Donald Trump is to blame for everything, apparently

Who knew?

The usual suspects are blaming Donald Trump for the synogogue shooting in Pittsburgh over the weekend. Suddenly, a man with Jewish grandchildren is an anti-Semite. Mid-term elections are a week away. Can you tell?

“Ordinarily, a politician cannot be held responsible for the actions of a deranged follower,” Adam Serwer writes in The Atlantic. But these are not ordinary times when Donald Trump is available to be scapegoated.

“But Serwer then documents — in the clearest way I’ve read,” David Leonhardt of the New York Times writes approvingly, “why the anti-Semitic massacre in Pittsburgh is different.”

Charles Blow of the Times says “Trump has flirted with the deepest racists and Nazis and it has not gone unnoticed, least of all by them.” Not to be outdone, the socialist Nation screeches, that the shooting “is the inevitable result of Trump’s vile nationalism.”

The Trump hatred is so bad that a small group of progressive Jews in Pittsburgh demands that the President not visit that stricken city. (More here.)

Relax folks

Politicizing a tragedy

Thankfully, the rabbi of the Pittsburgh synagogue where 11 people were massacred was not possessed of their hate. 

“The president of the United States is always welcome. I’m a citizen, he’s my president. He is certainly welcome,” Tree of Life Rabbi Jeffrey Myers said on CNN.

Proving two can play that game, the Republican Jewish Coalition is calling for the resignation of seven Democratic members of Congress whom it claims are “connected” to controversial Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. The group describes him as a “known anti-Semite.”

Most recently, just last the speech Farrakhan called Jewish people “my enemy.”

The lobbying group called for the following lawmakers to step down: Reps. Keith Ellison, D-Minn.; Barbara Lee, D-Calif.; Maxine Waters, D-Calif.; Danny Davis, D-Ill.; Andre Carson, D-Ind.; Gregory Meeks, D-N.Y.; and Al Green, D-Texas.

Can we blame Trump retrospectively?

donald-trump-2005343_640Oddly, Trump is not being blamed for a white supremacist’s massacre of nine black parishioners at a Charleston, S.C. African-Methodist Episcopal Church. That may be because the massacre occurred June 17, 2015 — a year and one-half before Donald Trump was sworn in.

Or for the slaughter of six and wounding of three more at the Sikh temple in Oak Creek WI. Barack Obama was president on October 5, 2012.

Obama was chief executive on June 12, 2016 when 49 people were slaughtered and 53 wounded at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

Homosexuals, blacks, and Asians murdered but no one blamed President Obama.

It is at this point that this dedicated conservative Republican dons his official Robes of Journalism. Words do matter. Our hero, Winston Churchill, mobilized the English language and sent it into battle to defeat fascism. No pulpit is bullier than that of the President of the United States. Leaders set at tone. 

We do not like the tone that Donald Trump sounds. He summons no “better angels of our nature.” No thousand points of light. No morning in America.

But his opposition has gone all batshit crazy. None more so than so-called “journalists” like Jim Acosta who drown their credibility in their own bile. The likes of Rachel Maddow, Don Lemon, and Anderson Cooper have become Segway Boy, Thistle, and Pink Dress Guy. Blame everything bad on people you hate.

Guns & DrugsWhen seconds count, police will be there in minutes

Trump has suggested that religious institutions post armed guards. This brings swift condemnation from the Ban All Guns lobby who are convinced Donald Trump is trying to impose the third Reich.  

Trump again expressed his inclination to meet violence with the machinery of a police state. — Vann R. Newkirk II of The Atlantic. 

Take a long, deep breath, Mr. Newkirk II. Now let it out slowly, slowly … slowly. There, isn’t that better? Snap quiz: think back to all the massacres in recent memory. Columbine high school (1999), Virginia Tech (2007), Sandy Hook elementary (2012), the San Bernardino government office (2015), and churches, temples, and synagogues cited above. What have they all in common? You got it: they were soft targets!  

No guns allowed. 

A Facebook acquaintance asks:

What are your thoughts about a President who seems to think that posting armed guards and including packing parishioners in congregations is the answer to preventing mass shootings in places of worship?

I asked a friend of mine, a very religious Lutheran, whether his church was protected by firearms. He answered, “It is when I’m sitting in the pews.”

A committed Democrat asks:

“When you need armed guards at churches there is something wrong with our country. Perhaps we should be looking at solutions rather than living in fear.”

That reminded the Policy Werkes of the parable of the woman driver stopped for speeding. She tells the cop she’s got a pistol in the glove compartment, another under the dashboard, and a third in her purse. “What you afraid of, lady?” Cop asks. Woman answers, “Not a damn thing!”

So then you’re saying we are responsible for ourselves because police are too far away to be useful, why have police then?

