Campus brawls, hip hop, and Derail the Jail are birds of a socialist feather

Now observing 46 straight days without a credible allegation

Why are we not surprised? 

The answer is, because we can connect the dots: from the hate and violence of hip hop and gangsta rap …. to the cop bashing of the Derail the Jail crowd … all of it being taught at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Just this morning, Madison Police report more fights on the 600 block of University Avenue, at the foot of the university campus. (Incident #12 on the chief’s blog).

“Gangs now consider bar-focused 600 block of University Avenue part of their turf,” the Wisconsin State Journal reports.

Fights that started inside the bar turned into brawls involving hundreds of people that spilled onto University Avenue on three successive weekends in late September and early October. Police used large tanks of pepper gas to stop each of them as well as an additional brawl that broke out a few weeks later that started in another bar.

Adding to the volatility: A bar in the middle of the block that showcases hip-hop music that also caters to people under 21 for some events.

Hip hop 50 Cent

Hip Hop’s 50Cent. Not exactly “all you need is love.”

Hip hop? How many other music venues (if that be music) have sold hip hop and reaped mayhem? Try King Street. Try University Avenue farther out toward Middleton. The same result: fighting, shots fired, knives shown, arrests made.

Does it surprise that they teach hip hop at UW-Madison? They do, at the UW Department of Sociology and its Havens Center. These seminars and presentations:

Hip Hop, Race and Politics; The Future of Hip Hop Studies at UW-Madison; Hip Hop and American History; Being Digital, Being Hip Hop; Getting Real: The Future of Hip Hop Scholarship; Hip Hop Feminism; B-Boy Ethnography: Theory, Character and the Deep Principles of Hip Hop.

They write the songs that make the young girls cry

Hip hop has “deep principles”? A genre known for its celebration of thug life and cop hate? Hip Hop Feminism? A genre known for its misogyny?

Cue up “This Shit’s Special,” by a gangsta rapper calling himself DJ Khaled:

Brad warned me while driving this auburn Ferrari
Never follow in her games, I fuck around and I’ll be sorry
But I tried her, used to ride her, for dollars not the fame
She slowed me down and had me guzzling on cups of lean
She’s a middle-aged cougar, showing young’uns the dream
Noticed she wasn’t breathing for a second then I screamed
“She’s dead!” and everybody took it out on Nasty
I was just looking out for my music family
Wasn’t trying to claim her to myself, she’s yours
You can have her, she’s a motherfucking whore
I fuck Hip Hop

At least it rhymes. Only a sociology major would believe that hip hop lyrics don’t prescribe as well as describe. Wikipedia (we DO have our sources!) actually posts an entry listing “murdered hip hop musicians” (33 in the last 30 years.) Most infamously, habitual criminal Tupac Shakur, one of whose albums was titled “Thug Life: Volume 1.” His label was Out Da Gutta Records before signing with Death Row, titles that were also as prescriptive as they were descriptive.

We said (here and here) the Derail the Jail cadres who disrupted Monday night’s Dane County Board meeting represent no neighborhood, no community but the UW sociology department and its socialist spawn. Groups like the UW teaching assistants, Progressive Dane, the Young and Foolish racists, the Socialist Workers Party.

Havens words

Havens Center identity politics category cloud

UW sociology is the well spring from whence flows the dope M. Adams and Matthew Braungin and Allison Bell Bern get their fix about Madison police emulating Nazis and Confederate slavers. Take the recent UW Sociology’s Havens Center seminar on Mass Incarceration in America. (Or “Amerikkka” as the cadres like to say.) A professor in African American Studies (what else?) brought in from Temple University teaches worshipful students that American jails are full of black people because whitey got freaked out by the civil rights movement.

“Policies born of white fear of urban unrest had led to the wholesale criminalization of urban spaces of color.” Never mind fake news. What about fake social science?

The UW’s School for Scandal

“Mass incarceration” is not a one-off. We missed the Sociology/Havens Center’s “After Capitalism?” on September 26.  October 5 featured “Democracy in Chains: The Deep History of the Radical Right’s Stealth Plan for America.” (No seminars on the radical Left?) On October 16, the cadres were taught “Resistance in the Age of Trump.” Other seminars taught that “Islamophobia” ran rampant in America, sandwiched among various anti-Israel lectures. So does “Anti-blackness,” which explains the “militarization of policing.”

