Afflicting the comfortable, Roseanne is cackling all the way to the White House

Who says the culture wars are dead?

The indentured servants at the Stately Manor were given the hour off their menial labors Tuesday night to watch the reboot of Roseanne, once the technicians got the vertical hold fixed on the 12-inch b&w Philco.


Where else have you seen the anti-Trump Women’s March played for laughs?

It’s not every comedy program that elicits laughter from these hardened reprobates but they guffawed when Trump supporter Roseanne Barr, in character, forgave her Pussy-hatted sister, played by the wonderful Laurie Metcalfe, for voting Jill Stein.

“I know that must have been hard for you,” Aunt Jackie sputtered, thoroughly confused.

Tuesday’s premier episode, 21 years after the last episode in its first nine-year run, set ratings records for any network show in six years. Quite an accomplishment in today’s fractured media scene. (Is any media “mass” these days?) ABC got the message; today the network ordered a full season of shows.

The decidedly non-PC sitcom is a welcome goosing of Hollywood liberal group-think, typified by the holier-than-thou Academy Awards show. 

Hollywood is now faced with indisputable evidence that there’s a huge potential audience out there for programs that don’t actively insult 63 million Trump voters. — Jon Podhoretz in the New York Post.

Charleton Heston was once liberal, too

Speaking of Jimmy Kimmel, we were unaware that Ms. Barr had given him the figurative finger on his late-night show a week earlier until alerted by the New York Post.

The host complained that she had once been so liberal. Barr, who remains among the most confrontational people on earth, was having none of it.

“I’m still the same,” she shouted. “You all moved!”

Roseanne and the wonderful John Goodman (looking slimmer than we remember him) say grace before dinner and conclude by thanking the almighty for “making America great again.”

NANCY TRAVIS, TIM ALLENWhich puts us in mind of another program where grace was said before meals and church-going figured in several plot lines. Thanks to re-runs, the unschooled field hands at the Experimental Work Farm have been catching up on Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing.

Playing the likable father of three willful daughters, with a strong, working wife, his character never apologizes for being a man or for liking the things a man likes. (Cars, guns, and hints of an active sex life, among them.) When things go awry, the last man standing blames Hillary.

Trump supporters cried foul when ABC canceled the show a year ago despite achieving the second best ratings in its comedy lineup.

Not equal time, just a little time

For all that, the Squire does not need to agree with an entertainer’s politics, he just does not want to be insulted. (We find Stephen Colbert insufferable. How about one — ONE— conservative late-night, network talk show host? Dennis Miller would be great. He is ranked the best of the SNL Weekend Update hosts.)

We still find Alec Baldwin humorous. We’ll watch Robert DeNiro opening his mail. Conservatives we know can laugh at themselves, most of us. We do not attempt to expunge academia or mass media of contrary opinions; we just want a little proportionality. Thank you, best movie actor Gary Oldfield, for thanking America on the Academy Awards show. You were an oasis amid identity politics run amok.

An example of narrow-minded orthodoxy is one Roxanne Gay in the N.Y. Times (of course):

I wasn’t going to watch the reboot because I find Ms. Barr noxious, transphobic, racist, and small-minded. … She is a supporter of Donald Trump, vocalizing her thoughts about making America great, claiming that with her vote, she was trying to shake things up. She tweets conspiracy theories, rails against feminism and shares Islamophobic opinions.

Where once she was edgy and provocative, she is now absurd and offensive. Her views are muddled and incoherent. She is more invested in banal and shallow provocation than engaging with socio-political issues in a thoughtful manner. No amount of mental gymnastics can make what Roseanne Barr has said and done in recent years palatable.

In other words, Ms. Gay disagrees with Ms. Barr’s politics. Not that Ms. Gay attempts to refute Ms. Barr’s political positions; the writer finds it sufficient to recite a string of psycho-babbled pejoratives. Vilification, not edification.

Blaska’s Bottom LineI can hear Roseanne’s classic cackle now. What you wanna bet Trump makes a guest appearance on her show?