NO COPS NO GUNSWhy have police? To process the bad guys at the front end of the criminal justice system after the crime has been committed. But here in the People’s Republic of Madison, your social justice warriors are trying to expel the police from our schools.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Keep police in Madison’s troubled high schools; join me at 6 p.m. this Monday evening, October 29, at school district HDQ, 545 W. Dayton St.

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41 Responses to Donald Trump is to blame for everything, apparently

  1. “Donald Trump is to blame for everything”

    These words he speaks are true, but only if you’re using the Salem Witch Trial School of Thinking like Progressives and most Democrats are doing these days.

    For the first time in my voting life I will be pulling the lever for absolutely every Republican on the ballot regardless of who they are or who their opponent is. I will not be voting for any non-Republicans even if a non-Republican is the only one running for the office.

    Good job Democrats, this is ALL on you, you cannot be trusted.


  2. Sprocket. says:

    If you require a break from the gravity of current events, take a break and enjoy the amusing spectacle of the left and media pivoting from “Trump is an Israeli stooge!” to “Trump is an anti-semite!”

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  3. AnonyBob says:

    C’mon, Dave. Trump’s first reaction to a horrific shooting in a house of worship is to suggest they should’ve been armed? To blame the victim? He had to be schooled by his Jewish son-in-law and converted daughter to later issue a more appropriate statement, and he couldn’t stick to that script more than a few minutes. There is something seriously and fundamentally wrong with this man and his broken morality. True, there were white nationalist and racist inspired shootings before he was president, but no previous president spoke in such blatant language and offered such comfort to those groups (or received such public support from them). And Farrakhan ain’t our president. The question is not why Trump inspires such strong opposition, but rather why his supporters revel in such a morally bankrupt “leader.” I don’t think it says anything flattering about them. At. All.


    • AnonyBob wrote, “Trump’s first reaction to a horrific shooting in a house of worship is to suggest they should’ve been armed? To blame the victim?”

      1. No troll; that wasn’t Trumnp’s first reaction, it was simply a fact that was included as part of his first public statements after the tragedy you don’t know what Trump’s first reaction was. I’m going to guess that the first words out of Trump’s mouth were something like “What the hell! Did they get the bastard who did it?”.

      2. Stating the fact that if they had had armed guards they likely would have saved lives is not blaming the victim but it is completely ludicrous Salem Witch Trial School of Thought which is a big surprise coming from an internet troll like yourself.

      You simply can’t stand it when Trump tells the obvious truth.


      • AnonyBob says:

        It was his first public statement. Follow the news, troll.


        • @AnonyBob;

          “Trump’s FIRST REACTION to a horrific shooting” (bolds/caps mine)

          “It was his first PUBLIC STATEMENT.” (bolds/caps mine)

          Seems a symptom of being intellectually stunted is an immunity to nuance.

          Or is it a feature…?

          The Gotch


        • AnonyBob wrote, “It was his first public statement.”

          You’re acting like an idiot. Here are some facts…

          Here’s a rush transcript of Trump’s first remarks:

          PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: We’ll be making a major statement. It’s a terrible, terrible thing what’s going on with hate in our country frankly and all over the world. And something has to be done. Something has to be done.

          It looks like results are coming in, they’re more devastating than anybody thought in the morning. In the morning they thought it was the shooter but they had the shooter, they soon would, but the results are very devastating. You’re seeing the numbers come in. So we’ll be speaking to you at the conference, the future farmers of America, conference, and it’s just a shame to watch this, to see this. For so many years, so much of it, absolutely a shame.

          Have any questions?

          QUESTION: Mr. President do you think you need to revisit gun laws?

          TRUMP: Please?

          QUESTION: Gun laws, Mr. President. Gun laws.

          TRUMP: Well, again, this has little to do with it if you take a look. If they had protection inside the results would have been far better. This is a dispute that will always exist I suspect. If they had some kind of protection inside the temple, maybe it could have been a very much different situation. They didn’t. And he was able to do things that unfortunately he shouldn’t have been able to do.

          I hear the police were outstanding. I hear the police did an incredible job. As you know, numerous police were badly injured. But, again, law enforcement did a fantastic job. We’re going to have a very complete statement for you. Results are coming in of what took place, how it took place. Again, law enforcement was outstanding. As always. I mean, as usual, and as always, law enforcement was really outstanding. They stepped up to the plate.

          But Pittsburgh, great community, incredible people. I spoke to the governor. I spoke to the mayor. To see this happening again and again and again is just a shame.

          Trump said nothing about guns until a reporter approached the subject of gun laws.

          AnonyBob wrote, “Follow the news, troll.”

          How about YOU follow the news.

          FO Bob.

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        • AnonyBob says:

          “FO Bob”
          My, aren’t you pleasant. I’ve called you no names, I’ve used no obscenity. You are one fragile little ego, Squeaks. You get the respect you earn.


