WI is at. This partial list of her endorsements in the April 2 school board election is a Who’s Who of Madison progressivism:

  • Democratic Party of Dane County
  • Madison Teachers Inc. 
  • The Capital Times
  • Progressive Dane
  • Four Lakes Green Party
  • Sheriff Dave Mahoney
  • UW-Madison Teaching Assistants Association
  • JoAnne Kloppenburg, presiding judge, Wisconsin Court of Appeals
  • Former Rep. Terese Berceau, District 77
  • Paul Higginbotham, Wisconsin Court of Appeals, District IV.
  • Ed Hughes, former MMSD School Board Member
  • Carousel Bayrd, County Supervisor, District 8
  • Shiva Bidar-Sielaff, City Alder, District 5
  • Maurice Cheeks, former City Alder, District 10
  • Anna Mueller Moffit, former MMSD School Board Member
  • Marsha Rummel, City Alder, District 6
  • Heidi Wegleitner, County Supervisor, District 2

Of those, only Dave Mahoney issued a rebuke, from what we have been able to ascertain.

Blaska’s Bottom LineWe said in April when we lost the election to Muldrow that it would have to get worse before it gets better. It is.

What do YOU think?

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24 Responses to Muldrow offers non-apology

  1. Muldrow’s non-apology is a solid number nine approaching number 10 on the Apology Scale.

    1. An apology motivated by the realization that one’s past conduct was unjust, unfair, and wrong, constituting an unequivocal admission of wrongdoing as well as regret, remorse and contrition, as part of a sincere effort to make amends and seek forgiveness.

    2. An apology motivated by the realization that one’s legitimate and defensible action or words caused unanticipated, excessive, or unnecessary harm to a particular party or parties. The apology expresses a sincere regret that the harm occurred.

    3. An apology motivated by a desire to accept accountability for an event or occurrence that one may not have caused, but was responsible for in some way.

    4. A spontaneous apology intended to demonstrate compassion and sympathy for the victim or victims of the unavoidable consequences of a necessary action.

    5. A spontaneous apology designed to prevent future, preventable harm by expressing regret that a past action was necessary or that it occurred at all.

    6. A forced or compelled version of 1-4, when the individual (or organization) apologizing knows that an apology is appropriate but would have avoided making one if he or she could have gotten away with it.

    7. A forced or compelled version of 1-4, in which the individual (or organization) apologizing may not sincerely believe that an apology is appropriate, but chooses to show the victim or victims of the act inspiring it that the individual responsible is humbling himself and being forced to admit wrongdoing by the society, the culture, legal authority, or an organization or group that the individual’s actions reflect upon or represent .

    8. A forced apology for a rightful or legitimate act, in capitulation to bullying, fear, threats, desperation or other coercion.

    9. Deceitful apologies, in which the wording of the apology is crafted to appear apologetic when it is not (“if my words offended, I am sorry”). Another variation: apologizing for a tangential matter other than the act or words that warranted an apology.

    10. An insincere and dishonest apology designed to allow the wrongdoer to escape accountability cheaply, and to deceive his or her victims into forgiveness and trust, so they are vulnerable to future wrongdoing.

    Not once did Muldrow actually admit that she did anything wrong in her non-apology.

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  2. madisonexpat says:

    “Huge amount of white faces teaching black kids” is she arguing for segregation?
    Why not their own school?


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      Or as a literate person would phrase it, “Huge number of white faces ….” Last time I looked, people didn’t come in amounts. Wonder if any of the English teachers in the room had the nerve to correct her grammar. Nah, it’s now racist to expect POCs to construct grammatically correct sentences.


  3. George's Son says:

    Her FB post referred to “124 Days in” juvenile detention. I commented, “Perhaps it is 124 MINUTES; they’re back at it the next day….” Deleted in seconds…. Didn’t seem to like it either, when I posited,”What did they do to get arrested in the 1st place”. And, once again I asked,”The police were CALLED, how can they ignore responding -it’s their job….” Deleting posts seems a “Goebbel’s” kinda reaction, tho…. Who Ali must know, WAS actually a Nazi…. He espoused the following: “The best propaganda is that which…. works invisibly, penetrates the whole of life without the public having any knowledge of it… .” March, 1933. Yep, Ali’s got a good handhold on THAT by obfuscatin’ the real facts, and denying meaningful questions/responses. Once again, The Squire was right: hasta get worse B4 it gets better.


    • Batman says:

      George’s Son,
      Interesting what Muldrow did NOT delete from that Facebook thread:

      Zaia Hartman accused Blaska of being a white supremacist and racist multiple times.
      She also accused Steve Witherspoon of being an ignorant racist.

      Bill Anderson called blaska a bigot.
      He also wrote, “I do think that reactionaries like Steve Witherspoon should be imprisoned for the crimes against humanity they incite with their rhetoric. How we get from here to there is an open question…”

      Keep in mind these inspired reactions arose because two people had the audacity to challenge comments on Muldrow’s Facebook page and did so with logic, civility, and nothing sensational.

      “In solidarity, Ali Muldrow.”
      Translation: solidarity with people who think exactly like me and be gone all the rest.