It’s not just sociology. The UW’s African Cultural Studies taught “the problem of whiteness” in the for-credit “Critical Whiteness Studies,” taught by an expert in hip hop.

Heaven forfend if the university should dare balance their offerings. When the Tommy Thompson Center was proposed, “critics warn[ed] that the center could push a conservative agenda,” the State Journal editorialized. (We discuss that here.)

That’s why speakers like Ben Shapiro get shouted down on campus. “The idea that every black person now is being individually victimized by the United States is not true,” Shapiro says.

No wonder The Capital Times calls for the hecklers’ veto. (“No sifting and winnowing for ‘extremists’”) The Board of Regents’ defense of free speech, the Voice of Progressivism thundered, would “suspend and expel students who dare to protest against the hatred expressed by Nazis, fascists, and defenders of the Confederacy.”

Instead, those students learned they can shout down local government at will, because they know better than the voters. They took sociology.

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10 Responses to Campus brawls, hip hop, and Derail the Jail are birds of a socialist feather

  1. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Sociology departments have always been a joke in the academic community–the go-to major for students who barely got into college in the first place. That is until the late 1960s and early 70s when universities started adding Black Studies and Gender Studies and Queer Studies, and Latino/a Studies (How do you pronounce “Latino/a” anyway?), etc., etc. Not surprisingly, every “marginalized” group imaginable soon demanded special treatment in the form of pseudo-disciplines. Spineless administrators immediately caved to these demands, the result being the kind of intellectual bankruptcy detailed above. (The latest proposal is–I kid you not–Disability Studies.) The real victims of this lunacy are minority students seduced into majoring in subjects that all but guarantee their unemployability upon graduation. It would be bad enough if UW-Madison were the only campus in the System to waste taxpayers’ dollars employing professors of hip-hop, but this PC nonsense has infected most of the other UW campuses as well. If the Legislature really wants to reform higher education, they could begin by eliminating funding for bogus departments like these–and then move on to eliminating tenure.


  2. Batman says:

    This blog and Kriewald’s comment remind me of a line from the movie, Goodwill Hunting, where Will Hunting is in a MIT campus bar (with his friends) where the rich MIT students go, not the townies. Naturally conflict arises during which Will verbally puts a pompous MIT student in his place with a line that goes something like: at least I didn’t waste $150K on an education I can obtain at the Public Library for free, except for a few dollars in overtime fees.

    The (victim) studies courses that are so popular these days can be quite literally duplicated by simply reading the vast number of books freely available at any decent public library on virtually any subject.
    No doubt being immersed in these types of self-affirming classes is fun and exciting though, albeit not very intellectually challenging compared to a science degree, especially because the professor and other students all think alike. These classes fuel the natural revolutionary impulse surging through a majority of youngsters. University honchos certainly know this and take advantage for the money/diversity, knowing full well that one way or another they will receive their dues, (via taxpayer bailouts), when the jobless post-grad students default on their loans. This asinine unscrupulous paradigm is currently in vogue and usually rendered by supposedly enlightened progressive thinkers.

    There is an enormous vocational difference between a Liberal Arts Degree in Gender Studies, (one example) and a Science Degree or a Vocational Degree in automotive, welding, electrician, plumbing, carpentry, etc. It is a fun exciting time for these kids now, but within 1-3 years of graduating most will be hit smack in the face with reality and undoubtedly will blame the system for their poor choices and be even more pissed off than before.


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      Well said, B-Man. To which I’d add that there’s an enormous difference between a degree in Gender Studies and a degree in one of the (traditional) Humanities. One of the many deficiencies of the victim studies programs is that their faculty are not held to the same standards of research (thanks to the capitulation of spineless administrators). Some years ago, a “professor” of black studies at Harvard (Cornell West, as I recall) put out a rap album and promptly added that accomplishment to his official CV. The President of Harvard, Larry Summers, opined (rightly) that a rap album did not qualify as legitimate academic research. Want to guess which one ended up groveling/apologizing? As deplorable as these programs are, they’re not the only evidence of dry rot in Academe. Here’s the official description of an undergraduate course in the UW-Madison Department of English taught by Prof. Kathleen Schaag. ( A free tour of the Blaska Policy Werkes to anyone who can explain what it has to do with English literature.)

