Obama brags on Tony Evers at failed Milwaukee public school

Who is the education governor?

Democrats are rolling out the big guns to take down Scott Walker. Bernie Sanders visited; Joe Biden is coming. (Hillary Clinton is still uploading her secret server Garmin.)

Tony Evers loves his schools

Tony Evers

Former President Barack Obama came to Milwaukee Friday to campaign for Tony Evers, the Democrat challenging Walker for governor. What venue was chosen for this exercise in democracy? Milwaukee North Division High School.

Which is fitting, because Tony Evers is WI superintendent of public instruction, an elected position. And has been for the last eight years.

It is even more fitting because Milwaukee North Division High School is a failed public school. “Fails to meet expectations” on the Department of Public Instruction’s own grading system. The school gets a single star in a five star system. An overall score of 22.0 in a 100-point system. 

By contrast, Madison’s four public high schools score 66.5.

Milw North HS

Because Tony Evers cannot improve Wisconsin’s public schools, he wants to shut down the competition. He wants to choke off Wisconsin’s school choice program. That’s bad news for the 28,000 students (That’s more than attend Madison’s public schools) whose low-income and largely minority-race parents chose hope over failure.

Evers also promises to return schools to the un-tender mercies of the teachers union behemoth by unraveling the Act 10 collective-bargaining reforms. Under Gov. Tony Evers, teachers unions would once again dictate education policy. 

That is why all the national attention on the Wisconsin governor’s race. 

“Wisconsin’s economy is booming, but Democrats think they will finally beat the man who broke the public-union monopoly,” the Wall Street Journal reports today (10-27-18) in a feature-length article, “Scott Walker’s toughest campaign.” 

The Journal’s Allysia Finley reports: “because of its bellwether status, Gov. Walker’s collective-bargaining reforms inspired a movement in Republican statehouses to rein in public unions, so Wisconsin is naturally ground zero in the Democrats’ revanchist campaign. If they beat Mr. Walker … progressives will be emboldened. As Wisconsin goes, so may America.


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21 Responses to Obama brags on Tony Evers at failed Milwaukee public school

  1. Patrick M. O'Loughlin says:

    Obama goes to Milwaukee, a city of 600,000, of which 250,000 are black, and draws about 4,000 people. Meanwhile Trump goes to Mosinee, a tiny village of 3,900 and draws 20,000, many of whom lined up 24 hours in advance. Biden goes to Tampa (400,000) and draws less than 500 to a “packed” gymnasium on a college campus. But the only reason it’s “packed” is because there are no seats for spectators. It’s a recreational facility were they play pick up games. Be sure and check out the last photo in this link,



  2. AnonyBob says:

    The only crowd estimate in Mosinee I’ve been able to find was 5,000, from a reporter of a Trump friendly news site. Not an insignificant number for such a rural area, but where did you find the 20,000 figure? I’ve seen reports that attendance at his rallies is shrinking and Fox no longer carries them live. I think he’s losing his mojo and his out of touch comments about the MAGA Bomber and the Pittsburgh mass shooting are only going to hurt the GOP in November.


    • madisonexpat says:

      In Charlotte NC folks were in line 30 hours before the speech in a large SRO arena.


    • Patrick M. O'Loughlin says:

      Wishful thinking on your part. I went to Mosinee but bailed out when it became obvious after waiting in line to park the car for over an hour, that we would have to walk a mile and a half to then stand in a line for another two hours before the rally would even begin. I was astounded at the size of the crowd which I also tried to find an estimate of, I asked a friend who lives in Mosinee what he had heard and he said the word around there was 20,000. I can certainly tell you that I saw well over 5,000 smiling, happy people walking the mile plus from the remote parking area to the massive line that was 4-6 across and half a mile long.

      When we left the area, there were still jammed packed highways leading to the airport that were at a standstill. I could not believe that I found NO estimate of the crowd size other than “thousands.” My only reservation about believing the 20,000 is that it might have been too low. I would not have driven all the way from Madison and then turned around if the crowd had been merely 5,000 people, believe me.


