Citizens, do your duty tonight (public safety) and Tuesday! (jobs and freedom!)

Tuesday night on MSNBC, will Rachel Maddow (pick one):
1) Cry? 2) Gloat? 3) Take up strong drink?

TONIGHT! Show the flag of common sense at a public safety meeting sponsored by Madison Ald. Paul Skidmore 6 p.m. today, Monday, November 5, at Blackhawk Church, 9620 Brader Way (off Mineral Point Road west of Madison). Plenty of parking. Police Chief Mike Koval, the command staff of MPD’s west district , and Sheriff Dave Mahoney will be there. Awaiting word whether these invitees will attend: District Attorney Ismael Ozanne, juvenile court judges Everett Mitchell and Shelly Gaylord. 

It is critical to show city leaders that public safety is the Job #1 of government. 

Vote iconTuesday’s calendar here at Blaska Policy Werkes says something about an election. We hereby endorse all the characters you see on our masthead. You’re welcome. 

A contributor to the New York Times today expresses what we have been feeling for a while now: Big Blue Wave washes away Republicans from D.C. to Madison? Giant repudiation of Democrats, their neo-socialism and Kavanaugh-style identity politics? Or an inconclusive mishmash where both sides declare victory then drown their sorrows in too much alcohol?

The answer is YES!  If you think you know what’s going to Happen on Tuesday, you’re wrong, says Timothy Buskirk, a contributor to the failing New York Times.

“Republicans don’t want to go back to the Bush-McCain-Romney era any more than Democrats want to go back to Clintonism. And since the Kavanaugh hearings, Republicans are just as energized and united as Democrats. That means everything is up for grabs.”

What seems most likely is that we will get a split decision. As of now, Republicans are set up to increase their majority in the Senate, while Democrats have some advantages in the House.  … If Democrats don’t do as well as they had hoped this year, they can trace much of it back to the Kavanaugh hearings.

Buskirk unearths a nugget we had not seen before: Donald Trump is actually more popular today than Barack Obama was at the 2010 midterm elections.

Blaska’s PIX to CLIX:

Wisconsin comes to its senses but Scott Walker wins by less than a percentage point ahead of Tony Evers and only with a plurality of the overall vote. Democrats go to court.

Leah Vukmir lands job in Walker cabinet. In south-west Wisconsin’s 17th Senate district, Democrat Kriss Marion defeats a good man in Howard Marklein. But Republicans André Jacque in the peninsula and James Bolen up north defeat Democrat incumbents to increase their Wisconsin Senate margin by one to 19-14.

The U.S. House of Reps flips Democrat but by a single vote. (And that vote ain’t the probation hold with an iron mustache.) Republicans and Democrats go to court. Litigation over several seats stretches into the new Congress, preventing some Reps from being seated.

The Senate picks up five Republicans: in Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, Indiana, and Florida while hanging on to Nevada and Arizona. Florida and Georgia and — surprise! surprise! Oregon — elect Republican governors. 

More pundit picks here. And here, too.

Democrats traumatized by 2016 …

Dependsare having pre-midterms nightmares!

Despite forecasts of a Democratic House takeover, liberals grappling with ‘PTSD’ are braced for another surprise election disaster.

“We’re kind of just in the bed-wetting phase now,” said Democratic pollster John Anzalone, a Hillary Clinton campaign alumnus

About the soft-on-terrorism crowd

Our liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances trembled with indignant outrage at the election and re-election of Bibi Netanyahu as prime minister of Israel. Netanyahu proved to the Arab world that he would not back down in defense of his country. Guess what? Israel is making friends in the Arab world in places like Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, and Oman as they confront a common enemy: Barack Obama’s Iran.

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15 Responses to Citizens, do your duty tonight (public safety) and Tuesday! (jobs and freedom!)

  1. coolkevs says:

    Trump getting huge crowds wherever he goes, Obama can only muster about 2K in supposedly friendly territory. The disconnect between what the media says and what’s going on at the ground level (flyover country) continues.