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13 Responses to Afflicting the comfortable, Roseanne is cackling all the way to the White House

  1. I wasn’t a fan of the Roseanne show years ago because her style of humor and mine just don’t mesh, I won’t be watching the new show either. Tim Allen’s show Last Man Standing and the previous Home Improvement were both great shows, I would love to see Last Man Standing continued indefinitely.


    • @Zoltar Speaks!;

      One thing I like about the “Roseanne” reboot? Lefty INC is positively beside themselves.

      Agreed on the “Last Man Standing,” not many shows at which I openly guffaw, but that was one of them.

      It may surprise you that the lovely and long-suffering Mrs. Gotch (a career Lefty, she) was a big fan as well. Heck, she still tunes in for the reruns, which are pulling good numbers.

      The show, and the cast, got screwed; ABC caved to pressure that wasn’t even there.

      Another good thing about the “Roseanne” reboot?

      “Roseanne’ ratings put pressure on networks to revive conservative show ‘Last Man Standing”

      @AnonyBob & richard lesiak;

      Could this nod toward nostalgia bring back AirAmerica?

      Only if Lefty could help it survive the ONLY way it could survive; by mandating listenership…


      The Gotch


  2. old baldy says:

    I was never a fan of Barr, and I don’t think you could pay me enough to entice me to watch the reboot. Just wondering how folks can defend her after the crotch grabbing when she shrieked out the National Anthem at a Padres game.


    • AnonyBob says:

      Yeah, I thought at the time, “She’s a comedienne?” Now she’s just your average Hawaiian macadamia nut farmer, an Every(wo)man. I’m sure the Trump tax bill treated her just fine. Loud, crude, rich, uncouth, bullying: why wouldn’t she be a fan of his?


  3. Batman says:

    bobo says: “I’m sure the Trump tax bill treated her just fine. Loud, crude, rich, uncouth, bullying: why wouldn’t she be a fan of his?” And then his sidekick baldo obediently cheers him on.
    We get it; you don’t like Trump.
    Time to advance your thinking beyond his personality and explain exactly why you disagree with his policies.

    Here is another challenge for your big brain bobo; try posting something constructive and positive regarding your position on things. You know; challenge others intellectually with a superior argument instead of sniping from the sidelines like the MSM does ad-nauseam.
    You excel at name calling. Classy.

    I have noticed that you only engage intellectually when it comes to State politics because that is your wheelhouse. National politics; you regress to troll behavior in an attempt to camouflage how unsure of yourself you are. Face your fears bobo and grow.

    Batman is disappointed knowing someone with such an oversized brain contributes so little.
    You can do better…all you have to do is try.


    • AnonyBob says:

      Oh Batty, review your words. Such contradictions. First you urge me to explain why I dislike Trump (it’s his policies and his character, not his personality). Then you urge me to advance constructive and positive arguments. While I’m flattered you hold my abilities in such high regard, challenging others with superior arguments is not exactly the coin of the realm of this blog and its commenters. While it’s true state politics is my “wheelhouse” (25 years in the legislature will do that), trust me, I don’t feel unsure of myself when it comes to national politics. I consume a variety of legitimate journalism (that you’d dismiss as MSM) rather than the info silo of Fox Propaganda, et al. And yet, once again, because I disagree with you, I’m a troll. That’s just lazy.
      And where did you guys come up with this oversized brain meme?
      Hey, fun fact: that “loud, crude, uncouth…” etc., was a description of Rosanne Barr, not of Trump. But you couldn’t tell the difference, could you? That’s why she likes him, they have so much in common. And he crowed to a crowd, “that show is about us!” Us! US! Can you believe he said that?! The NY (supposed billionaire) real estate developer?! Talk about irony! Yet his fans swallow it.


      • Batman Forgives says:

        What a vapid nonsensical response considering the word count, but totally unsatisfactory.
        You are not ready to face the truth of yourself.
        That is not unusual.
        It takes a true warrior (and humility) to do so.
        Perhaps another lifetime…


      • AnonyBob says:

        Batty, you asked, I explained. “Unsatisfactory.”
        Take away: When a babbling fool approaches you in the street, what do you do? You don’t engage.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. AnonyBob says:

    Too many “Batman” identities floating around here. Pick a lane.

    Liked by 1 person

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