May we have our streets back, please?

This is what progressive entitlement looks like!

BLM protestors shut down Madison WI’s Capitol Square again. In other words, Forget it Jake, it’s Madison. But this shutdown occurred three days after Election Day, on Friday 11-06-20. It’s in the news — TV and print are reporting it — because one citizen had the audacity to drive through the illegal barricade.

Of course, three of the “protestors” claim nebulous injuries. Which is possible; the odds of injury increase when one takes it upon oneself to block traffic. The four streets comprising the Square are public thoroughfares — except when a self-appointed virtue signalers decide otherwise. The protestors obtained no parade permit (they never do). 

Nonetheless, the self-righteous lawbreakers demand the 25-year-old motorcyclist be fired from his blue collar job at the campus power plant.  Given that Rich Yaeger’s employer is the ever wokeful University of Wisconsin-Madison, his odds of unemployment are highly likely. Adding to the young man’s transgressions: his motorcycle bore pro-Trump stickers.

His accuser, one Andi Janeway, “uses they/them pronouns.” S/he claims “a bruised right pinky bone, bruised right tricep, and pulled tendons.” No whiplash? Madison’s favorite daily newspaper says Mr./Ms. Janeway works for something called the UW Community Arts Collaboratory. Power plant worker versus une artiste! Talk about the culture wars!

The video they posted on Facebook shows road blockers chanting, “Don’t feed the troll” as they block the bearded man’s motorcycle. Mr. Yaeger revs his engine and half-walks his motorcycle through. Tell the Werkes if you see anyone getting injured. Easy enough for the blockers to get the hell out of the way. After he gets through, the blockaders continue their chant. No one is heard crying out in pain. Mr. Yaeger responds by revving his motorcycle and declaring “This is my Square!” then drives away.

How many times do “protestors” get to block traffic — even setting up barbecue grills on the Beltline? Police inaction invites these incidents!

The WI State Journal quotes university spokesperson Meredith McGlone to say that UW-Madison is investigating “and will take appropriate action.”  

The Instagram account #bipocatwisco (“Bi-People of Color.”) is demanding the university to hang the man out to dry. Serve him up raw to the mob. 

⇒ The Werkes, on the other hand, encourages lovers of liberty to tell UW-Madison the appropriate action is to leave Rich Yeager alone.  Or, at least, to address Mr./Ms. Janeway’s illegal behavior in the bargain.

Contact: Spokesperson Meredith McGlonevice chancellor for finance and administration, Laurent Heller; and vice chancellor for university relations Charles Hoslet 

Blaska’s Bottom Line: We blame Joe Biden. When, oh when is the man going to bring America together?!



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  1. Randy Regel says:

    They should be thankful they didn’t get shot. People are only going to take so many much of these mobs before it gets real ugly

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  2. Gg Mo says:

    Yes ! God bless you Rich, and ADULTS everywhere ,whether you believe or not .

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  3. Batman says:

    Dave, are you sure McGlone is the right/best person to contact about this? She isn’t a decision maker, just a mouthpiece for UW-Madison.


    Oversees News & Media Relations Team responsible for internal and external
    Serves as university spokesperson.


  4. Batman says:

    How wrong is the schadenfreude associated with Democrats who are suddenly realizing that BLM and Antifa are turning on them now too? Mainline Democrats were expecting BLM and Antifa to be shelved away now that their usefulness was done but their Brownshirts are uncontrollable [and not going away].

    Asking the existing police departments to actually do their job is dependent on local political will which in many areas is heavily invested in both BLM and Antifa (Seattle, Portland, many of the inner-cities). [And Madison of course.]
    Commentary taken from Ethics Alarms:

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  5. What those “protester’s” did in that video is a perfect example of what I wrote about…

    Emotional Childishness Is A Societal Cancer

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    • Gg Mo says:

      You are right .Seriously . And now he has been fired.. Any good lawyer recommends ?


