Satya is the Progressive Dane mayor Madison deserves

Attention Madison Professional Police Officers Assn.
You endorsed Satya Rhodes Conway for mayor of Madison.
Now you got her. What did you expect?

Madison’s new mayor has taken a page out of Jennifer Cheatham’s playbook. Like the outgoing school superintendent, Mayor Satya Rhodes Conway has rushed to judgment. No sense waiting for the full investigation. Not when there is identity politics to be played.


It’s been circulating on social media for a while now. A smartphone video of a June 3 incident; an unruly teenaged boy being struck by a police officer trying to subdue the lad. You guessed it, the former is black, the latter is white.

West High School sent the him home after the lad threatened staff. He continued his violent behavior, threatening his foster father and a workman. The foster father and Journey Mental Health called the police for help committing him for mental health treatment. He fought the officers for 20 minutes until before he was subdued by the blows.

The WI State Journal reports today that: 

MPD procedures allow officers to hit, or deliver “diffused strikes” to, suspects in a number of circumstances, including “when an officer reasonably believes it is necessary to control a person” being taken “into custody for emergency detention or protective custody.”

No-Irish“The officer’s actions may or may not have violated the law,” the Mayor intoned, “and may or may not have violated (Madison Police Department) policy; however, police actions in this incident are not and will never be acceptable as best practice in the city of Madison.”

Comment BlackThe mayor’s solution: Hire a “black mental health practitioner.” Not an Asian mental health practitioner. Not a native American mental health practitioner. Heaven forbid a white man! Regardless, when the subject spits, kicks and punches to resist your involuntary commitment order, who ya gonna call, mental health practitioner person? Ghostbusters?

Just what do you not get about Progressive Dane?

But then, what did you expect of a mayor who campaigned for office on identity politics, Madison rank & file police officers? (“Elect the city’s first lesbian mayor.”) The mayor is Progressive Dane! Brenda Konkel’s party! (And you’re surprised the mayor appointed her to the Public Safety Review Committee?) Her campaign treasurer was Ald. Rebecca Kemble! Cops Out of School Progressive Dane! Derail the Jail Progressive Dane! Affordable housing even if it’s a penthouse overlooking the lakes Progressive Dane.

Madison alders also took the first steps toward implementing a civilian police review committee. Are you poor? Homeless? A convicted felon? Illegal alien? Madison wants you to sit in judgement of the police. We broke that story three weeks ago. (Read it and weep.)

What do YOU think?

July’s crime numbers are in. Police Chief Mike Koval reports:

  • 41 reports of stolen autos in July (8% increase from July of 2018 when there were 38 reports of stolen autos)
  • 14 shots fired in July (27% increase from July of 2018 when we had 11 shots fired)
  • Burglaries virtually the same year to date compared to 2018.
  • Thefts from autos are down.

More here.

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23 Responses to Satya is the Progressive Dane mayor Madison deserves

  1. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    “Hire a ‘black mental health practitioner.’ ”

    Leaving aside what’s tantamount to a discriminatory hiring approach…and in Madison, no less.

    Yo, Blaska; seeing’s the 77 Squre Miles Surrounded By A Sea Of Reality passed on your selflessly generous OFFER (5 months ago to_the_day!) to become “your” Positive Behavior Coach, might you consider throwing your hat in the ring for the black mental health practitioner?

    While it would appear, at first blush, that your melanin content may…um…Derail the Pale, I know just the person to HELP

    The Gotch


    • Paula Fitz says:

      As we were discussing yesterday, the insanity isn’t just in Madison. Your link is another example of how widespread this stuff is.


  2. Paula Fitz says:

    Hope the Madison police union finds the nads to speak out against this. If they can’t defend ONE OF THEIR OWN COPS, what the hell good are they? Why pay union dues if the people who are supposed to be standing up for you are silent when you need them most?

