May we have our streets back, please?

This is what progressive entitlement looks like!

BLM protestors shut down Madison WI’s Capitol Square again. In other words, Forget it Jake, it’s Madison. But this shutdown occurred three days after Election Day, on Friday 11-06-20. It’s in the news — TV and print are reporting it — because one citizen had the audacity to drive through the illegal barricade.

Of course, three of the “protestors” claim nebulous injuries. Which is possible; the odds of injury increase when one takes it upon oneself to block traffic. The four streets comprising the Square are public thoroughfares — except when a self-appointed virtue signalers decide otherwise. The protestors obtained no parade permit (they never do). 

Nonetheless, the self-righteous lawbreakers demand the 25-year-old motorcyclist be fired from his blue collar job at the campus power plant.  Given that Rich Yaeger’s employer is the ever wokeful University of Wisconsin-Madison, his odds of unemployment are highly likely. Adding to the young man’s transgressions: his motorcycle bore pro-Trump stickers.

His accuser, one Andi Janeway, “uses they/them pronouns.” S/he claims “a bruised right pinky bone, bruised right tricep, and pulled tendons.” No whiplash? Madison’s favorite daily newspaper says Mr./Ms. Janeway works for something called the UW Community Arts Collaboratory. Power plant worker versus une artiste! Talk about the culture wars!

The video they posted on Facebook shows road blockers chanting, “Don’t feed the troll” as they block the bearded man’s motorcycle. Mr. Yaeger revs his engine and half-walks his motorcycle through. Tell the Werkes if you see anyone getting injured. Easy enough for the blockers to get the hell out of the way. After he gets through, the blockaders continue their chant. No one is heard crying out in pain. Mr. Yaeger responds by revving his motorcycle and declaring “This is my Square!” then drives away.

How many times do “protestors” get to block traffic — even setting up barbecue grills on the Beltline? Police inaction invites these incidents!

The WI State Journal quotes university spokesperson Meredith McGlone to say that UW-Madison is investigating “and will take appropriate action.”  

The Instagram account #bipocatwisco (“Bi-People of Color.”) is demanding the university to hang the man out to dry. Serve him up raw to the mob. 

⇒ The Werkes, on the other hand, encourages lovers of liberty to tell UW-Madison the appropriate action is to leave Rich Yeager alone.  Or, at least, to address Mr./Ms. Janeway’s illegal behavior in the bargain.

Contact: Spokesperson Meredith McGlonevice chancellor for finance and administration, Laurent Heller; and vice chancellor for university relations Charles Hoslet 

Blaska’s Bottom Line: We blame Joe Biden. When, oh when is the man going to bring America together?!



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  1. ryaeger says:

    I’m so sorry. but since I amnot allowed go to work tonight without a RTW I should need, and I have been convinced to wait and get much needed rest I will not be going downtown this afternoon. If anyone is inconvenienced by this, Please allow me to make it up somehow. While I really believe I did northing ‘wrong’ I am open to the possibility that I am, and I want to take a bit more time to meditate on it. I think Amos is right, I need someone I can trust to discuss this with and reporters and strangers on the internet are a poor alternative, I think I will take your advice and try to find a professional. Suggestions would be appreciated. One thing I know and have know, even during that confrontation, I need a village. I know that.



    • ryaeger wrote, “I think Amos is right, I need someone I can trust to discuss this with and reporters and strangers on the internet are a poor alternative, I think I will take your advice and try to find a professional.”

      If you’re serious about that then I would suggest starting at the VA.


    • By the way ryaeger; how the heck did you get that profile photo of yours, most people can’t get that close to a launch pads when there was a Shuttle on the pad preparing for launch?

      Awesome photo.

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      • ryaeger says:

        You’re gonna fiip but I was a sound board engineer for WORT radio 89.9. Super left community radio. but I’m open minded, I lived a half block from them, and I really really loved WKRP in Cincinati. When I saw WORT, I just had to get in, so I volunteered there. On Tuesdays and Thursdays. I ‘engineered’ for the “News block” which was mostly playing prerecorded BBC and some commie stuff, but THEN was “In our backyard” which is a live news radio broadcast. Classic. Sure I didn’t agree with 98% of what they stood for etc. but the place is full of good folks and even if they were not as open minded as they claim, I had friends. But, to answer your question. I also produced a few shows for a couple other programs I was involved in, Through WORT i was able to get media accredidadtion and took a road trip to Florida to ‘cover’ The laiuch of STS-130 (the one with the Cupola window). It was supposed to be a the last night lauinch, but a later mission was delayed and launced at night too. I’ve got a whole blog about it. Check it out.

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        • Amos Roe says:

          Very cool indeed. I hope that the SJWs that block our roads would take the time to read Rich’s blogs. Definitely plan on reading more of your stuff when I get some time!

          “I asked Lisa if she’d ever seen a space ship fly by before, and like most taxpayers, she hadn’t.” 🙂

          Hang in there Rich, and for sure get an attorney if UW messes with your job.


    • ryaeger,
      What unit were you deployed with during Desert Storm?

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