        • AnonyBob wrote, “My, aren’t you pleasant.”

          It’s nice to know my sincere efforts are being noticed.

          AnonyBob wrote, “You get the respect you earn.”



        • AnonyBob says:

          (Psst. Squeaks. You haven’t earned any.)


        • AnonyBob wrote, “(Psst. Squeaks. You haven’t earned any.)”

          I quite confident stating that you wouldn’t know if I’ve earned any respect because you’ve shown us with almost everything you write that don’t have a clue what it is. But feel free looking foolish by weighing-in on discussions about respect it adds a level of humorous contempt to your comments that you also don’t understand.


    • David Blaska says:

      Farrakhan ain’t our president but Donald Trump ain’t no anti-Semite. See the diff?


      • If AnonyBob thinks that Trump saying that the church should have had armed guards is blaming the victims then that Farrakhan/Trump comparison will blow straight over AnonyBob’s head producing enough Cranial Power Generation Potential to power all of Dane County in the middle of a massive heat wave.


        • AnonyBob says:

          Y’all have a lot of faith that an armed guard or an Everyman packing heat is going to stand up to an AR-15. As my father-in-law says, “Who’s the first guy bank robbers shoot? The bank guard, ‘cuz he has a gun.”


        • AnonyBob wrote, “Y’all have a lot of faith that an armed guard or an Everyman packing heat is going to stand up to an AR-15.”

          I have faith that a firearm or many firearms in the hands of trained people can make all the difference in the world in an active shooter situation and you not being able to see that fact outside your self imposed tunnel vision is no surprise at all.

          AnonyBob wrote, “As my father-in-law says, “Who’s the first guy bank robbers shoot? The bank guard, ‘cuz he has a gun.”

          Using that kind of brain damaged logic there is no reason for any security guards, anywhere, at any time because they will always be the first to be shot. You’re father-in-law is just as dumbfoundedly illogical as you are.


        • AnonyBob says:

          So, how how many heavily armed, armored and trained police were shot?


        • I think it was 4.

          What’s your point?


        • AnonyBob says:

          People packing heat in pews, theatre seats or grocery stores aren’t going to help much when some gun nut starts blasting away from the back of the room with an assault rifle. Even highly trained first responders, with assault rifles, took heavy casualties. Few concealed carriers are the steely-eyed Rambo you see yourself as.


        • AnonyBob wrote, “People packing heat in pews, theatre seats or grocery stores aren’t going to help much when some gun nut starts blasting away from the back of the room with an assault rifle. Even highly trained first responders, with assault rifles, took heavy casualties.”

          You’re spewing more of that dumbfoundedly illogical nonsense.

          Let’s get to the core of your idiotic thinking; what’s your solution to resolving an active shooter Bob, should everyone just lay down and die like good fish in a barrel?

          AnonyBob wrote, “Few concealed carriers are the steely-eyed Rambo you see yourself as.”

          Why is it you feel the need to make up that kind of crap?


        • Sprocket says:

          I always enjoy the bit where the lefties express their expert opinions on the tactical use of firearms.

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      • AnonyBob says:

        I don’t think Trump personally is an anti-Semite. (And I doubt you meant to use a double negative.) He just encourages them with…not even dog whistles and likes having their support. “I’m a nationalist.” “They’re globalists.” Etc.


      • old baldy says:

        I’m sure that cadet bone-spurs has a wealth of knowledge in firearms tactics. And all the “lefty” cops and vets don’t.


    • “He had to be schooled”

      The only HE getting SCHOOLED is @AnonyBob with his intellectually stunted “All I Need To SEE Is A D” approach; regularly and highfreakin’lariously!

      And youse picked up on Lefty’s Blame The Victim meme juuuuuuuuust like one would expect: with glassy eyin’ lock-steppin’ unquestionin’ certitude.

      I can just see the Lefty Handlers sporting the smug smirks of a job well done!

      The Gotch

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  4. Dave wrote, “join me at 6 p.m. this Monday evening, October 29, at school district HDQ, 545 W. Dayton St.”

    Sorry can’t make this one either, previous engagement that I can’t duck out of.

    Looks like one was my limit, so far. 😉

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  5. Batman says:

    If there is any doubt why we call bobo a troll just read his 12:30pm post above. It is filled with taunting troll comments. And then his utter stupidity (or is it purposeful trolling again) is exemplified with his 1:22pm comment. It is called concealed carry for a reason bobo, and there are multiple plausible scenarios whereby people packing could have taken this maniac out, not to mention the effect of return fire.


    • dad29 says:

      Yah. Security guards have uniforms, badges, yadayada. Congregants don’t. And “return fire effects” are very significant. The goblin’s focus changes, his OODA Loop is now stuck at the first or second “O”–and if a second CC good guy opens fire, goblin is in deep doodoo.