    • Gary Kriewald says:

      I happened to be driving through downtown at the time of this disruption. Not only were cars blocking the streets around the Square, they were also parked on the SIDEWALKS. Where were the cops? A block away, blocking off more of the streets leading to the Square, making certain te BLM thugs could perform their street theatre unmolested. A little foretaste of life under the new regime. Madison liberals are making the same mistake the hapless state senator made a few months ago, thinking that by identifying himself as an “ally” of the mob he would be spared. I hope the next time this happens, the guy on a motorcycle will be (heavily) armed and willing to use those arms.


      • Batman says:

        Life under the governance of the Unholy Trio and their minions:
        Satya, Wahl, Evers, and the city council.


      • Gg Mo says:

        “I hope the next time this happens, the guy on a motorcycle will be (heavily) armed and willing to use those arms.” This is a friend of mine that you think should be an armed front-line warrior for YOU. You do YOU. He did perfectly, solo what most plebes can ONLY do in crowds/mobs. Again, You do you.


        • GgMo wrote, “He did perfectly, solo what most plebes can ONLY do in crowds/mobs.”

          Sure he’s a gutsy guy, but guts alone can make a person to do stupid things just like bias make people do stupid things.

          It looked to me like he went there looking for a physical confrontation. What he did he didn’t do perfectly, in fact pushing his way forward through the small crowd of people on a powered vehicle when there was an unrestricted route out of there going backwards was inviting injury to someone. He made his point, nothing he did was going to convince them to leave, the childlike protesters acted like children as usual, the irrational childlike protesters were not actually attacking him, it was time for him to simply back up and go about his business.

          I commend him for taking the time out of his day to confronting these irrational childlike protesters and show how irrational they are but I think his point was ultimately diminished by his exiting actions. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should or that it’s right or ethical. Actions have consequences.


      • Gary Kriewald wrote, “I hope the next time this happens, the guy on a motorcycle will be (heavily) armed and willing to use those arms.”

        Your statement sounds like you condone open violence against the protesters; is that a reasonably accurate interpretation?

        You only use firearms to protect against yourself or others against life threatening violence, anything else is illegal and immoral. Intentionally going out to goad protesters into physically attacking you so you can shoot them is a form of premeditation and will likely end up with murder charges.

        I have no problem if people choose to legally conceal carry and do it in a responsible manner. Be safe, follow the law, voice your opinion, don’t engage in violence.

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    • Amos Roe says:

      Good essay, Steve. What you write is undeniably true, but in order to get to a solution, like most of our other problems, we need to also spend time in analyzing how this emotional childishness has come to dominate our adult life. (A point not directed at you so much as at every reader/commentator who may each have a different perspective regarding this. ) My greatest interest in this equation is the shameless political indoctrination and out-of-control lack of appropriate discipline within our state-controlled schools. I say “state-controlled” because those who enroll their kids in private schools have the chance to walk away when things get too crazy. Which is a big reason why I support vouchers for low/middle income people in particular. When people have the ability to leave the mad-house they will often take it, after weighing their options. And then, and only then, will our public schools to to regain their sanity too.

      But again, I think that is also really just scratching the surface regarding deeper causes and effects.

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  6. About that video.

    That would have been a perfect time to have about 50 really loud motorcycles and completely surround the “protesters” and prevent them from escaping or being heard.


  7. whoknew says:

    I just sent this e-mail to the UW. Not that I expect it to have much impact:
    The WI State Journal quotes university spokesperson Meredith McGlone to say that UW-Madison is investigating “and will take appropriate action.”

    What the hell does this even mean? Was Mr. Yaeger at work? Biking on official University business? If not there is nothing to investigate and no action to be taken. This kind of threatening behavior towards an employee is completely unacceptable. An investigation of an employee’s legal activities on his own time is simply fascism. I am a UW alum and you can be sure any donations, or more importantly, political support for the University will hinge on your actions in this case. The only appropriate university action in response to this is a full throated defense of Mr. Yaeger. An investigation of an employee’s legal activities on his own time is simply fascism. Just like the idiots illegally blocking the streets, Mr. Yaeger is entitled to his opinions and your overt threat to persecute him over those opinions is disgustingly unamerican. The bottom line here is you are threatening an employee over his completely legal activities and turning a blind eye towards those people (at least one of whom is also a UW employee) engaged in completely illegal actions.