      “From commodities (Tupperware) and explosives (atom bomb) to surfaces (plastic surgery) and synapses (neuroplasticity), plastics saturate the scene of 20th-21st century American culture. We’ll consider the conceptual, aesthetic, and political dimensions of manufactured plastics and biological plasticity to reflect on the relationship between self, society, and environment. Interrogating tensions between nature and artifice, surface and depth, performance and materiality. The course will survey a plastic landscape that produces the Barbie Doll as well as the cyborg. Looking at music videos, photos, poems, plays, and performance by pop artists such as Niki Minaj, and lady Gaga, and playwrights, poets, and artists such as Yoko Ono,Suzane Lori-Parks, Cindy Sherman, Cassils, Kate Durbin, and Adrian Piper, we’ll examine the way these plastic performances of material self-molding complicate constructions of race, gender, and sexuality.”

      And there you have it, folks. Chaucer, Milton, Keats, et al. are swept off the stage to make room for Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, Barbie, and the magic and mystery of plastic. (Funny how not a single male is mentioned in the entire panorama of plastics.) I thank my lucky stars I earned my degrees in English long before the discipline became thoroughly debauched by PC pieties and the tropes of popular culture.


      • Batman lives says:

        Wow! That English course description reads more like an avant-garde art class. Nice example for everyone to see the offerings at our prestigious University.
        One could make the argument there is utility in having more radical thinking students on campus, thereby adding to the cultural texture. Social justice classes are taught in a priggish fashion that fuels the natural revolutionary impulse of college age students who want to change the world and make it a better place. The problem is their revolution does not include meaningful dialogue with anyone holding contradicting ideas or any thoughts not exactly in line with theirs. No one has permission to bore into the details of their new utopian world order. Simple inquiry labels one evil, necessarily denounced, and sometimes worthy of a good beating.
        Cue up Antifa. Our lovely domestic terrorist enforcer militia who beats the crap out of anyone they consider a threat to their ideology- whatever that is. And just for fun; Antifa also enjoys smashing buildings, burning cars, and squelching free speech.


  3. Tom Paine says:

    Pork-chop, racial nationalism won. A statue of Leroi Jones for every campus. The reification of “woke-thunk” is the apotheosis of cultural degeneracy. After all, when ya can’t think clearly, any old tribal chant of yur group commands legitimacy. Meanwhile, da Natives strive to teach “how to make a birch bark canoe” as the pathway for future generations, Cisco Systems be damned.

    And on the corner, where echoes of “Desolation Row” can faintly be heard from the 5th story open window of the gentrified retirees, every passing “other” knows the Equal Protection Clause affirms the racial bias of casinos for some, but not “others.” But we all know, Animal Farm was just a heuristic essay to block serious discussion. The road to utopia is well-marked. Just follow “Good Intentions Road” to the intersection with Medicare/SocialSecurity Tunnel, across from Fantasy Avenue.

    But s’hall done known dat already. U B grads of MSD, where intentions validate accomplishments, and know-whon is actshally graden da papers. Y’all passed. It’s a Kultural Ting.

    No, actually it is a JOKE that I copied from the archives of Al Franken. You know the skit. News: Dateline, 20th Century.


  4. madisonexpat says:

    And the Feds have saddled these kids with huge debts which will be paid, or else. The Feds have done to higher ed what they did to mortgages pre sub prime crash. How else could Hillary pick up $150k speaking fees at UC? How else the accidental surplusses and rigged audits?
    All Lefty incompetence. All the time.


  5. Citizen Dave's Remington 700 says:

    A friendly reminder that the “World Star Hip Hop” generation are those that Blaska thinks can be saved by khakis, polos and a special race-based school.

    Sit back with some popcorn Madisonians, and watch this train wreck happen. How long before fans of some “”unsigned rap artist”” clash with the “”NPR tote bag”” crowd attending some event at the Fluno Center? Not long. Anybody know if that implicitly white “free bacon night” still exists at Wandos? Malls are on deathwatch. How long before a “dead zone” is created near campus/downtown?


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