We’re going to be sick

If the stress of racism causes obesity …

Is Progressivism making us crazy?!

Oprah Winfrey is a bit of a fatty and it’s because of racist bastards like you!

The one-woman media empire has a doctor’s prescription saying so from a PhD in women’s and gender studies, no less. Rutgers University professor Brittney Cooper links racism and President Donald Trump’s policies to black female obesity. (Three checkmarks right there!)


Who can obese white women blame — or thank?

“I hate when people talk about black women being obese,” Cooper said on the on the Oprah Winfrey Network. [Actually the subject never came up at the Policy Werkes, but let us resume:] “I hate it because it becomes a way to blame us for a set of conditions that we didn’t create. We are living in the Trump era,” the professor said. “And look, those policies kill our people.”

Don’t think Madison alders don’t know it! The Common Council Tuesday (10-15-19) made it official. The Emerald City signed on to a statewide resolution declaring racism as a public health crisis — along with along with vaping THC and opioid abuse.

A crisis (please send money)! 

The Rev. Alexander Gee Jr. is on call. “I’m glad that someone is recognizing it as a health issue,” says he, “because then maybe now we’ll take greater measures in addressing the issues.” (More at Channel 3000.) His Nehemiah Center is beneficiary of a $1 million UW-Madison health grant, as we blogged in: “Are white Madison progressives making racial minorities sick?” Nehemiah’s grant application explained that:

“People of color experience racialized micro-aggressions, often on a daily basis, which impact their physical and mental health. … [These] micro-aggressions are defined as “brief and commonplace daily verbal, behavioral, or environmental indignities, whether intentional or unintentional, that communicate hostile, derogatory, or negative racial slights and insults toward people of color” within predominantly white systems and institutions.

⇒ Hellz bellz, even the F-35 fighter jet is racist. “Bringing F-35s to Madison will only make racial inequities worse!” — a progressive named Sabrina Madison.

Facing down a handgun

Needs Not MetImagine the stress a father and his 14-year-old daughter experienced early this week on a school night. They were about to pay for some clothing on layaway in a story on Odana Road when two young men aged between 13 and 17 jumped out from their hiding place and confronted dad with a handgun. According to Madison police, “the father was elbow checked; a scuffle ensued in which his glasses were broken, and jacket ripped. The suspects rifled through his pockets and stole an undisclosed amount of cash before fleeing on foot.”

Both suspects were described as slender African-American males, 13-17 years old, standing 5’-9’’, wearing black ski masks, black sweatshirts, and black athletic pants. One of them was armed with a black handgun. 

The victim? a 40-year-old African-American man. Race of daughter not identified. Do you think father and daughter might have been stressed? 

Who is the victim here?

Comment, respond, what do you thinkTry to gauge the stress level of a 48-year-old man kicked to the curb after 11 years working for the frighteningly enlightened Madison Metro school district.

Marlon Anderson was a security guard at West high school until last week when a disruptive student (also black) subjected him to a barrage of N-words. Mr. Anderson repeated the word as he told the student not to use the slur, which led to his immediate termination Wednesday.

Talk about a ‘verbal indignity’!

“I just don’t understand getting fired for trying to defend yourself,” Anderson told the Wisconsin State Journal. As a black man, I have a right not to be called that word.”

Not in Madison, where you are guilty of racism whether you realize it or not. Should have plenty of time to take the Witnessing Whiteness class now that you are unemployed, Mr. Anderson. We’re guessing your tormentor is bragging about his conquest in restorative study hall this very day. 

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Which alder will introduce a resolution before the council declaring the Madison school district to be a public health crisis for black kids and employees?

What do YOU think?

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3 Responses to We’re going to be sick

  1. Paul says:

    Holy cow. Didn’t think it was possible, but it’s actually getting worse.


  2. Rich says:

    Stop picking on African-Americans! They don’t know any better; it’s their culture! If you don’t believe me, aks the idiots on the city council OR the 100% female, 100% Progressive Dane, 100% idiots who bow down to CCAP veteran Brandi Grayson.


  3. Gordon Sussman says:

    I don’t think it’s confined to women of color. Last week’s local media feted UW-Madison’s own Womens/Gender Studies “Professor” Sami Schalk twerking away with performer Lizza. The video is disturbingly similar to a Beluga mating ritual. BTW, does this insinuate that the (many) women of color who maintain a healthy BMI, especially those with awesome athletic prowess are race traitors?


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