Madison seeks felons, squatters, illegal aliens, and addicts to judge the police

Just jonesing to recommend Chief Koval’s dismissal

The War on Cops continues apace in the Emerald City, Madison WI. Two developments:

First, two excellent sources tell us that Brenda Konkel is about to be named to the nine-member Public Safety Committee. Madame Konkel co-chairs Progressive Dane, which is in league with Freedom Inc. and the Royko-Maurer group hounding police. The former Madison alder was so anti-police that the police officers’ labor union erected a billboard in her district on Madison’s isthmus to defeat her.

Inexplicably, the Madison Professional Police Officers Assn. endorsed Satya Conway-Rhodes for mayor over incumbent Paul Soglin in the Spring election. It is Satya who is appointing Konkel. Police officers! What were you thinking?

51qqgbyu13l-_ac_us218_An anti-police kangaroo court

The second development is even worse. For four long years, a city committee called the ad hoc Committee on Police Policy & Procedures has been conducting an unlubed colonoscopy of the police. Not a single member could be considered police friendly. (Greg Gelembiuk, anyone?) Yes, the city of Madison considers police — not youthful car jackers, for instance — to be a problem requiring relentless investigation.

The Gelembiuk committee was formed to consider the 146 recommendations (!!!) — most of them paper cuts but some of them eviscerating wounds — proposed by a pricey Berkeley CA boutique. That committee is now forwarding to the Common Council what may be its single most dangerous proposal: 

an independent police monitor
overseen by a civilian review board. 

The ad hoc Police Policy & Review Committee acknowledges: “We see almost all of our other recommendations as contingent or dependent on the establishment of a civilian police review body.” And what a body! 

Not representative of the community as a whole but tilted, weighted and freighted with anti-police special interests, just like the ad hoc committee that proposes it.

The civilian review board would be an all-star roster of identity politics favorites — including “but not limited to: African-American, Asian, Latino, Native American, and LGBTQ communities. Age, socio-economic status, work experiences, the very many genders, geographic residence … and

“Including individuals with arrest or conviction records.”

In that category, the Policy Werkes has got to think that a felony arrest record would trump a mere misdemeanor rap sheet. Ordinance violators? Get in back of the line! Respected your community, paid your taxes, gave an honest day’s work, stopped at the red light? You cop-loving RACIST!


Police watch helplessly through Starbucks window as masked gunman empties register 
A Starbucks in Tempe, Arizona had its lattes and cappuccinos turn into a crime of opportunity this weekend. The coffee shop was robbed at gunpoint by a masked man, and, surprisingly, the theft occurred in plain sight of six uniformed policemen watching through the store’s front window.
The officers wanted to rush in and stop the crime but had just been asked to leave the establishment by a barista who told them that a customer “did not feel safe” with them in the coffee house. — from the Babylon Bee


This mess will be considered by the Common Council’s Executive Committee Tuesday, July 16, at 4:30 p.m. in Room 153, Madison Municipal Building.
 The agenda here.
Read Civilian Oversight Recommendation 7-11-19.

Will they meet on Upper State Street?

But wait! There’s more! As many as two of every five civilian reviewers should have a “lived experience with homelessness, mental health, substance abuse, and [once again] arrest or conviction records.” Administering this litmus test will be the City of Madison Racial Equity and Social Justice Initiative. Toriana Pettaway’s revenge!

Should not be difficult to find members. We suspect candidates are assembled in the 100 block of State Street. 

Groups of people hang out for hours, some drink in public, aggressively panhandle, fight, urinate and defecate in nearby doorways and alleys, deal and use drugs — especially crack cocaine and heroin — and engage in prostitution…. said Madison’s new mayor, Satya Rhodes-Conway, speaking of the spot where State Street meets the Capitol Square. — Wisconsin State Journal.

This kangaroo court will sit in judgment of Mike Koval, chief of police. If Koval is found wanting, that will constitute cause to kick his ass over to the Police and Fire Commission “with a recommendation for dismissal.” 

It will also dig its filthy fingernails deep into the department, making “policy-level recommendations on officer discipline, use of force, hiring, training, community relations, and citizen complaints.”

In short, this trojan horse of New Left, A.O.C. activism seeks to largely supplant the statutory, non-political PFC.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: INCREDIBLE! Madison is truly upside down and inside out. We have said it has to get worse before it gets better. But This Much Worse?


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