  2. old baldy says:

    Big Andre turned his back on his constituents in Door and Kewaunee Counties when he was a state rep., it surely won’t get any better if he gets in the senate. I can’t speak for state politicians statewide, but Jacque and Mursau have to be the low-watt champs of NE WI. .


    • @hankdog/old baldy;

      Because your hysterically hilarious assessment of Lefty scumbag slugs is the stuff of legend, perhaps we, the great unwashed, ought take note?

      According to youse:

      *Stormy Daniels and her ambulance chasing/deadbeat Porn Lawyer/2020 democrat POTUS contender Michael Avenetti are a glowing example of integrity,
      *Elizabeth “Lieawatha-Fauxchahontas” Warren has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that she’s 1/1024th Peruvian/South American, or somesuch, and
      *Felony Fibbin’ Ford is a paradigm of credibility, fact-based evidence be damned.

      The latter just got a million dollar book advance.

      One question: seeing she can’t remember $#!T, what will she write about?

      The Gotch


      • old baldy says:

        Nope, I never said any of that, you are making it all up in a feeble attempt to salve your insatiable ego, poor grammar, and truly sick sense of humor. But none of us are surprised. Carry on.


      • Gary L. Kriewald says:

        Whatever she finally produces, it should have a good chance to win the Pulitzer Prize … for fiction.


        • @Gary L. Kriewald;

          It gets worse.

          Did youse catch this?

          A Senate Judiciary Committee report released Saturday revealed that committee investigators interviewed a man who described a sexual encounter with Christine Blasey Ford that shared similarities to the one she claimed she had with Supreme Court (Judge) Brett Kavanaugh.


          Someone best check in with @AnonyBob to make sure he hasn’t opened his veins in a warm tub.

          His approach to a fact-based reality isn’t the same as that of @hankdog/old baldy, which is to hide his shining head in the sand.

          The Gotch


  3. As far as MadCow & her minions @MSDNC go, I’ll settle for the way that smug Lefty smile got wiped from her pathetic puss during her 11/09/2016 broadcast.

    The rest of ’em?

    The Gotch


  4. BOOM CHAKA LAKA!!!!! says:

    Sorry Dave, State is going solid blue. Nation will also go Blue as well. This is what happens in midterms. Walker did he even run a campaign?


  5. Batman says:

    Vote Lefty for bigger, more intolerant oppressive government .
    Just ask Dave Rubin. Five minute video talks.


  6. Tom Paine says:

    Not clairvoyant, but if people were to vote on their objective reality, in most cases the wave would be and should be RED — lowest unemployment for all groups in 50 years; Highest earnings in 50 years; lowest relative taxes in 50 years. NO CONTEST, if people voted dogmatically.

    BUT, in this election, it is symbolism and style that will make the difference. The BLUE WAVE will swamp Wisconsin.
    1. Hatred of Trump for his style. Thus all Repubs are tainted.
    2. Power of soft Democratic ideology and influence, state-wide, 24×365, of Wisconsin Public Radio. All questions and issues are framed by dimocrats. Guests always receive dimocratic bias; radio callers are screened to avoid conservative callers, questions, and comments.
    3. No State-wide Republican Newspaper or TV station. Blue Media of Big Brother rules.

    Bow to Tom Steyer, Michael Bloomberg, Cory Booker and the memory of the Great Obama.


  7. old baldy says:

    Based on your predictions you need to retire Old Sparky (or is it Smokey?).

    Observations from the north: Foxconn and transportation funding were the big issues up here. At a local officials gathering last week tiffany and mursau couldn’t give any examples of how folks up here were going to benefit from Foxconn, and refused to answer when asked about why $90 million in local transportation $$ were transferred to the foxconn project.

    FORWARD !!


    • @hankdog/old baldy;

      Let the 2020 Lefty POTUS IDIOT FEST Marathon (featuring one of yer ALL -TIME faves) begin!

      Personally, I’d like to see an Anthony “Carlos Danger” Weiner and Eric “We Kick ‘Em” Holder ticket, with a bumper sticker eminently worthy of The Lefty Way:


      The Gotch


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