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  8. Batman says:

    Freaking awesome letter by whoknew!!!
    Thank you.

    Btw; there are more than enough other reasons to stop donating to UW-Madison. Admins, Profs, and students, have been acting like fascists since Trump was elected and teaching students the horrors of America for a very long time.

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    • Justice Too says:

      They also teach their students to become the teachers of minors and spew those same Socialist attitudes. Thus they encourage the indoctrination to begin in grade school.

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  9. Justice Too says:

    The administrators of UW have all been tripping over each other since June to prove how woke they are by promoting all diversity (that means everyone except straight white males) and sending messages out to their employees implying that they’ve all been incredibly racist. Remember the black man who spray painted horrible sayings on the sides of UW buildings? When he was caught, he went unpunished.

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  10. Justice Too says:

    Do these protesters think people will actually give a rip about their message? *yawn* People are getting fed up by their covertly planned street theater popping up at rush hour on major thoroughfares. And Satya just uses the police to reroute traffic. That’s another reason to thin out their ranks by defunding- so there aren’t enough to slap cuffs on the law breakers and haul them to lockup. Of course the DA would release them without bail 10 mins later. Just like the car thieves & weapons violators. The more the spoiled brats are coddled, the bolder they’ll become. How many more will use up tax dollars & MPD personnel in search of imaginary frat boys? Welcome to Madison circling the drain.

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  11. georgessson says:

    “Keep yer motor runnin’, head out on the highway….”

    A lovely thought but far from the truth. A. Who got “runover”, per the NEWS ? That usually entails a body w/ HD Dunlop treadmarks and some smooshed body parts. A tiny contingent of protestors got approached by ONE fella who shamed ’em. But they’re thinkin’ a viral moment… B. Gotta love that snarl, never knew a HD could rev to 3K….

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  13. Robski says:

    There is a preposterous article from from 7/29/20 featuring “it/that” Andi Janeway character. It claims to not “missed any protests except for that week it/him/her had a cold.” I hope him/her didn’t get the ‘rona! Hopefully it works from home and that/them didn’t get any coworkers sick. If anyone needs to be cancelled it’s this BIPOC albino creature. On the other hand, the heating plant guy shouldn’t be fired. However, while I can appreciate his bravery in confronting these ridiculous clowns, you cannot engage with these people on any level. These sjws do not deserve a second of anyone’s time and the Harley rider basically fed the trolls that were blocking the road.


    • David Blaska says:

      Disagree. Mr. Yaeger struck a blow for freedom. That said, just got this response back from the UW-Madison: “We are following our standard procedure to investigate this incident with cooperation from both our Office of Human Resources and Facilities Planning & Management (which oversees the Physical Plant).
      We will take appropriate action based on university policy and standards of employee conduct once the investigation is completed. We reject all acts of violence and threats to any member of our community. These actions have no place on campus or in the greater Madison community.”

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      • patrickmoloughlin says:

        Got that exact same response myself.


      • Dave Blaska wrote, “Disagree. Mr. Yaeger struck a blow for freedom.”

        I completely agree!

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      • Robski says:

        The question that I ask myself goes a little something like this. “ How do you tactfully hand the woke mob their asses without getting doxxed/cancelled or having to flatten them with the F150?” Is that premise even remotely possible in today’s world?Maybe the key is just not being afraid of the consequences of dealing with these characters. It is fair to say the monk who self immolated in Saigon wasn’t afraid to lose it all. Neither was the kid standing in front of the tank in the square in China. Hopefully the FPM doesn’t throw this guy under the bus.

