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We’re gathering indoors to give thanks

Mass or otherwise! The devil struggling for the remnants of Blaska’s soul is proposing that the irascible bloggeur assemble a small fleet of automobiles, pick-up trucks, bicycles, and tour buses. The vehicles will be parked in the driveway, on the … Continue reading

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‘Stop calling me [the N-word]’ … should not get you fired from your job

So says educator Kaleem Caire, who should be hired our nextMadison school superintendent Black West high school security says he was fired for admonishing student who called him the N-word. (News story here) Phil Hands cartoon here West High students … Continue reading

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We’re going to be sick

If the stress of racism causes obesity … Is Progressivism making us crazy?! Oprah Winfrey is a bit of a fatty and it’s because of racist bastards like you! The one-woman media empire has a doctor’s prescription saying so from … Continue reading

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Love handles? Blame racism

from the ‘American Was Never Great’ songbook The Dane County Board of Supervisors views everything through the lens of racial equity. That is official, written policy. Which means if too many of the wrong people are jailed for committing crime … Continue reading

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Mainstream news media pivots from Russian collusion to ‘Trump is a racist’

Advocates and the media deemed Mr. Trump’s non-racial denunciation of Baltimore’s leadership racist. Never mind that the victims of the city’s almost daily drive-by shootings are black. Race shields minority politicians from criticism. — Heather Mac Donald It’s the page … Continue reading

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Al Sharpton is a racist huckster

and so very useful to desperate Democrats because Everyone I don’t like is Hitler a racist Count on The Capital Times (“Your Progressive Voice”) to march lockstep with the party line. Silent when conservative speakers were shouted down at university forums, … Continue reading

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