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Ol’ Sparky predicts 2020 election results!

or next year’s, as the case may be. Well before today, Blaska Policy Werkes intended to forecast Tuesday’s election results or, at least, to postmark them by midnight. As we were moving to our temporary rural retreat, Ol’ Sparky (our … Continue reading

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Shaming doesn’t seem to work at the Werkes

Dang me, dang methey ought to take a rope and hang me After voting for Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George Bush I and II, Bob Dole, John McCain, Mitt Romney, and (in 2016) some guy named Evan McMullen — we … Continue reading

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‘Twas the night before All Saints Day

And all through the Manor, not a creature was voting Stately Blaska Manor (Madison location only) is closed for Halloween due to Covid-19. Trespassers will be given Trump/Pence bumper stickers soaked in Remdesivir. Speaking of the little hooligans, notice how … Continue reading

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It’s Christmas at Trump Plaza

Say “yippee ki-yay to the Steele doh-see-yay!” Confession: The white lab coats at Blaska Policy Werkes are beginning to watch Hannity on Fox this Christmas season. Likely the Emerald City has a roster of taxpayer-funded social service agencies eager to treat … Continue reading

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The Ukrainian candidate

We’re being lectured by 16-year-olds at the U.N. The latest contretemps over Trump’s telephone call to the president of Ukraine will change few minds. At this writing, the President has released a transcript of the call;  CNN “Transcript shows Trump pushed Ukraine … Continue reading

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Let’s invade Michigan’s Upper Peninsula!

Now, while we’ve got the muscle! Irredentism most noble  Thank you, Donald Trump, for voicing what We Deplorables have been thinking for Lo these many years. The United States must have Greenland! It is our manifest destiny. Go northeast, young … Continue reading

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