    • @AnonyBob;

      Crowds are increasingly becoming a thing Lefty wants to ignore, and with ones like Young Black Leadership Summit at the WH this week-end, who could blame them.

      It gets worse.

      Another one surely to put a burr in yer bloomers:

      #WalkAway movement urges disgruntled Democrats to leave the party behind


      People are fleeing the democrat Party like cockroaches when you’s turn on the lights.

      Like I said, who could blame them…!

      The Gotch


  3. Tom Paine says:

    DPI, Evers, and the WEAC union are clueless about education of people, but they certainly know a lot about how to present an image of effective education. Their real goal is to main their plump bureaucratic compensation packages. Union reps always made more than the highest paid teacher; Union reps were arrogant to individual members, and it was not uncommon for them to simply remain uneducated about the fiscal realities of government. All their crying about “cutting funds for education” masked the reality that in most districts, over 80% of total educational expenditures are for salaries and benefits of district employees.

    DPI and Evers remain intellectually bankrupt. They never advocated exit exams for diplomas; exit exams would demonstrate minimum competencies of each individual, not just certificates for SEAT TIME. Good intentions are not enough………except for liberal democrats who remain prisoners of their own myths.

    Some might claim that “the people” can overcome the crimes which come under process of “education,” but that assumes “the people” were taught critical reasoning at some point in their lives. Impossible. Doesn’t happen when the socialist/commie/do-gooders maintain and preserve tautological hegemony.

    No hope. Asia, by initiative and later power, control the future.

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    • AnonyBob says:

      I’m curious, Paine, what your background is. How do you know about WEAC and how the union reps related to, I assume, other teachers?


      • Tom Paine says:

        I have knowledge about the issues. No matter how many degrees or credits or experience that I might provide, you would either not believe me or say I was a fake. For the record, AMONG other things –including vocations — former held DPI licenses as a teacher, principal and superintendent (DA). I hold a LIFETIME membership in WEAC – WEA and the NEA. I also studied under the many great UW Marxists as an undergraduate..

        So, moving beyond authenticity, take issue with my statements if you disagree.


        • AnonyBob says:

          You answered my question. We can disagree on policy, but at least I know you’re not one of the Loud Know-Nothings on this subject.


    • Patrick M. O'Loughlin says:

      I heard a guy on the radio who had been a union negotiator for decades, and not just teacher unions. He said that whenever they negotiated with a school board it was a joke. They were negotiating with volunteer do-gooders over taxpayer money. Compared to their usual negotiations, this was a cake walk. They would basically get everything they wanted and then some. And the other side wasn’t even unhappy afterwards.


      • AnonyBob says:

        Not often I hear school boards described as volunteer do-gooders. I think it’s one of the most demanding yet thankless of elected positions. Nevertheless, I was asking about Paine’s background.


        • Patrick M. O'Loughlin says:

          The point is they are people who want to be liked and are working with somebody else’s money.


  4. Batman says:

    “Not often I hear school boards described as volunteer do-gooders.”

    You would be amazed at what goes on outside your compound bobo.
    You just have to summon the courage to leave occasionally.

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  5. madisonexpat says:

    Public service unions always dictate who negotiates away the public moneys.
    In California its the Iron Triangle of teachers, correctional personnel and nurses. They endorse, campaign for and finance the candidates, the party apparatus the whole thing. Hence hard left Dems all the way down.


  6. From the sparsely attended Hopey Changey rally:

    ”(71 year-old retired nurse Diane Irish) and her husband, John, spend time at home watching TV where MSNBC is on ‘all day long.‘ John, also retired, spent 32 years teaching in Milwaukee Public Schools, a quarter of which he spent at North Division High.” (bolds mine)


    THAT tells you’s all you’s need to know!


    The Gotch


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