Police Chief Koval: ‘Last night was like watching a circus’

‘Their choreographed and orchestrated show of force is daunting
and meant to intimidate.’

Our Ms. Vicki McKenna interviewed Madison Police Chief Mike Koval today (07-19-18) and it was a scorcher! As the straight-talking chief said at the end of the interview, “I’m hot.”

Chief Koval denounced the social justice terrorists who disrupted yet another meeting Wednesday, this time a school board committee. (“Anti-cop social justice warriors physically intimidated“) The chief expressed frustration with the general lack of decorum at local governmental meetings. He warned that parents would accelerate their flight to the suburbs if in-school police are expelled.

Highlights from Vicki’s interview with the Chief:


“If you saw some of the dynamic that unfolded, what you saw was a choreographed and orchestrated show of force. It is daunting, it is meant to intimidate, it is meant to marginalize and for those who otherwise want to express some civic opinion that is counter to [the terrorists] own, you are literally leaving the hallway in fear

There was no decorum last night as there is often no decorum in our council meetings, which has mystified me for 4½ years. There are no rules of decorum and they are never enforced. It’s a constant frustration of mine. … Last night was like watching a circus; they ought to be ashamed of themselves.

When I go to focus groups … I don’t hear anybody asking me to yank those police officers; to the contrary, I’m hearing we ought to be expanding to the middle schools. … To these seven school board members, if you choose not to have MPD in your four high schools, that’s your prerogative; walk away. [But] I would urge you to think about the conversation you will have … with parents, with faculty, with staff … you will have a lot of people tell you what that means to public safety. If you think we have an exodus now of parents fleeing the high schools to the suburbs … watch what happens when that occurs.

Hopefully they will come to their senses. [The liaison proposal] is not feasible, it’s not workable. … I don’t know how anyone can say our schools are safer without those four uniformed officers in those four high schools. I think that is preposterous.

I am very confused about the mixed messages I hear from elected public officials who are allowing this sort of runaway, illusory tactic to dictate public policy.

Could not have said it better.

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4 Responses to Police Chief Koval: ‘Last night was like watching a circus’

  1. Chief Koval ROCKS!!!

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    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:


      Mayor Paul Soglin, Police Chief Mike Koval oppose pulling officers from Madison high schools


      De facto charges of raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacism aside, the monumentally dense Lefty subset known as FreeDUMB Inc has painted themselves into an unenviable corner. Not only that, but they hemmed in (out?) their very lifeblood: Guilt-Sufffocated White Lefties.

      Heh! Is this great box office or what?

      Anywho, the epically numb-nutted Derail The Jail cabal (a wholly dip-sticked subsidiary of FreeDUMB Inc) believe that Chief Koval is the Devil Incarnate.

      In this, they enjoy the undying support of the lock-steppin’ glassy eyin’ unquestionin’ local Lefties.

      Welp, they will until the car-jackings/home-invasions/shots fired incidents by the our needs aren’t being met crowd expand to Maple Bluff/University Heights/Shorewood/The Highlands/Near West Side neighborhoods, leastways.

      But Mayor Soglin? He’s Lefty’s Great Lefty Hope to unseat our thrice-elected Governor Walker.

      Speaking of numb nutz, you see the rest of the Lefty Gubernatorial field? Oy!

      Bottom line? Lefty won’t support a virulent raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacist.

      Or will they?

      Sheesh; like Lefty needs any more seismic activity in their failed ideology and fractured relevance.

      I almost feel sorry for them.


      The Gotch


  2. Kevin Wymore says:

    I support Chief Koval, and that other guy, too!


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