      • David Blaska says:

        Bill Anderson is particularly vicious. I blocked him a year ago. Says he’s got a list and I am on it. I said I’ve got a gun and know how to use it.


        • Batman says:

          My street sources tell me that Bill Anderson is a brooding fellow with a nasty personality and the only people willing to asscociate with him are the local racist SJWs but secretely even they find him repugnant but tolerate him because he is a useful tool in their quest to persuade that whites are Satan’s evil demon spawn responsible for every failing POC (except Asians and Nigerians).

          Let us pray

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        • In spite of Bill Anderson’s music talents, which I genuinely appreciate, I think Bill Anderson is likely a closet ANTIFA supporter if not an open activist. I suppose I could be wrong about that but the rhetoric rings true to the tactics of ANTIFA hypocrite thugs.

          I think it’s a bit ironic that I think someone that spews such fascist minded hate would support ANTIFA which is purported to be against fascism; but seriously, ANTIFA has made its bed acting like fascist thugs.

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      • I’ll share screen shots of a few of the comments, here’s the first one…


      • Here’s the second one…


      • Here’s the last one for now…


      • Ok just one more.

        How about this signature significant statement that Muldrow made…

        “Explain to me how arresting people makes the world a better place, how prisons and detention centers are keeping Americans safe?”

        In all seriousness; anyone that writes that kind of question is completely blinded by their own bias, or they’re a blithering idiot, or they’re trying to justify the elimination of police, prisons and detention centers. Is she showing signs of advocating for absolute free will with no laws, lawless social chaos and vigilantism?

        It’s been my observation that Muldrow’s mojo* is to talk and write using ludicrous innuendo, extreme hyperbole and false accusations. Come to think of it, that’s the mojo of most, if not all, progressives and absolutely ALL social justice warriors.

        *Mojo: as in influence, confidence or personal charisma.


  4. Batman says:

    Associate Professor Bettina Love,
    You complain about the dearth of black teachers and also publicly explain how white teachers are “spirit murdering” black and brown students.

    Do you know the race of those applying for teaching positions because without presenting that data your message may be completely meritless and misleading.
    Schools can only hire from the pool of applicants. Same goes for cops btw.

    If you want to reverse the alleged spirit murder of black students perhaps you should be messaging black students to sit their asses down in class, pay attention, work hard, and learn as much as possible while ignoring all the screeching of social injustice. Once they can read well, speak well, calculate, and think critically, they will be able to carry on the fight for social justice much more effectively.

    Make sense professor?


    • David Blaska says:

      Exactly. How have we gotten from “content of one’s character” and equal rights to a place where only African-Ams can teach African-Ams, Filipinos teach Filipinos, and Hmong teach Hmong?


  5. Sprocket says:

    We all know that isn’t going to happen. If you want a glimpse of the future, look a New York’s move to eliminate their programs for gifted students because it hurts the feels of the stupids. The education establishment has become a cancer in our nation.

    My solution would be to simply hand out diplomas to any kid who wants one on the first day of school. We could award them based on “lived experience” or some other leftie nonsense, to get them on board. That would flush out the losers from the get go and retain only those kids who’s families value education.


  6. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    You want to see a pathetic, yet more genuine apology, I’ll show you a pathetic, yet more genuine apology.

    Channeling her inner Lefty, Oklahoma City ABC affiliate KOCO-TV anchor Alex Housden:

    The Gorilla “Kinda Looks Like YOU!”

    Too bad her name’s not Ralph Northam; she’d skate!

    The Gotch


    • Batman says:

      He rested his hand on her knee (on camera) during the apology event which seems peculiar so now she’s considering a sexual harassment lawsuit and they’ll split the settlement because they’re good “friends” outside of work.


  7. patrickmoloughlin says:

    And then she has the audacity to make the pitch that calling the police Nazis is not an insult. And why is that? Because that’s not what she “intended.” So, you see, if you don’t intend to insult somebody, it’s not an insult. Liberals are always about intentions. It’s really the only thing that matters,


  8. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    You’d better settle for Ali’s “apology,” Dave, craven and insincere though it may be. It’s the closest you’ll get to the real thing from a Madison progressive.

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    • “You’d better settle for Ali’s “apology,” Dave, craven and insincere though it may be. It’s the closest you’ll get to the real thing from a Madison progressive.”

      I disagree! These people need to be told the error of their ways, I told her in a Facebook Messenger message…


  9. White Hills says:

    She isn’t sorry, just sorry her comments weren’t received the way she expected them to be received. Trivializing the holocaust is the current fashionable way to show the world how much of an ahistorical moron you are.


  10. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Don’t you all think you’re being a little too harsh on the talented Ms. Muldrow

    “Muldrow said she was grateful to those who reached out to her and challenged her to broaden her perspective.”

    Is this really anything more than a culturally different/non-White Supremacist method of showing that…um…gratitude; by SPIKING “challenging” comments?

    Muldrow: “I have learned a tremendous amount from people’s willingness to tell me what about my statement made them uncomfortable or bothered them,”

    Absent one freakin’ whit of irony? Oh, the cascading hypocrisy!

    The Gotch


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