    They endorsed this mayor, now they have to live with their decision for the next four years. Did they really think their endorsement would curry favor? Ya’ don’t kiss the ass of your enemy or sit back and take it when under attack – ya’ fight back.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      The thing I don’t get? How could the union have possibly believed that this would be in their dues-paying members’ best interests.

      Sheesh! That’s Stockholm Syndrome level cluelessness!

      TL squared; the toothpaste is out of the tube.

      The Gotch

      Liked by 1 person

      • Paula Fitz says:

        I hear you on that. I suspect they thought they were being politically-savvy, or, if only they could curry favor, the haters would lay off.

        Ha! They’re coming after them with a vengeance.

        While I can understand individual cops being afraid to speak up, it is up to their UNION to do it for them. It is indefensible that these union leaders are not standing up for their own. Pathetic.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

          BTW, nice LTE today; sometimes harsh reality is a good thing.

          The Gotch


        • Paula Fitz says:

          Thanks, Gotch! Looks like my letter is being drowned out by letters of the “Blame the pols” and “Blame gun culture” variety.

          Guess it’s easier to blame everyone else rather than look at (and solve) the problem within.

          I could see milennials and such not grasping this concept because they were born into the entitlement-blame-victimology culture and have little to compare it too. But anyone who’s 50-plus should, I think, know better. Unless, of course, they were raised with non-traditional values or in a hippy commune.


    • Act 10 says:

      @Paula Fitz- Correct, the Union officials should be addressing this. However, just a clarification, ya don’t have to pay dues anymore. Wi is a right to work state. Maybe you missed out on that. You can also be a core dues member. They pay the int’l per cap but not the percentage that goes towards political activities.


  3. madisonexpat says:

    Oh well doesn’t matter what crime goes on because a lesbian.


  4. Batman says:

    Batman be disappointed in our good mayor, a missed opportunity to unite not divide but alas Satya takes the low road of open partisanship without mention of the challenge to an officer during a resist arrest. Virtually all problem issues of cop vs citizen involve resist arrest and/or life threats to the officer; a well documented fact.

    So why good mayor such a biased analysis of the problem on your 08/06/2019 blog post?? Do you really want to inflame the war on cops. You think that’s a good thing. Think again because your short term illogical thinking will create more violence and higher crime as cops decide to stand down, be less proactive, quit, or the best not apply at all. Are you forgetting our MPD has been fully fu*king investigated.

    How about this good mayor because I know you or one your minions monitor this blogsite:
    Be a unifying force and publicly advise in clear language that citizens MUST NEVER RESIST ARREST, period. Explain the time to resist is later in court. Publicly announce your support for our MPD and their intense challenges (while under a microscope) and that you will support community efforts to reverse the rise of single parent families raising kids in self-defeating circumstances while spearheading a coalition to heal the division between minorities and the MPD.
    The actions you list on your blogsite are mostly just worthless bandaid feel good maneuvers giving the appearance of how woke you are, but do not address root cause at all.
    Be a brave and wise leader doing what’s right without regard to PC.

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    • richard lesiak says:

      So YOU know for a fact that the mayor or a minion monitor blaska’s blog. How do you know that. Care to explain that statement to us? And why would they care about anything said by someone calling himself batman?


    • AnonyBob says:

      Bats condescendingly, in his usual smarmy manner, offers advice to the mayor. Hilarious! Why WOULDN’T she take it? And then finds out he got the situation wrong! (I do give him credit for admitting it). SMDH.


      • Batman says:

        openbordersbob emerges from his safe space to belch out another unsatisfactory comment.
        Who else but citizens should the mayor listen to you fool, plus Satya solicited feedback from Madisonians at the end of her 08/06 blog post. Most importantly the Mayor missed a golden opportunity to make her point while still expressing compassion and understanding for both sides.

