Did you mow your lawn this summer? You racist!

‘Cops out of school’ crowd denounces civility, as well

Even school auditorium is accused of racism

Nothing is more pathetic than a guilty progressive ashamed of his/her lack of melanin, resolute to fight the injustice s/he is certain soaks the racist and sexist core of fascist Amerikkka. Many of these apostles of identity politics are products of our world-class state university. That their mis-education was heavily subsidized by Joe and Jane Worker Bee does not lesson their sense of victimhood. 

The social justice warriors lined up to speak to the Madison Board of Education Monday night (12-17-18) to condemn those agents of repression, Madison police. The cops, they lectured, are the direct blood-descendants of slave catchers in the antebellum South. (Which we did not know, largely because it is untrue. Police departments were established in Boston in 1838, New York in 1844, and Philadelphia in 1854. Hardly slave states.)

There was Emily, who apologized for her Norwegian ancestors “settling on ground stolen from the HoChunk.” Give it back, we say. Or STFU.

Calling the Madison school board ‘white supremacists’

More impressive was a young lady named Stepha Velednitsky. She told the world that has been teaching her students “the connection between white liberalism and white supremacy.”

“White liberalism means valuing law and order and protocol above the lives of people.”

(She did not address the fact that the kids being shot by gunfire and beaten in cafeteria brawls are, overwhelmingly, racial minorities.)

Ms. Velednitsky pays dues to the University of Wisconsin-Madison Teaching Assistants Assn. (a hard-left organization just this side of Antifa) where she lectures in the Geography Department. Yes, even geography is politicized at the UW.

(Her Environmental Justice Studies manages to marry an “historic analysis of race, class, gender, and colonialism to narratives of climate, technology, and governance.” Here she defends the UW Multicultural Student Center for offering racially segregated but “supportive, accountable space for white people to discuss our responses to racialized police violence.” )

Velednitsky condemned the very auditorium in which the school board meets as being rife with racism. Implicitly biased, she thundered, was the process of registering to speak. The school board only pretends its three-minute time limit allows all 58 registered to speak that evening an opportunity to speak before Monday night turned into Tuesday morning. Little did we know that the time limit oppressed black and brown people. 

“In this room we see white liberalism embodied through the timer, the ‘please finish up,’ [President Mary Burke’s entreaty to speakers who exceeded the 3 minutes], the numbers [each speaker is given an order in number of appearance], the sign-up process, the stage, and the barriers.

The school board meets on the stage of McDaniels Auditorium, the only large room in the tired old (1939) former schoolhouse.

Stepha Velednitsky

Ms Velednitsky

“All these signs suggest that the law and the decorum and the civility is more important than what is being said. Another aspect of white liberalism is policing peoples’ tone of voice … the obsession with civility … refusing to hear black and brown people when they aren’t following white cultural norms of communication.

“… by maintaining law and order, by maintaining civility, by keeping your front lawn nice and tidy ,and by putting that “all our welcome in our community on your front lawn — you are denying that all the while you are passing money to a deadly institution that polices with great disparity and causes tragic, tragic harm to the community …

“So, telling black and brown people to ‘please wrap up’ suggests that their voices, their pain, and their stories are less important than the rules and that is where white liberalism turns into white supremacy.

“It’s because white supremacy is the accumulation of these aggressive messages that say ‘stay off the grass, mow the lawn, pull your pants up and act respectable.’ If I were to raise my voice and use some swear words I don’t believe it would be received in the same way if a black and brown youth were using those swear words.

Now Ms. Velednitsky, UW-Madison teaching assistant, was winding up for her grand finale:

“So here is what I have to say [shouting] FUCK WHITE LIBERALISM! and FUCK WHITE SUPREMACY.”

Who says UW students aren’t getting a rigorous education? Looking as pleased with herself as a prof just granted tenure, Ms. Velednitsky bowed primly and joined her cheering admirers.

It’s either bathos or pathos

After 2½ hours of race-shaming, cursing, heckling, and demonstrating, the social justice warriors marched off into the night leaving McDaniels Auditorium nearly empty of spectators. The TV cameras had left and the two news reporters remaining were interested only in school resource officer issue. (See “Police have no real friends on school board“)

They missed the mixed-race panel of school district educators who updated the school board on its Equity Fellows program, complete with PowerPoint. 

An Equity Fellow is a member of the MMSD community who has a clear commitment to the District’s goal of eliminating racialized disparities in student success, and is willing to be part of a professional learning community to further the district’s vision for excellence with equity.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: One almost feels sympathy for a Madison School District that tries so hard to End Systemic Racism — and winds up fanning the flames. Play with identity politics, get burned by identity politics.

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24 Responses to Did you mow your lawn this summer? You racist!

  1. madisonexpat says:

    Fabulous theater.
    What you subsidize you get more of.
    This is the new White Person’s Burden.

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  2. WashCoRepub says:

    Liberal identity politics (at least as practiced in Madison) has now entered a phantom zone that is so confusing, I can’t even follow it anymore. Maybe it’s best to just periodically shout an obscenity and clap randomly?

