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Voters are the grandest of juries

Purge not, lest ye be purged! The Werkes labors to free the Republican party of crazy and stupid. Madison Cawthorn, Lorene Boebert, Matt Gaetz, Paul Gosar, Andy Biggs are toxic to our brand. The red queen of crazy is Marjorie … Continue reading

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Trump derangement syndrome works both ways

America’s political pendulum no longer swings, it lurches. If Donald Trump did it, Joe Biden will undo it and back and forth. That’s how politics werkes these days. Trump built the wall, Biden tears it down. Trump backed the police … Continue reading

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You can’t cancel conservatives!

We gave up Coke a long time ago! Women grinding their pubes into each other (now THAT is a lede!) is not moving the needle on viewership. Nielsen ratings for the Grammys were down 53% from last year, the Golden … Continue reading

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Liz Cheney is a real Republican

Pilloried for speaking out against the attempted coup If some future national leader wants to update JFK’s book, Profiles in Courage, he should add a chapter on U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney, who this weekend was censured by her Republican party in … Continue reading

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