        I wish I had found that video before writing my OP because I would have expressed some of the content differently but I stand behind the primary message.
        There is no shame in occasionally making journalistic mistakes as long as corrected, but printing a correction is something you are grossly unfamiliar with, you know like all the times you falsely accuse people of being racist along with the countless times you have been shown to be completely wrong without ever conceding, a trait of the insecure.


        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:


          “Who else but citizens should the mayor listen to YOU FOOL, plus Satya solicited feedback from Madisonians at the end of her 08/06 blog post.” (bolds/caps mine)

          Direct hit to Lefty’s VAST soft-surrounded, adipose-ensconced, cellulite-larded underside; she’s listing dangerously aport, to no one’s surprise.

          Bet someone’s feeling pretty STUPID right about now, am I right?


          Heh! With Lefty in COMPLETE AND UTTER FREE FALL, perhaps an appeal to you-n-@hankdog/old baldy’s new special friend (@VOR/giantvor/Your VOR) pleading her to post some meaningless drivel to provide shelter from the storm…?

          Ah Lefty; so MUCH staggering ignominy, so little time!

          The Gotch


  5. Batman says:

    I was unable to find this video prior to my 3:51 post, apologies.
    It appears the kid was not resisting arrest prior to being thrown against a wall at which point he began resisting. It appears the officer exacerbated the situation unnecessarily.
    I wholly support the mayor requesting improved/more officer training regarding citizens with mental health issues and possibly expanding the pool of who responds to those cases.
    My 3:51 post is still valid.


    • richard lesiak says:

      Thanks for posting the video and manning up to clarify the situation.


    • Sprocket says:

      When you fight going into cuffs, the cops will deliver strikes to break your arm loose and put you in cuffs. The cops did fine. The real problem is cops should not be in the business of wrangling the mentally ill. This kid was the family’s problem; let them deal with him.


  6. George's Son says:

    Don’t fergit: Also in the Chief’s Stats:

    “In 26 of the 128 reported burglaries, residents were HOME during the incident”.

    Seems like a new trend by the MMSD supported/typically-brazen juvenile “victims” of the”School to Prison Pipeline….”

    Just sayin….


  7. patrickmoloughlin says:

    I keep thinking of Obama commenting on the arrest of of hid friend Louis Gates (who was breaking into his own house because of lost keys.)

    “Obviously, the police acted stupidly,” he proclaimed within hours and from 500 miles away.

    Why wait for the investigation? We all know what went on here, and we know who was wrong. It’s those racist cops who are “trained to kill black kids.”

    Next time they get one of these difficult cases, the cops should have the mayor come handle i personally.


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:


      C’mon, Hopey Changey redeemed himself by arranging the now infamous Beer Summit, affording the lickspittle press the opportunity to BEND WAY OVER & empty printers ink laden oil freighters extolling its brilliance.

      FWIW, The Gotch has come ‘nearly’ full circle (from there) on the talented Dr. Gates.

      His The Rest Of The Story research (which doesn’t support the gimmee gimmee victimhoodie version) on the colony’s slave trade is (IMHO) fair-n-balanced.

      And that he didn’t cave (initially) and Kicked Upstairs Ben Affleck’s request to spike the fact that he’s descended from slave owners on a segment of Gates’ NPR program Finding Your Roots, which a pretty neat (IMHO) program if you haven’t seen it.

      The Gotch


      • patrickmoloughlin says:

        Oh I’ve seen it, and I agree he does come off much better than I thought he would. But at the time I was furious. I TOO once found myself breaking into my own apartment for the exact same reason. I’m a very white guy, but all I could think of was how I was going to explain this to the cops, who would surely be along shortly. So why was Gates, a man who should have expected police involvement, so outraged when they showed up TO PROTECT HIS PROPERTY? The first thing he did was berate them for harassing him. Wouldn’t you expect that a worldly black man would be explaining and apologizing instead of arguing with the cops?


  8. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Baby Steps?

    Madison Police Union Rips Mayor’s Response To Arrest Of Black Teen

    The Gotch


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