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  3. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Sadly, Ms.Velednitsky’s diatribe represents all too accurately the kind of far-left indoctrination that passes for education at our nation’s colleges and universities–and most certainly at UW-Madison. But what do you expect from institutions that long ago decided to transform themselves into boot camps for social justice warriors? (Well, arm-chair warriors since I doubt Ms. V. will ever do anything more “radical” than harangue a bunch of cowering white liberal Madison pu$$ies). The tiresome jargon so prominent in her remarks is what has taken the place of rational thought, careful analysis and reasoned argument. And the attitude of self-righteous superiority she displays is the favored style for delivering those lefty platitudes (the recipients of such remarks are expected to adopt a posture of meek acquiescence–and, needless to say, any whisper of dissent is met with indignant charges of racism). I can only hope that a few of her students somehow manage to escape the indoctrination that she undoubtedly inflicts on them–though the chances of this are slim indeed. Back in the 70s, as a TA in the English Department at UW-Madison, I declined to join the TAA, which stuck me as a bunch of pampered, self-absorbed idologues ungrateful for the chance they were given to gain some valuable teaching experience in their graduate years. (Needless to say, I was thoroughly vilified by my fellow TAs.) The complexion of the TAA hasn’t changed a bit since then–still a bunch of whiny, privileged (mostly) white ideologues who’ve deluded themselves into thinking that they have anything in common with ordinary working people despite their membership in a so-called “union.”

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    • Tom Paine says:

      Only adding two observations. 1. your post is spot on; 2. why bother with reform? Folks should just move away from Toxic Dane. Insanity.

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  4. Batman says:

    Stepha Velednitsky must exist in a hermetically sealed ideological bubble to spout that cockamamie gruel in a recorded public forum without embarrassment.
    Anyone have some extra BleachBit lying around.


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      When you’ve been as systematically brainwashed as she has, you have no way of gauging how idiotic you sound to those who haven’t undergone the same process and don’t live in your bubble (in this case, UW-Madison). It’s hard not to pity her–she’s clearly intelligent but her intelligence has been so perverted fro so long, there’s no hope of redemption.

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  5. Some of the speakers in the video need to be taught the hard legal way what slander is. These people are intentionally slandering others to get them to kowtow to their demands. This is straight up intimidation using slander as an unethical tool to defame those they oppose.

    This nonsense is not going to stop until someone takes these blithering idiots to task and sues the pants off of every one of them. This shouldn’t be a hard thing to do, their names are right there on the signup sheets, they sign them themselves, and there is video evidence of exactly what they are saying including all the aspects of their speeches.

    It’s time for someone to take these slanderous people to court.

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  6. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    “Yes, even geography is politicized at UW-Madison.” And this surprises you? Only if you buy the Left’s claptrap about the Olympian objectivity of Science and the utter and complete impartiality of Scientists. Ms. V. will soon join the ranks of the high priesthood of Climate Change doomsayers. Given what she said at the School Board meeting, how many of you think she will approach the topic of climate change with no political agenda? If this is how future scientists are being trained, it’s no wonder we hear countless lectures about how capitalism and the white patriarchy are the prime drivers of environmental destruction. The study of climate change might have begun in the realm of science but it’s morphed into an article of faith for the Left who swallow without hesitation every prediction of imminent apocalypse–predictions that are becoming more fervid and outlandish every week. At this rate, the prophets of climate change will outdo anything in the book of Revelation.

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  7. madisonexpat says:

    I think Ms. Veldnitsky is auditioning to be hired by a university.


  8. madisonexpat says:

    And yippee! The state of my yard, all these years does NOT reflect neglect, laziness, apathy or entropy. Its just how woke I am. Thank you SJW’s and feel free to meet me at the intersectionality of don’t care and up yours.


  9. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    ” ‘So, telling black and brown people to ‘please wrap up’ suggests that their voices, their pain, and their stories are less important than the rules’ ”

    To anyone that struggled to listen to the spittle-flecked sputum everyone of those no account, gimmee gimmee grifters slobbered…F**K YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Does this epic DIP$#!T know that the same number of seconds were allotted to each speaker, regardless of melanin content?

    Or does she think that the melanin-gifted ought be allowed more time…because time is oppressively RACIST.

    FWIW, I didn’t mow our paltry patch of lawn all season long. We got rid of our mower and the lovely and long-suffering Mrs. Gotch string-trimmed it.

    The Gotch


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      Of course they should be given more time, just like truants, delinquents, and budding criminals in our schools should be given an infinite number of chances to disrupt, threaten, and retard the progress of everyone else. It’s a prime tenet of the liberal mindset.


  10. Sprocket says:

    Oh how I do enjoy being lectured about privilege by ghetto tourist white bourgeois grad students. People who’ve lived their whole coddled existence secure in the belief that they are bright shining center of the universe. They are ordained to bring the blessings of their wisdom, granted by a lifetime of wallowing in the plenty provided by the society they claim to despise, to the poor ignorant Negros and Latinos (who are apparently too stupid to behave in a civilized manner or even mow their lawns) and lead them out of darkness.

    People like this are simply modern Victorians. They believe it incumbent upon them to uplift the savage and reorder society in accordance with their moral code. I reality they are simply children having a tantrum that the world doesn’t conform to the expectations created by their privileged upbringing and venting their spleen up on a society that hasn’t delivered what they believe they are entitled to. There is a reason groups like ANTIFA are filled with the spawn of the suburbs.

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    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      I like to think of them as the new Puritans, utterly convinced of their world view, ordained (not by God but by the high priesthood of leftist ideologues) to impose their superior moral code on unbelievers, and eager to punish those who refuse to see their revealed truth.


  11. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Spectacular irony!

    Lefty-on-Lefty porn Sacred Cows make the best burger!

    The Gotch

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  12. Scott F says:

    When I see this, the product of our finest Universities, I recommend welding and plumbing to my grandchildren…


  13. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Ah Lefty; so MUCH HYPOCRISY, so little time!

    The Gotch


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