      Meantime, congregants have some time to get scurrying. Since most of these goblins can’t hit a target very well at all, becoming a MOVING target damn near assures survival. And if the gods will it, someone can come up from behind the goblin–still in his OODA–and break his neck with the takedown.


  6. AnonyBob says:

    Lets see…are you trolling me? Or is it just utter stupidity? I know how I vote.


    • AnonyBob wrote, “Lets see…are you trolling me?”

      Since you are not replying to anyone in particular, who is this “you” you speak of?

      AnonyBob wrote, “Or is it just utter stupidity?”

      It’s certainly stupidity to ask such question when know one actually knows who you are talking to.

      AnonyBob wrote, “I know how I vote.”

      It’s stupidity Bob, your comments are almost always utter stupidity.

      Thanks for playing this game.


  7. AnonyBob,
    My conversation with you is over unless you choose to discuss things in a more adult manner.


  8. AnonyBob says:

    Let’s see…the comment came directly after Batty’s, in which he accused me of trolling and of utter stupidity. Sorry this was such a tough one for ya to figure out, Squeaks buddy.
    But you better watch it, Dave’s going to pull out The Exterminator graphic soon, even though we’re just having some fun here.


  9. Actor & Career Lefty (forgive the redundancy) James Cromwell:

    “If we don’t stop [President Trump at the midterms] now, we will have a revolution for real. THEN THERE WILL BE BLOOD IN THE STREETS (bolds/caps mine)

    Some may remember Cromwell as the Crazy Cat Person who, accompanied by the always-good-for-a-laugh PETA gang, burst into a February 2013 UW Regents meeting to protest research on felines.

    They were subsequently arrested and had to use litter boxes at Dane County lock-up.

    Anywho, if they waaaaaah, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah don’t get their way at democratically performed elections, real real tough Lefties are setting a stage.

    For what, you’s may ask? For ANOTHER amped-up dangerous immersion into catatonic/apoplectic, pillow-biting, mouth-breathing, weepy-sobby, weenie-whiny, simpering-whimpering, sniveling-driveling, complete metaphysical, emotional, existential, psychological, philosophical, full-throated, freaking out, melting down, totally collapsing free-fall.

    The Gotch has always warned them to craft a Plan B so they wouldn’t be Leftied to twist in the wind; but do they listen?

    Not exactly.

    The Gotch


  10. madisonexpat says:

    Thanks ABob for another romp through your situational ethics. Unfortunately you played out that hand in the Justice Kavanaugh Inquisition. (How is RBG today?)
    If anyone was dumb enough to blame church shooters on Obama they would have been derided by both sides and rightfully so. See the difference? Its hard to miss unless you’re deranged which isn’t good leadership nor does it persuade.
    Elections are coming,


  11. madisonexpat says:

    But you and CNN, NYT lie about his words and his meaning. Every chance you get.
    Its hard to miss but easy to discount.


    • AnonyBob says:

      The man is a volcano of lies, untruthful boasts, petty grievances and narcissism. No one needs to lie for him to look unequal to the task of being our nation’s leader. Hopefully the GOP pays the price in a week.


  12. Folks here is the problem as I see it, Progressives and the people that support them are 100% consumed by their Political Antiology and emotion; civility and solutions are well above the intellect level of Progressives and their supporters.

    The pattern is absolutely clear; ask a Progressive, or someone that supports Progressives, a question about solutions and your answer will not be any solutions it will be deflections, attacking the messenger(s), or they will head for the hills with their rhetorical tail between their cowardly legs.

    Progressives have shown us that Emotional Training Determines Thinking and Progressives have been actively training their hoards of cult-like soldiers for years that Emotion Trumps Critical Thinking.


  13. madisonexpat says:

    You are, once again, accusing him of your sin.
    The thief is the first to claim he was robbed.


  14. White Hills says:

    Trump is the most pro Israel president I’ve seen in my lifetime. He did move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

    SJWs like listening to their own noise. They don’t even try to make sense anymore. They really are NPCs. It’s a vicious circle and it’s causing a lot of mental health breakdowns on the left. Especially the feminist left.


  15. dad29 says:

    He summons no “better angels of our nature.” No thousand points of light. No morning in America.

    Maybe you haven’t noticed, but none of that foofoodust worked. Bush 1 gave us higher taxes. Bush 2 gave us bloated spending and, …….oh, yah……..banker’s banquets, paid for by bankrupted Normies. Reagan was not just smarm-and-cheese; like Trump, he said and did what needed to be done–but in the end, he, too, gave away more than he got.

    At some point in time, the adult in the room has to say “No More. You’re Done. Drop Dead.” Sorry that it’s not your style, but you could run for President, take on the debt/spending and a Marxist revolution at the same time.

    Maybe light a couple of candles. That’s the ticket!


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