Cap Times demands more school security while getting rid of cops!

Only in Madison!

If The Squire’s forehead is reddened, it is because I have been smacking it all morning. 

The object of Blaska’s pique: a Capital Times editorial headlined “Madison schools need to get serious about school safety.”

Head smack

Of the six candidates on the ballot this Spring election, only one candidate talked about school safety. (You get one guess.) The Capital Times endorsed his opponent, who wrote Progressive Dane’s “cops out of school” manifesto.


The CT is riffing off the rape reported at Madison East high school allegedly committed by two 15-year-old boys. 

School board members and administrators need to recommit to a basic premise that underpins public education. The premise is that students, teachers, and staffers in public schools have a right to expect that every school will be safe for every student at every time.

Wait a minute! Is this the same Capital Times that sides with the Freedom Inc. F-bombers to demand Cops OUT of Schools? It is, indeed.

Smack!CT East High rape

The CT attempts to cover its tracks with this bit of rhetorical gymnastics: 

This goes far beyond debates about school resource officers. Though we respect the views of those who say that the officers should remain in the schools, we do not presume for a moment that they can or should be expected to provide the level of security that is required.


No, it STARTS with school resource officers. You want MORE security in the schools so you start by kicking uniformed police officers OUT of the schools because — SMACK! — they cannot be expected “to provide the level of security that is required”???

What, pray, tell, would provide the level of security that is required? The Capital Times never says. 

Classic Face Palm!

Head in HandsHow does removing police officers increase security? SMACK! (Is this the new math?) Some of us might suggest if one police officer in each of the four main high schools aren’t enough, a second should be added. Blaska advocated police also patrol the middle schools. The school district already employs a small army of security people who are not sworn police officers. They will tell you they can’t lay a finger on the kids.

The CT pontificates that “What is needed now is a top-to-bottom commitment … to ensure that public schools will be safe spaces … Because it is absurd to imagine that children will get the education they need in an insecure of unsafe environment.”

No Schick, Sherlock. 

Welcome to the party

February 6 — David Blaska: “Return discipline for safer schools
and a safer community.”

Some of us have been saying that for over a year now. Might we suggest that the alleged rape at East High is the predictable result of the general chaos in the classroom. Haven’t we been saying that a school board that cannot maintain order at its own meetings — to the point that they have to flee their own meeting chambers (detailed here) — invites chaos in the classroom?!

It is the broken windows theory of law enforcement: F-bombing, kids wilding in the hallways, popping in and out of class, cafeteria brawls — even gunfire. What did you expect?

When anything goes, nothing is prohibited.

A Behavior Education Plan based on improving identity politics numbers not on securing a safe learning environment. A positive behavior coach (that there is such a job title is Smack-worthy in itself) is forced out by the district superintendent and the school board president for trying to enforce positive behavior.

It is a school district that race-shamed award-winning teacher Karen Vieth when she quit the profession (after 16 years) after complaining that Sherman middle school was out of control.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Liberals, progressives and socialists run this school district, Capital Times. You endorsed them. You own this mess. Now go smack your own foreheads.


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9 Responses to Cap Times demands more school security while getting rid of cops!

  1. Fritzderkat says:

    Curiously, following its non-endorsement of school board candidate Dave Blaska, the sole supporter of the need for greater security in Madison schools, the CapTimes mystifies its readers today by editorializing on–you guessed it–the need in the schools for greater security.
    I submit here an excerpt from a letter to the editor I submitted a week before the election.
    “As a former student at West High, I benefited from an orderly process emphasizing respect, self-discipline and a common agreement among students and teachers that our primary purpose for being there was to get a good education. I see a pressing need for a return to those standards. Dave Blaska is the only candidate for school board who would stand for these principles.”

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  2. Batman says:

    The political ideology of the regressive radical Left is their religion and therefore refractory to contradicting facts and reality.

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  3. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    You should demand space in the next issue of the CT to respond to that editorial. Your standing in the community and respectable showing the last election, is more than sufficient to support such a demand. (Robert Frost once observed that a liberal is “someone who is too broad-minded to take his own side in an argument.” The CT editorial is Exhibit A.)

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  4. This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Cap Times Madison’s Progressive Voice is so blatantly partisan at endorsing political candidates that they will openly endorse a political candidate on that’s on their side of the political aisle even when they know that that political candidate is openly against that which they fully believe is needed which is exactly what the opposing candidate was advocating for.


    “Progressives falsely paint themselves as Virtuous In Every Way, that’s their V.I.E.W. of themself through their permanently attached industrial-strength weapons-grade thickened ideological blinders (#Cornelius Gotchberg), but the real truth is very different. The truth is that having high moral standards (which is the definition of virtuous) is very low on a progressives list of personal priorities”

    Fully consumed progressives, like those at the Cap Times, put “party” over absolutely everything else; logic, critical thinking, ethics and morals be damned!

    The “wokeness” of these pompous ass progressives has put them into a virtual eyes-opened brain-closed coma. WAKE UP PROGRESSIVES!

    Again from my blog…

    “Progressives are literally the evil they profess that they want to destroy and they’re too damned stupid to recognize it. Their self-awareness ignorance is causing them to psychologically project their evil traits upon those they disagree with. Progressives need to do is look in the mirror.”

    The Cap Times Madison’s Progressive Voice is completely morally bankrupt and your antiism* has consumed you.

    The Cap Times Madison’s Progressive Voice is Madison, Wisconsin’s version of Pravda.

    *antiism: A distinctive practice, system, or philosophy of being anti.

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  5. John Popanz says:

    Apparently the a lot of anti’s are following your blog. they seem to need your truth to fuel their rage.


  6. Tom Paine says:

    Daily dose of humor……… I have maintained for weeks. :^)
    Seems the CapTimes is finally getting serious by telling jokes.

    Zoltar, are you finally coming to see the light?

    Again, I ask, “Why bother?”

    Common Sense (excluded from the Emerald City)


  7. Scott Freeman says:

    Who knew that when Lewis Carroll wrote Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland he was giving us a literal preview of today’s Liberal rabbit hole.


  8. George's Son says:

    “This goes far beyond debates about school resource officers. Though we respect the views of those who say that the officers should remain in the schools, we do not presume for a moment that they can or should be expected to provide the level of security that is required.”

    And next:

    “What is needed now is a top-to-bottom commitment by the people who run the district to ensure that public schools will be safe spaces”

    Oxymoron or, just plain moronic ?

    “When there is the slightest question about whether safety is ensured, the whole of the school system NEEDS TO HIT THE BRAKES and refocus on the task at hand.”

    Sorry, but the last election confirms they not only hit the brakes, they are in reverse…..


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