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  14. ryaeger says:

    I tried to post a giant comment here. It’s been an hour and I haven’t seen it. I’m sure there’s a reasonabler explination. but, and I am loath to do this because the loathesome Doxxers and Cancellers, and Death wishers will have a field day with my stuff on there. It’s been online since the oughts but nobody ever seemed to find. It Haven’t fiddled with the site and its all handmade (obviously) but the link to my “Slow Blog” will get you there. I doubt much funtions propperlh, but my long message is there. I’ll include the link at the end of it here to my YouTube video showing my superintendent sending me home from work Sunday night. He’s a good guy in a bad tricky spot. I don’t want to see any hassling of him, or my coworkers. When I holler “Fuck this place” That was NOT directed at my coworkers, but to the power structure being disingenuous, openly. Their power is palpable and it’s pointed at me.

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    • David Blaska says:

      Not sure this video helps your cause, Mr. Yaeger. But thanks for sharing. As I understand your video, your supervisor told you to go home because you did not wear a face mask. Is that correct?

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    • ryaeger wrote, “I tried to post a giant comment here. It’s been an hour and I haven’t seen it.”

      I haven’t seen your giant comment but if it’s got lots of profanity in it that’s got to be why it was rejected. If what you linked to on your blog was the comment you tried to post here profanity was certainly the issue, the blog host doesn’t take kindly to lots of profanity. I’ve had a few removed for that very reason, just clean it up and try again.


  15. ryaeger says:

    Oops. I didn’t give the link to my Slow Blog. Enjoy my life. I have, so far, mostly.

    Rich Yaeger
    owner of the square

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    • ryaeger,
      I commend your passion but I don’t commend some of your methods.

      Read my comment above for more details on this.

      Keep the passion but don’t allow that passion to totally consume you and drive you to do things that are questionable and may detract from the overall message, that’s what the protesters on the square have done. Try to find a better way of communicating that passion.


      • Amos Roe says:

        Steve – easy to say when you are living in a whole different world from the one Rich is in.
        His heartbreaking linked blog entry is the most moving thing I’ve read on this site.
        I hope that Rich can find a good psychologist (NOT psychiatrist!) very soon. Also, I hope he tries to connect with the natural world, tries to exercise and eat more healthy. Easy to say, I know, but it’s fundamental to good mental health for many people. And most of all I hope he will keep writing his thoughts and feelings, even when it’s difficult to find someone to always print them.

        RICH IS NOT THE ONLY ONE BY A LONG SHOT WHO FEELS SO TRAPPED AND ANGRY AND HOPELESS. I think it’s necessary for those “in control,” who have any sense of human decency, to understand how their own actions, decisions and lack of empathy help lead to so many other people in Rich’s condition who suffer until they finally snap. How many millions also feel like Rich in the face of the brutality of a brutal, mindless lockdown that we are living through (if that,) thanks to authoritarian government officials who have NO interest in the facts?

        David, I really appreciate you allowing Rich to post here with his link. Yet another sign of the good man that you are.


        • Amos Roe wrote, “Steve – easy to say when you are living in a whole different world from the one Rich is in.”

          You know nothing of the world I’ve lived in and I won’t rationalize things that I believe are wrong.


        • Amos Roe says:

          Steve – it’s a fair point when it comes to understanding your world. You’re right. But I do see a lack of empathy or understanding regarding Rich’s world that’s a mile wide. Not trying to be personally critical, just stating what I saw from your intellectualized comment to him.

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        • Amos Roe wrote, “Not trying to be personally critical, just stating what I saw from your intellectualized comment to him.”

          Okay, I understand. It’s all ok.

          Amos Roe wrote, “I do see a lack of empathy or understanding regarding Rich’s world”

          I’m not sure I’d call it a lack of empathy, calling it that would be delving into my character and you simply don’t know me well enough to make that kind of judgement.

          What I’ve been accused of that is 100% accurate is being rather blunt, I own it, I am blunt and I’ve always been rather blunt but that doesn’t automatically imply a lack of empathy.

          It really is simply a perception based on a lack of personal knowledge of the deliverer.

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        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

          “I’ve always been rather blunt…” (bolds mine)

          Heh! The Gotch has known Steve long enough to unequivocally confirm, with no doubt whatsoever, that the word RATHER ought NEVER be summoned to describe his…um…BLUNTNESS.

          The kicker? Didn’t have to know him very long to figure that out.

          The Gotch

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      • ryaeger says:

        What are my “methods’ . Why is everyone so inside my head. I’m already hated. If I put on a tie and play Civil Citizen, what does that do for me and my mortgage. I’m not asking people to love or even like me, or upvote me, I just want to be treated fairly as my Country has always promised me, and I paid for with my service as did a lot who never came home

        . Can’t we talk about my actual actions, everything else is prelude or prologue. But I hear you. I really do. Everyone is so sure I was acting, when In fact I was re-acting. In my mind that’s a huge difference. I think the feeble minded masses have swallowed the “new normal” that terrorists have the authority, or at least the right type of ‘protester’ does. I firmly stand, and will gladly risk much to deny anyone the license to infringe on of my civil liberties, whether a single soul has my back or not. I just assumed some would even if they think I’m an arrogant asshole. I’m not asking for a favor, I’m trying to exercise my RIGHTS, and not some vague right either, My right of unmolested free travel. A BASIC right.

        If someone would just explain, clearly, why so many folks clearly, intensely believe that I’m just plain wrong. And I’m not even talking about the folks who hear I said the word “nigger” and immediately turn their thumb down. I know they are lost. I just want a fair opportunity to speak my peace.

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        • ryaeger asked, “What are my “methods’.”

          I literally explained one of your chosen methods that I didn’t commend in my comment above, and I linked to it. Did you read the comment? Here’s the link that goes directly to that comment again; LINK TO COMMENT ABOVE.

          ryaeger asked, “Why is everyone so inside my head.”

          I won’t speak for others but I don’t have to be “inside your head” to observe and share my opinion about your actual actions and words and in fact I’m not inside your head, I’m only sharing my opinion of your actual actions.

          It’s fine if you disagree with my opinion.


        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

          “And I’m not even talking about the folks who hear I said the word ‘nigger’ ”

          Hadn’t read that, is it true?

          When this came on the news again at nine p.m. last night, the lovely and long suffering Mrs. Gotch (63 years young today!) said (after seeing it on the news earlier) “there’s another guy Gotch will stick up for.”

          She’s right…as usual!

          The Gotch


        • Cornelius Gotchberg wrote, “Hadn’t read that, is it true?”

          It was in the blog post he linked to.


        • Amos Roe says:

          Gotch, tell your wife that you have company.


        • Amos Roe says:

          “Everyone is so sure I was acting, when In fact I was re-acting. In my mind that’s a huge difference.”

          There is indeed. This reminds me of a high school classmate. Time liked to fight and he worked out at the Dixon State School which was a huge institute which “cared for” the severely mentally disabled. He told me he liked to taunt the tortured inmates. Then, when they reacted in fury, he would beat the crap out of them. He loved working there.

          I see the same dynamic with the young thugs who do things like blocking traffic and generally get into people’s faces. After infuriating their victims with their cowardly mob actions, they then gleefully and righteously get to work destroying the lives of the latest victim whom they entrapped. They relish the whole process, just as Tim did. For Tim, he was defending himself from an unprovoked attack by someone else. For the young street mobsters, they are fighting for justice.

          I think it’s just two sides of the same coin.


      • Gg Mo says:

        Words are not “methods/action” CONTEXT. The action employed by him, observing people breaking the law (or two) 346.29, and 346.52, and proceding in excersising our/your/his lawful movement of traffic was a method/action of breaching through lawlessness. However anyone/everyone has a right (1st Amendment) , unforced, to express themselves, work out for themselves in the privacy of their OWN blog. It is like our minds , we have a right to our own minds, and methods (TYPING) that do no harm. Words are not violence. Words are not physical, or tactile unless drummed up by a nuerotic psyche. Shrinks are great at creating those.

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    • ryaeger,
      Something I failed to mention in my earlier comment; if there’s one thing that my old Army days taught me really well it’s that we don’t have to agree on everything or even like each other but I’d be honored to share my foxhole with you if the shit hits the fan.


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